Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the deep freeze

This morning I was up at the butt crack of dawn (as my delicate flower of a daughter says) and decided to lightly steam some asparagus for my vegetable at lunch. It was nice fat local asparagus and the thought of enjoying it much like a carrot made me excited for lunch. In my flurry of activity to get out of the house for the 7 a.m. meeting I go to prior to work, I ended up forgetting my lunch. After the meeting I zipped into the driveway, left the motor running to dash in and grab the food. Well. What the hell did I do with the asparagus??? And suddenly it dawned on me...I'd put it on a plate to cool, and stuck it "for just a couple minutes" in the freezer to cool fast so I could wrap it up right away.

Out of sight, out of mind, esp. for a 56 y/o nut case who forgot all about it. The result? An asparagus popsicle, complete with mini iceberg on the plate. I was only gone for an hour and 45 minutes total! Zsheesh! It popped off the place in one large piece - ice berg included, and made a loud thud upon hitting the bottom of the trash.
Oh well, now I'll have to have a cheeseburger and fries for lunch. NOT! I have a great salad made up and will add some feta and tuna to it right before eating. I was really bummed at first when I serveyed the popsicle as I LOVE fresh asparagus cooked to just al dente tenderness. It really did cross my mind to eat something ridiculous to "make up" for my tragic loss.

Tomorrow is my weigh day, and I'm telling you now that if I don't post the number, you can ask where the hell it is. I've been eating okay, but each afternoon have indulged in my new favorite up-scale snack...saltines and butter. Ever since Chris said she ate 10 of them every other day with real butter (but included them in her total calorie count for the day of course because she is like, really working at weight loss) I've been having some every day. And now it's been over 10. Won't say how many - usually 10, and then 6 more. No binges, but that kind of crap is not on my plan.

Seems any vehicle with which to bring butter into my mouth will suffice, because I don't like saltines that much. At all. I ate one alone yesterday and thought, "these are really crappy". But with a nice slim slice of ice cold creamy butter, they're a downright taste sensation. So no more of that. Saltines are gone. The butter is still there, but even I don't eat butter without a horizontal plane upon which it can rest. In general my eating has been loosey goosey, and I'm nervous about the weigh in. And I'm going to post my weight. If not, know I'm full of sh*t and call me on it.

Have a good day everyone, and may your vegetables not freeze!


  1. Leslie! You probably could have eaten that asparagus if you'd just let it thaw. I'm sure it would have been fine.

    I'm coming for you if I don't see a weigh in and you know I wil.

  2. When I was a kid and we got kind of desperate in the house we would snack on saltines and butter ! As years went on this evolved to saltines and butter with a sprinkling of sugar- poor man's coffee cake we used to call it. There were a lot of oddball dishes we would create in desperate times involving steamed saltines and a variety of things , and your post reminded me of those times ! And not sure if you knew this but you can eat asparagus raw. I sometimes take it raw, chop it and toss it in a green salad. I used to believe it was poisonous if it was raw, but not so.

  3. LOL! I can relate to the forgetfulness:) Those asparagus look good!

  4. Hi Leslie. Hope you didn't really put the asparagus in the trash - it would've been fine for another meal.

    I can't eat butter AT ALL. It instantly puts on weight. It's one of the things I would only eat in a MAJOR bingeing phase (same with peanut butter, halva, nutella). Luckily I'm not in one of those at the moment. But like you I've very loose in my eating recently. Not sure how to kick myself out of it!

    Bearfriend xx

  5. Sad about the beautiful asparagus - but good that you didn't resort to comfort food in the wake of the freezer incident!

    And oooh, butter. I loooove butter! I used to put it on my English muffin and then top it with peanut butter...sooooo gooood! (Gee, I can't imagine HOW I got to weigh over 250 pounds!).

    I haven't had butter in a long time. Don't think I need to open that Pandora's box again, lol!

  6. Your butter is my peanut butter. I have to control myself and I literally count out the crackers ahead of time

  7. Next time that happens, let the asparagus thaw, then whiz it up with spices and a touch of milk in the blender... heat... and voila! Asparagus soup. :-)


  8. I had to laugh at the butt crack of dawn! That sounds like something my son would say! I've never tried saltines with butter....peanut butter maybe. We'll be waiting for the numbers!

  9. Oh man! What a waste of beautiful asparagus! I hate that, and I TOTALLY relate.

    I'm trying really really hard to not make icing today. So...tired...

  10. I am with Helen, I bet you could have eaten the asparagus, although I have never tried it frozen. Asparagus popsicles definitely don't sound that good.

  11. Anonymous13 May, 2010


  12. Anonymous13 May, 2010

    How funny about the asparagus...I don't think it would taste very good as a popsicle :)

    Butter and saltines...mine has been chocolate kisses dipped in peanut butter. Oh my!! Did I just confess that? Oh well...confessing is good for the soul :)

  13. sometimes people CAN successfully DO the saltines and butter thing. And your blogger friend might be one of those people. But I hope she now sees that is NOT the norm for most of us here. Telling someone that is 'okay' is not a helpful thing. It is exactly like telling someone that one light beer - if you count it - is okay for an alcoholic.

    But, truly, here in weight loss blog land, most of the time when you read things like that (10 with butter is OKAY) it is pure denial. . .