Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dribs and drabs

I realized late yesterday that my knee has hit a new level of healing. It's definitely getting better, and I can even walk "almost normal" most of the time with no detectable "hitch in my giddyup"! I'm quite delighted about this. I went to the gym and biked slowly for all of 6 1/2 minutes with no resistance. I was prepared to go further, but then it started hurting just a bit and I stopped right away. This is huge progress for bullheaded moi! I didn't decide to push through the pain. Been there, done that, lived to regret it. It feels a little ridiculous to go to the gym and just do 6.5 minutes, but that is entirely my ego wanting to "look good". For who the hell do I want to look good at the gym? I was literally the only person in the room where the bike I used was! Then as I walked out past the receptionist area, I thought the gal would wonder why I was there for such a short time. WTF?? Am I kidding? She has nothing more interesting to ponder in her life than my time duration at the gym. Just laughing out loud at myself here.

With Tom gone all week, the walking of the 90 pound beast is all on me, which can be a challenge as he can tend to lunge and pull. But he's almost 11, and his lungeing and pulling days are on the wane for sure. This morning I took him further than I was able to 2 weeks ago when I was that less healed, and it felt fine. I had no need to come in and ice. Today I have my last acupuncture treatment, which always loosens the joint and decreases swelling. I know there are folks (my doc for one) who are quick to poopoo acupuncture and claim the perceived benefit is largely a placebo effect. If it is, so be it. It genuinely helps me. And most insurance will now reimburse for acupuncture for certain causes - like neck and back injuries from motor vehicle accidents. I can assure you they are not paying for my knees (insert frowny face) but it's reasonable enough that I'm willing to use my FSA funds for it.

 Yesterday I made mashed cauliflower for the first time. There are oodles of recipes online for it, so used a bit of several recipes. You can see I didn't mash it to the texture of real mashed potatoes  mainly because I didn't want to get my food processor out. I used a hand masher that isn't all that good. I added some non-fat plain Greek style yogurt, one triange of LC cheese (garlic-herb variety), a touch of sea salt and pepper. It was great. I made it while my husband was out (before I took him to the airport), and when he came in the house, he noted the "broccoli or cauliflower or SOMETHING" aroma. Get over it dude - the house is all mine in a few short hours. It tasted yummy to me. I couldn't help think that a big dollop of butter would have added a certain something (fat, calories), but it was fine as is. With the cauliflower I had a serving of homemade ratatouille with some chicken breast added for extra protein. This time I added a can of garbanzo beans (drained and dried) to the ratatouille, also to boost the protein. It was fantastic. I made this about every 2 weeks - a huge pot that we eat from for several days. The only fat is a very small amount of olive oil at the start to saute the peppers and onions. This round, it contains eggplant and zucchini and canned tomatoes. I tend to add whatever is on hand.

I just read Helen's post and loved it, because she talked about wondering if the attendees of Fitbloggin' formed a club that the rest of us aren't allowed in. I could so identify with that - not so much about Fitbloggin', but just in general with blogging. So here is a confession - can't believe I'm saying this OUT LOUD - I always notice how many followers people have and how some people seem to acquire new ones daily, where my "count" has been ever so slow. Ego cuts me at every turn! Sometimes I feel like being a follower whore. I constantly remind myself that I'm doing this for myself. If anyone else reads my blog and likes it - that's gravy. I"m grateful for every single person who reads my blog, even if they only read it once and move on. I love writing and have long yearned to write something others read - like a column in a small town newspaper. Blogging has really satisfied that desire in me - it allows me the opportunity to write, play with words, read others' amazing words and ways of writing things, and in general pursue my passion for the written word and for connection with other human beings. I've remarked here before that on my Facebook profile, one of my interests is "getting to know you". I love when people dare to be just a little bit real about who they are - including the baser stuff. It's real, and gives me permission to be real too. Fewer secrets about myself is a very good thing. So - have a good day everyone - from your follower whore Leslie.


  1. Leslie,

    I, for one, am glad you are a fellow blogger. I must admit to not even knowing about the whole fitblogger deal. Obviously, I'm not in the cabal! And as for the real stuff, well, I think I fit the bill.

    I'm glad your knee is healing up. I know you are anxious to be back to your old self. I've got dog duty coming up myself in a week or so - I hope to escape unscathed.

    As for the followers, I think there has been a rush on "non-real" people as a way to spam, so not everybody's numbers are what they seem. I read most everybody in reader, so I don't see the followers that often.

    Have a good one!

  2. I love most veggies but just not a fan of cauliflower. It lacks a certain je ne sais quoi but now you're making me want to try the mashed. I didn't really mention the follower thing but seriously I've wondered about that too... there are folks I follow, in fact a couple of them who I was one of their first followers who now have more followers than me. Weird. I too have to remind myself that I started it for me and need to continue it for me! Glad to hear your knee is getting better.

  3. DAMN PRIDE! Who hasn't felt that way about followers at one time or another! I know I am guilty. Right now I can't read how many followers I have. I can't read it cause the color makes it so hard. Probably for the best.

    Glad your knee is feeling better. Glad you are a fellow blogger.

  4. The mashed cauliflower looks yummy. I may have to try it, my hubby would probably have the same reaction as yours though lol. Glad the knee is doing better! (And btw, I JUST got my 30th follower and I've been at this for a year...I say, if people want to read "cool", if not they're the ones missing out ☺)

  5. I'm very happy to be your gravy :)

    I think it's wise to do just what your poor ol' knee allows at this point. I too am cursed with the bullheaded gene. Congrats on your 6 minutes workout...it's a whole lot better than 0 minutes..

