Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whole lotta nuthin'... with questions

I don't have a whole lot for today. Yesterday was good until after dinner when I had a handful of peanuts, and that invited another, and then some wheat thins. Not horrible but not intended. Who was it that wrote that brilliant post about intention last week??? Oh - it was moi. I'm not even going to blame the Prednisone. In the moment I wanted it more than I wanted to not eat it. That's the real story. I was aware. I read a lot more of the book I discussed yesterday and used some of the strategies. I put off the extra eating longer than I have other times by considering and employing those strategies. I'll get it. I'm getting it.

I had a really good workout yesterday again which felt great. Then I fixed a great dinner that I took pictures of, just for some blogalicious variety. Inspired by Lyn at Escape From Obesity, I've been constructing my dinners from her Medifast dinners that include protein and 3 vegetables. Recall my food plan now is 4 oz of protein at lunch and dinner, plus 6 oz cooked veggies and 8 oz salad with 1 Tbs. olive oil on the salad. I'm modifying my plan a bit because if I have a big salad for lunch, I don't always want another for dinner, so last night I essentially cooked a salad!
Here are the items I decided to saute/stir fry: I used 1 tbp olive oil, a Tbs of soy sauce and about a half tsp. of sesame oil for flavor and stir fried the mix till crisp tender. With 2 sections of the frozen garlic from TJoe's, the flavor was amazing! The rest of dinner was leftover roasted veggies (which I make a huge pan of every Sunday to last the week), one Trader Joe's 110 calorie chicken sausage and 3 scrambled egg whites with a little yellow mustard stirred in for color and flavor. It was a fantastic dinner!
So good I didn't want it to end, and had a little extra of my salad stir fry. See...good food...Me. Want. More. But hell, I don't want to subsist on tasteless gruel in order to not be triggered to want more. And there is the ENOUGH factor again. I'm in process with all this. I'll find the right balance, and sooner than later I think!

Finally, have those of you with Trader Joe's tried these frozen herb products?

I just tried this garlic for the first time when I saw a woman getting some the other day. I asked her if it was good, and she raved about all the herbs made and frozen by this company. Was she ever right, at least about the garlic! I love garlic and use tons of it, but I have a hard time using it before it starts sprouting and getting the slightly bitter green sprout starting in the middle of the clove so soon after I buy it. Plus, chopping endless cloves for everything in which I want garlic is time consuming. I tried some of those jarred minced and chopped garlics at grocery stores and they don't taste fresh at all. They almost taste pickled! But this Dorot product tastes totally fresh. The woman who was buying the garlic that day said the other herbs she's tried are every bit as fresh tasting. I still like to use fresh, but this is a great substitute for quick dinners and such.

This brings up a question or 2:
1. Do you have any favorite similar products you can use in a hurry to have a fesh tasting dish? The frozen herbs, shredded cabbage and broccoli slaw, Purdue short cut chicken tenders - the unmarinated variety. Trader Joe's also has good ones, but sometimes the exp. date is too close for me to buy them. Probably because they have a lot fewer preservatives and crap than Purdue!
2. Non-food related question...Do you usually write the title of your post before or after you write it? Usually I write it after or during, once I see where my thoughts are going. Once in awhile, I know what I want to discuss, and get that title in to help me stay on course! And even then I change it sometimes. I have no idea what I'm going to call this post! How 'bout "Whole lotta nothin!"? Hmm, that may be it!
3. Have you always been a diary or journal keeper? I have - always have loved to write, and had the requisite diary with lock and key when in elementary school. I went for years without journaling, but about 3 months after my mother died and I was a true solo act in this life, I began writing in a journal again, and it became a saving grace. Not long after the journaling, I started seeing a counselor for the first time. The journey began......

Have a great little Friday, which is what a school teacher friend of mine calls Thursdays! And this is the one before a 3 day weekend. WOOT!


  1. I write my titles before I post. That food looks amazing! I am thinking of trying to start my own garden at the house to make some of the spices and herbs. Have a great night!

  2. that stir fry looks so good!!! I am so going to try it!!

