Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Short and sweet

I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling somewhat tongue-tied regarding my blog for the last 2 days.  Though I started back to work last Friday, my agency is closed this week for spring break, so I'm on vacation after 6 weeks off from work!  Kind of crazy, but I'm finding myself in a true vacation mode.  I've been getting together with friends, eating out TOOOO much, and feeling lazy and unmotivated to exercise.  I keep waiting for my life to return to "normal"; but it's beginning to occur to me that my perception of normal is how my life was back in the fall.  It's not fall now; things have happenned; things have changed and life is, afterall, lived in the present moment.  So I need to stop pining for what was and embrace what is.

On Monday I mentioned how I spent over an hour doing yard work with hubby on Sunday and how great it felt to work up a sweat, do something constructive and  bend and move my body more than I had in several months. knee has been hurting more for the last 2 days, and I'm sure it's related to some of the twisting and turning from the yard work.  Harummpphh.  So yesterday I didn't exercise, and today my plan is to walk with a friend and the dog.  Hopefully I can go a mile without the knee protesting, but I'll wait and see how it goes.  It's hard for me to believe that In November I was doing 45-60 minutes daily on a treadmill at steep incline at 3.7 mph or walking a very hilly 5 mile loop at a local state park.  I'm really ready for this freaking knee to be healed and normal again.  It's getting there, but not near as quickly as I would have written the script for it to happen.

I also feel like I've had a very low grade GI bug.  Nothing serious or limiting - just occasional queasiness (that passes fast and leaves my usual hearty appetite in its wake) and some changes in the elimination realm that are probably helping me not gain weight from the meals out.  I haven't been overeating, but I know that I've had more sodium laden meals just by virtue of the fact I haven't cooked them.  Sorry for TMI = since I no longer get TOM, this is as close to TMI as I'm likely to get!  Postmenopausal TMI, har har.

That's it.  I expect I'll be more my usual verbose self tomorrow!  Have a good night all ;)


  1. My biggest problem with weight loss is waiting for things to be "normal". I'm terrible about that or waiting for the perfect time. Ugh. Why can't it just be easier??

  2. LOL at your no more TOM! I have not had that for several months so I maybe joining your no more TOM club soon!

    It takes a while to get back into the swing of things after being off your feet for a while. Be patient and kind to yourself. How wonderful that you were able to do some yard work. That is progress.

  3. and here I thought you were describing ME in the title of your post lol! We are on spring break this week too, makes it hard to sit at the computer for me when the weather is getting warmer.
    Hope you are feeling better soon and get that bug out of your system :)

  4. Walk in the pool more than dryland at this point. If you wanna walk for 20-40 minutes, do it in a pool soon.

  5. Oh, I totally agree with midlife_swimmer! I've had knee therapy in the pool in the past, and you can do so much more, without injury, in the pool than on land. Very fast recovery progress there, stretching, and walking, calories burning, all without the pounding. I loved it!

  6. Aw. I hope you are feeling better. I think you are wise even though it is hard to wait, it's better not to mess things up. You're an accomplished recoverer. Listen to midlife_swimmer maybe...

  7. Take it slow. It will be worth it when your knee is all better. We just don't recover as quickly as back in the day.

  8. you are too funny

    hope it is just the out to eat food and you aren't coming down with something.

    who takes care of your patients when you are on break this week?

  9. I've got just the thing to make you feel better my sweet friend....hop on over to my blog and pick up your Easter basket!! :)