Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You never know where a post will go!

I want to talk about Stacia's, (aka Midlife Swimmer)pool challenge I mentioned yesterday. The fact that it's a non-food/non-weight-loss challenge, leads me to believe I have a good shot at achieving it! Fitness building and exercise seem easier for me to sustain these days - aarrgghh. The *biggest obstacle* for me is my utter hatred of putting on a bathing suit and venturing into territory where other humans may be present. But thanks to Stacia, I conquered that beast back on Feb. 9, 2010 and posted about it here. It was a pretty big deal, given my history.

Shortly after my initial water re-entry and 2 subsequent pool outings in the next days, I ended up tearing cartilage in my R knee (probably from doing too much in the water too soon), had another knee arthroscopy, and have not been back in the water since; rather not back in a swimsuit since. It's like my dental phobia...I work up the nerve, go for 6 months for cleaning and any work I need done, then lose my nerve and go another 2 years before returning. Hence the *biggest obstacle* back staring me down. But WTF? Honestly - I'm 56, happily married 28 years, not looking for a hook-up with a stranger or a summons to be in a Mrs. Senior Body Competition. The swimsuit behemoth will not stand in the path of my diving in.

The requirements of the challenge:
1. Commit to getting in a swimming pool to exercise at least 3 times before June 21, the first day of summer.
2. Encourage at least one real life friend to exercise in the water also. Already have done that, though made it clear I wanted them to do it NOT with me so they wouldn't see my cellulite! I'm joking.
3. Post acceptance of the challenge and then provide updates to Stacia each time I hit the water. Hey, I committed before the challenge even had a badge! Extra points?
4. Blog about the challenge and provide a link to others on blog to join if they like. Done.

This puts me in mind of what ultimately started me on this last ever and soon to be genuinely successful journey to weight loss and optimal fitness I began last June. I just found the post I wrote about it, which was my 2nd post ever on this blog. It's here, relatively short as my posts go, and tells the story. I'd actually forgotten a piece of it...the part about sitting in the meditation class and talking about my love of water. Also I noted that I hadn't a bathing suit on in 5 years - it was actually much longer, though I would sit with shorts on over a bathing suit at the pool when my kids were young. But I never got in the water because I couldn't bear the BIG REVEAL in front of the community of moms.

Reading that post really touched me today and has helped me remember just how horrible I felt about myself when I wrote it. Though I've had some bad eating episodes and plenty of toxic brain dump posts over the almost year I've been dong this, I see that I have never felt as low since that day. Despite little discernable sustained progress down the scale beyond a point, I've known, and know right now I'm going to ultimately be successful. I've gained acceptance and more love and respect for myself through this year of stumbling, blogging, conquering and backsliding. And that's because of this amazing resource of the blogging community. Each blogger who writes honestly about successes, failures, ups, downs, hopes met and hopes dashed have helped me know at a deep level that I'm not alone. I'm one of the many, and that is a very good place for this recovering alcoholic overweight self absorbed gal to be.

And I thought I was jsut going to write about the Pool Challenge today!


  1. You are going to rock that challenge, I just know it. Even before you said you were doing when I started seeing it on other blogs, I immediately thought of you.

    Don't disparage yourself about eating/food. You are trying. That's really all that matters.

    Personally, I'm glad you're here to cheer ME on (now that's self absorbed!).

  2. I am with Helen - you'll do great! That's one thing I miss - my old gym by my office was totally deluxe - huge pool, etc.

    Since our office moved its no longer convenient, so I am at a gym with no classes or pool - but its cheap! For our family of 4 (including my step-son) is only $45 a month, so I can't complain!

    Have a great day!

  3. I am so glad you will be getting back in the water. I love feeling immersed in water also and hope to do it in maui this august... with no shame NO MATTER what I LOOK like in my swimsuit.

  4. "...I'm going to ultimately be successful."

    Yes, you are! In fact, in so many areas related to this weight loss extravaganza, success is already in your hand. :D


  5. I think you are an amazing woman! We all do struggle, but just like Deb said above...success is already in your hand! Your going to totally rock this challenge!

  6. I wish I could send you to Bavaria. The people that walk around confidently are not just 65 year old men with hairy bellies. Oh no.

    The grandmas do too. Ones with saggier knees and arms than you, with more weight to lose than you, and wiry stick uppy hair walk around like they are God's gift to the world. Swatting at brats running too fast etc.

    Just think German and swagger like a super model. Who cares what you're revealing. THe truth is you can pretty much tell what is under peoples' clothes anyway. You might as well strip it down!

    (easier said and done I mutter to myself!)

  7. No, you never know.

    Our subdivision pool opens on Memorial Day weekend (my son is going to be a lifeguard). I've successfully avoided it for a number of years. Reading this post, WHO KNOWS??

  8. you know, if you keep going and keep trying at the very least you will maintain your health...if you move forward, hold ground, move forward, hold ground...you will get there.
    It's in the never giving up.

  9. Hi Leslie, just stumbled across your blog and wanted to wish you well!

  10. What a great challenge. I am not a big water person but we do have a pool in our back yard that I have not been in for about 2 years. I do plan on changing that record this summer. Life is just too much fun to sit on the side and just observe, I vow to be a participant in life!