Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday assortment

Sunday I was down another 1.2 pounds from the 206.1 I weighed Saturday, to 204.9. A little more progress from the jarring number of 209.1 on Friday. Thank you! I've done food prep for the week including roasting a big pan of broccoli, summer squash, carrots, zucchini, onions and a Jacksh*t load of rough chopped garlic. I did that early this morning and then put it in servings to bring to work each day for lunch, along with what ever protein and salad I have. This is such a yummy treat to me that I make a big tray every week. My husband would rather have frozen peas or lima more for me! I haven't tried them on my son, but I think he'll like 'em too.

I came into work today like a pack animal, laden with a big Trader Joe's bag full of lunch staples, like pouches of tuna (I know, more expensive and less green, but I HATE the cans), cut up chicken, unsweetened applesauce to mix with TJ's Greek yogurt when there isn't good fresh fruit available. Also carrots, celery and Laughing Cow wedges. Having a good supply in my little office fridge makes me less likely to go to Ben's Store - a client's enterprise that is full of chips, Tastykakes, and other junk food. It's basically low quality junk and highly processed stuff. I'd hate to know how much moolah I've spent there since I've worked here! But I've spent not one dime since I started blogging! Here's dear Ben, the merchant, carefully guarding his cash box and enjoying a chip - he's a sweetheart, very high functioning client of ours who gave his permission for me to post his picture:


I haven't mentioned that I've accepted another challenge: Midlife Swimmer's Pre Summer Pool Challenge. The badge is under the rainbow picture at the top of my sidebar, and for some reason *#$*blogger won't let me upload it here right now. Anyway, I'll talk about it in a little more detail tomorrow, but suffice it to say it's a good reason to keep shaving off some pounds! She has a great blog and knows her way around a swimming pool, to say the least! She's largely responsible for my first swimming pool experience in almost 20 years! I haven't been back in the pool at the gym since my second knee surgery but am ready. This challenge will help me Just Do It (thanks, Nike).

One of my 500 favorite bloggers, Biz, titled her post today something like "Monday Already? Really?" AMEN. I had such a nice weekend, and the weather was picture perfect, esp. yesterday. I spent 6 hours outside planting, pruning, gardening - and just enjoying every minute of it. I would have taken some pics of the pots I did, but decided to wait until they have a week or so to really take off. Putting a bunch of different plants in pots, according to the color of their flowers, texture and color of their leaves, and their various sizes really floats my boat. Very satisfying.

Another pastime I love and do a lot is knitting. A couple of years ago I got into felting, which involves knitting with wool and then washing the item in hot water causing it to shrink and turn to a heavy felted product. The big thing was to knit purses, bags, or even eye glass cases, wallets, and computer totes. The absolute best part was picking the colors of yarn to combine, because once felted, the colors really meshed and merged in a way that you didn't quite see prior to the washing process. I sold a lot of bags and was told I had "an eye" for color. I still have a bunch that I should arrange and photograph to shamelessly promote my wares. Sounds like a lot of pictures in coming weeks.

Even though it's not a "Wednesday What's" day, here's a question: What creative endeavors float your boats? Do you have a secret talent you've yet to share with your bloggy peeps?

Have a good rest of Monday - we have an in-service day tomorrow so no clients and time to get organized! And probably write yet another post. Here's to another healthy clean food day.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like you're having an exceptional start to this week.

    :D Onward and forward, fellow traveler! :D Deb

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Six hours in the garden ... I imagine it's stunning. Please post some photos once you're ready to show off your work. What floats my boat creatively? I've been a scrapbooker for years. I started with the hard copy paper style and they really started to pile up ... plus all the supplies! Then I switched over to doing the pages on the computer and having Shutterfly print them into a nice book. I miss the 3-D effect that all the adornments provided but I don't miss the clutter of all those books and all the boxes of supplies.
    Great post today!

  3. I spent a bit of time prepping for this week too. So glad I did - not that I'm tempted by our vending machine, it's gross! I just hate spending $$ on buying lunch out even if it's healthy.

    Glad you're feeling a bit more like your real self these days.

  4. I paint, draw and play the french horn :)

    I brought a lot of the same TJ snacks to school today because I work late :) yay for greek yogurt.

  5. I've never heard of felting! I'm just learning all sorts of new things today!

    I'm not so gifted and talented, I'm afraid. I do love to cross-stitch, but don't do it very often.

  6. Congrats on the 1.2 down... you're getting there.

    I need to get back into doing the weekly prep thing... the week is always easier when that gets done! Your roasted veggie mix sounds divine!

  7. Planning makes such a difference in having success. I spent today restocking the frig and getting laundry caught up. I can eat right easily now that we have fresh food on hand again!

    You have many talents! I don't know if I have any hidden talents, gonna have to think on that one!

  8. Hi Leslie. Glad you had plenty of time in the garden. Always uplifting.

    I did some felting when I was at school, but we used pieces of fleece and did it that way which is probably quicker - but I'm assuming quite a different type of result? You make it up into items afterwards with that method.

    Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. Great job on the loss! Whooohooo! :) I love the food prep you do for the week! Great job on planning! :)

  10. Prepping makes all the difference - and really, I would rather eat the good fruits and veggies over the stuff in Ben's store anyway. Is Ben mad that you don't buy anything from him anymore?

    Oh, and thank you for explaining felting - I've seen it (on etsy!) but never knew how it was done.

  11. Oh holy crap you have handmade BAGS??? I am such a bag your price...I want one THIS WEEK!!! lol

    My mom is very good at making those container gardens, too. I suck at matching the right colors and textures...she always has the most perfect pots, with delicate little leaves draping down the sides, with a splash or yellow here or a burst of fuschia there....I love them, and can't wait to see YOUR pot pics....lmao...too funny.

  12. Congratulations on the weightloss. The roasted veggies sounds good. I think I will give them a try.

    Good luck on the challenge.


  13. **high five** for eating clean!! I have been trying to use up some of my pantry things lately so my meals are clean, but kinda odd lol.
    As for secret talents..I have a passion for gardening (veggie and perineal flower gardens) and that has been keeping me extremly busy lately (and the reason for not too many posts on my blog). I just purchased 7 new plants to start a butterfly garden in the back yard yesterday.
    I also scrapbook and love photography (lately it's all pictures of my flowers). And growing up, I had a horse and loved to barrel race and ride all day long. Don't have a horse now but it is a passion of mine.
    Keep up the great work!!

  14. Good luck with the challenge! It looks as though you're taking the bull by the horns with your pre-prepared lunches and snacks!

  15. Way to go on the loss! I know it probably feels better to see the number keep going down! Have a great day!!!