  6. Oh i love cauliflower :) Will have to try it mashed soon.
    I personally don't get the fitblogger thing, and i'm perfectly fine with the blogs i read and who reads mine :)
    I've always read your blog but didn't think to see if i follow it :( Now i'm a follower too!!
    I get more followers slowly as well but i'm fine with that.

  7. When my husband decided to go low carb, I tried to pass off mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes - that didn't go so well!

    The main reason I started blogging was because my sister had a food blog, was not a very diverse cook, and would ask "what did you have for dinner last night?" I'd tell her I made steak au poive with potatoes anna - and low and behold she would "post" what I had for dinner - no pics mind you because she never actually made it!

    After her blog was up for 6 months I couldn't take it anymore, so I started my own. And I absolutely love it! Each post takes me about 45 minutes in the morning after I sort out my pictures, etc. It's "me" time, my husband is usually still asleep and Hannah has already left for school.

    But the one thing I will love in the future (way future!) is that my grandkids will have such a living journal to look back on and see what their "grandma" thought when she was 42. And I just realized I need to update my about picture to change my age to 42!

    Sorry such a long comment - I just type fast! Can't wait to see what else you'll make while hubby is gone!

  8. I do have follower envy. There are a lot of aspects I didn't know about though and here is one that helped me feel better.

    Google Analytics just requires you to put a blank widget on your blog.

    If you have a hard time installing, I'd be happy to help.

    You'd be surprised how many are reading that don't comment. Also, you can't count those reading in Google Reader even with that. My point? You're probably getting a lot more traffic than you know.

  9. Yup about followers. At first it freaked me out just getting one - now I suffer the envy thing.
    I tried the mashed cauliflower once - was too watery the way I made it. I liked it but want to make some changes next time.

  10. I must admit every time there's a blogging conference I find myself feeling really left out... like the unpopular kid sitting in the corner! Perhaps we should have a bloggin un-conference where we all sit in our own houses on our computers at the same time... oh, wait, I guess that's every day really....
    I agree with your comments on the growth (or not) of followers. I was a bit obsessed with that for a while and considered just commenting on all manner of blogs in the hope it would bring people my way. But then I figured if I did that I'd have to write such tripe a lot of the time that I'd be more likely to alienate people - and anyway, life's too short. I'll settle for just having a few lovely readers ;-)

  11. I love your blog! I want you to know that IF I was following any blogs at all, I'd follow yours :) I just do not follow because there is no way I could keep up with everyone who follows me, people get hurt if they are not included, etc etc... so I just enjoy clicking around to my favorites when I have time :)

    You are wonderful. Thank you for blogging and being so honest!

  12. I'm glad that your knee is recovering nicely!

    I think the numbers are kinda deceiving on the followers thing. Not everyone reads all the time, or they start and get too busy. I always just hope that people who can really benefit from anything I might say will read... I just don't want to waste my time or theirs... life is just too short, ya know?!

    But yours... is definitely on my "to read" list. :-)

    PS: I don't even have a clue what Fitbloggin is... then again, I never was with the "in" crowd all growing up, so I suppose why change now?! LOL!

  13. not only did I love your post as a fellow bullheaded gened follower whore but I am cracking up at your followers comments! I am not as real about things in my blog since my Alcoholic mom who lives in a duplex with me started reading.

  14. I hurt my knee walking my lunging beagles a couple of years ago. OUCH! It is a long recovery.

    I've been bitten by the blogger bug, too. Your words described the process perfectly. I raise my bowl of mashed cauliflower to you! Salute!

  15. Someone told me to just put a bit of water in the pan instead of oil - and it works GREAT.

    If you want to get the olive oil IN - then you put it on after it is cooked

    (we aren't supposed to be heating oil - the heating process ruins the healthy elements of the oil - there are three posts on my side bar that explain this from Hanlie).

    I add lf cottage cheese to my mash - and then put it back in the over to heat - gets protein in there and adds a 'twice baked' taste to it.

    good job on taking it nice and slow with your knee!!!

  16. I've noticed too how some people have so many followers and now, I don't pay attention to it so much. Blogging for me is the same for you. It's therapeutic and I've come to rely on the support.

    Glad your knee is feeling better and that you did not push yourself longer. You have to listen to the pain. If that makes sense.

    Your happy follower, paula

  17. I totally know what you mean about wanting to "look good" in front of other people at the gym. I've often found myself wanting to cut my session on the cardio machines short, but if there's someone next to me I'll think, No, they'll know I'm not going the full half hour/hour or whatever I'm supposed to be doing. Ha! It really is silly. I don't think I've ever noticed how long someone else went. But I guess it's good if it motivates me to go longer.

  18. So glad your knees is coming on in leaps and bounds (if only figuratively for now!)

    So, mashed cauliflower is literally that? (I know - how stupid am I? I thought there was some magical ingredient!) I will have to try it as an alternative to potato. :o)

    I know what you mean about followers... I seem to have acquired about 20 in the past month or so, but before then I had been stuck at the same number for weeks... I was thrilled when I hit 100. I also follow a lot of blogs and was trying to comment on pretty much all of them at some point. There's no rhyme or reason behind those who have decided to follow and comment on mine - some people with a huge number of followers comment on my blog, whereas others with only a few have probably never even visited mine, even when I've commented asking them to take a look if they have the time... I don't often leave comments asking bloggers to look at my blog, but I do if I feel I've posted something relevant to their situation recently.

    There's nowt stranger than folk! ;o)

  19. Hey, Leslie! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a mention on my last post. :) Deb

  20. Glad to hear that your knee is getting better :)

  21. What the hell is Fitbloggin'? lol Guess I'm out of the loop...and I'm the only one of your followers that REALLY matters, so as long as I'm here it's all good. :)