Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random update in 4 paragraphs

Happy Wednesday everybody. I have to say that I'm getting used to not working! It's so nice in the evening to know I don't have to get up and put on the work armor the next morning.

I forgot to come back and admit which of my list of Creative Blogger items is actually the truth. Drumroll - d-d-d-DA!!! I did break my arm skateboarding when I attempted a tricky maneuver and rolled into a mud puddle. Someone commented they thought that one couldn't be it because of the timing of when skateboards came into the picture. But before the most recent surge of skateboarding in the early 80s, there was an early incarnation of those death machines in the 60s. They weren't the techno-marvels of today, being basically about ~ a 3/4" thick board of green speckled wood attached to a set of wheels. The picture I found is titled "old vs. new". Obviously the old is the unpainted little board.

I had a pretty good food day yesterday, though not as stellar as the day before. A friend invited me out to lunch and I needed. We did Panera and I had vegetable soup and the Fuji apple salad. It was great - the soup was low fat and darned decent. The salad was great, but loaded with toasted pecans, dried apple slices (that were very sweet) and a dressing that was also sweet. No wonder if was so good. Other than that, I did okay. This morning a friend brought over a big container of homemade chicken soup that looks amazing. She's a health freak, so there isn't even a tiny blop of fat to skim off the top. That'll be dinner for the next couple of nights.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement about wheelchairs and airports. The friend I went to lunch with yesterday said the same thing, and told me her mother (age 89) does that "all the time" when she travels. My response, "Yeah, your mother is OLD. I don't want to look impaired and old." She then asked me who the hell I thought I'd see at the airport that I gave a hoot what they thought or that I'd even see again! Good point. Vanity is quite a powerful force at times. So. I called the airline and it was a breeze to get not only a wheelchair for all points of the trip, but also bulkhead aisle seats for leg room! And my flight attendant friend said they whisk you right through the security, which I'd forgotten about. How many times have I stood in forever waiting to get through those lines! It's all worked out and I feel good about it.

My knee is definitely better this morning. I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday that really helped, and then stayed off of it as much as possible. Plan to do more of the same today, other than getting my hair cut. Had the color last week, and it's so expensive now that I try to separate cut and color to spread out the financial drain! I'm also going to get my nails done after the cut, at a different place. Now that the wedding is a go, I have a lot of deferred maintenance to make up for! Hopefully tomorrow I can get out for a little while and find something to wear - but if not, I can always go to the clothing default of black skirt/pants and fabulous top.

Have a great day!


  1. Panera was one of the only places I would go out to lunch with people and I got burnt out. lol I wish more places around here were "healthier"

    Stay off that knee! I know it's hard, but it just takes time! :) Hang in there!

  2. Great story about the skateboard - shame about the broken arm, though....

    Look after yourself - and your knee! :o)

  3. So glad you are going to make use of the wheelchair facilities for your trip. Now gung ho on the eager anticipation part!

  4. That was me, the comment about the skateboard :) and it was 76 when I got my board and my cousins were racing down the hills of San Francisco... they used to put me on the corners to press the walk button at the right time so they could ride block after block.

    Have fun on your trip and I have seen young moms and all kinds of people in those wheelchairs silly just imagine you are the queen in a parade or something :) LOL you could even practice the wave if you like so if someone stares you just wave like the grand marshall. ;)

  5. glad to hear your knee is feeling better

  6. you might be quite surprised at what your totals were for Panera (even though it looked like good choices). I know this because we received a gift certificate for Christmas and my husband looked things up to see if there was anything at all that I could eat there - and there was not. HE and my son used the certificate.

    Panera's web site has a nutrition calculator that not only shows each of their menu items broken down (very nicely) - but will also total your meal for you.

    I looked up what you ate. But I don't know if you actually want to know - so not reprinting any of it here . . .

    So glad that you got your wheelchair service reserved - I hadn't thought about the lines either - and that is a really good point.

    Don't over do - continue taking care of all your parts - you need them in good working order!

  7. Leslie. You sound good. The trip will be a nice different change of pace. It's good to get out and do something different once in a while. Hope you have fun getting all pretty!

  8. Hey, not knowing anybody is the only reason my hubby has been able to talk me into wearing a 2 piece bathing suit on vacation! Go for the wheelchair - being caught in a wheelchair (legitimatly because of your surgery!) would be so much less humiliating than being caught in a bikini - hahahahaha!

  9. I should've guessed the skateboard. I forget how spunky you are!!

  10. Good for you for taking the steps to get the wheel chair lined up. I shattered my ankle when out of town years ago and had to have the wheel chair assistance to fly home and it was a breeze!

  11. I'm glad you're not nervous about the flight anymore. It's nice how accommodating they are.

    I've never colored my hair. Not highlights, nothing. I'm sure it could look a little better if I did something with it, but it's just so freaking expensive to get it done by a professional, and then there's all the maintenance. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair, so it's not worth it to me.

  12. YOUR MEAL (soup, salad, dressing) TOTAL
    calories 680
    calories from fat 300
    total fat 34g
    sat fat 7g
    trans fat 0g
    chol 80mg
    sodium 2170mg
    carbs 62g
    fiber 10g (so actual carbs are 52g)
    sugar 29g
    protein 36g
    click on nutrition calculator in green box
    and as I mentioned - it will total all items for you which is very nice.

  13. calories 150
    calories from fat 110
    total fat 12g
    sat fat 2g
    trans fat 0g
    chol 0mg
    sodium 310mg
    carbs 11g
    fiber 0g
    sugar 10g
    protein 0g

    This is total for dressing, so if you ate 1/2, would subtract 1/2 of these numbers from total above.

  14. That restaurant is a real fooler. Things sound healthy - but the fat and sodium alone would seriously impact the scale (not to mention the carbs. . .).

  15. My mother in law used the wheelchair at the airport because of her bad back and she loved it after. She was afraid at first, but thanked me later. Have a great day!