  3. 1. For me the answer has been keeping bags of pre mixed salad greens, large containers of cut up veggies , hard boiled eggs and fruit on hand, with a supply of cooked beans and assorted meat in the freezer. They become salads, soup or finger food meals that are quick and fresh during the week
    2. Title usually gets thought of after
    3. I have kept a diary or journal in some form since I was 13. I will be 52 in a few days and the early ones are a scream to read ! Special entries are the day I met my husband( we will be married 29 years this summer), the day I found out I was pregnant at long last and so forth. Sad ones are the day I had a stillbirth, miscarriages, the days my grandparents died and then the day my father died, the day I filed bankruptcy and a lot more. They make a rather rich tapestry.

  4. Ok first- cut yourself some slack with that prednisone! I saw my brother eat a can of crushed pringles off of the floor in my car on a road trip once- NASTY! He was HUNGRY! lol

    I like those garlic cubes- because my fingers grab the garlic smell SO BAD and it takes days for it to leave me! lol :)

    Blog title- I do it first, but sometimes go back to change it. I am not that crafty when it comes to coming up with titles. lol

  5. Okay, so many cool things in this post! First off, love broccoli slaw - I love it in stir frys!

    Second, mustard into eggs - WTF??!! Why didn't I ever think of that! I love mustard so much, I made my husband take me to the mustard museum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin - a three hour drive! :D

    I usually write my title first, because as I am getting up, making my coffee, I start writing my post in my head.

    I read your post yesterday and need to read it again and check out that book. I've never had a binge eating problem, but back in the day I definitely was an emotional eater.

    Hugs Leslie! So glad you are joining my 101 days of summer challenge!

  6. I love eggs for dinner!

    My grocery store sells packages of pre-jullienned veggies so I use those in stir-frys. Maybe a bit more expensive but so much less work than doing all that myself!

    So, I have a question for you: does your hubby and son eat the same dinner? Or do you cook twice? Or do they fend for themselves?

  7. Love your stir fry.

    I usually write my blog post title first but sometimes I go back and change it.

    I have bought some frozen herbs fro TJ's but then I forgot to use them and they got freezer burnt!

    I keep a food journal most of the time. It just helps me keep track and I eat better when I know I am going to write it down even though non one reads it but me!

  8. I write my title first but sometimes change it.

    we go through garlic here fast enough buying fresh is not an issue I love to chop and dice it calms me.

    I kept a journal when I was a teen and read it recently...thank goodness my kids are better kids than I was :)

  9. I saw your comments on Pam's blog and followed you here (we're both postmenopausal)!I just recently started a blog and haven't thought much about titles so guess I should! I live alone but still cook pretty much from scratch; I was always a 'good' weight until my mid 40s and then every year I seemed to gain 5 pounds so doing the math means I gained TOO MUCH! I swear I've been on a diet the last 2 decades..Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Alli, Dr Phil. Dr get the picture. I am really motivated now and hope my accountability will result in weight loss.

  10. I come up with them ahead of time.

    I have seen the packages of julienned veggies but have never used them. Now I want to try the julienned broccoli. Sounds devine!

  11. I write my titles after I write my posts -- usually.

    I have not always been someone who kept a journal, but I find the daily accountability keeps me going.

  12. So much cool stuff in your "nothing" post, lol.

    I come up with my titles first, otherwise I can't write, lol. I'm so weird.

    Mustard in my egg whites, OMG what a FANTASTIC idea!!!! Talk about your V8 moments! Do you put it in when you stir up the egg whites in a bowl, or add it after they're cooked and then stir? I need to know this, lol.

    I am in LOVE with broccoli slaw, but haven't had any in a while...a skinny girl got me to try it. And I just bought that EXACT same bag of cole slaw today for my Memorial Day cookout...gonna' mix it with 1/2 c. of lite mayo and 1/2 c. of light sour cream....saw it in that new cookbook I've been also calls for some rice vinegar but I do NOT like vinegar or sweet coleslaw AT ALL. Blech. In fact, some of the best coleslaw I ever had was just cabbage, diced onions and dill pickles, mayo, salt and pepper...sooooo good.

    What else? Oh! I am so going to try that frozen garlic and other herbs....I HATE chopping garlic....then it sits on my counter and sprouts...and you're right about the minced garlic...just not fresh-tasting, although that's what I use when I'm not using garlic powder. Gonna get that frozen stuff now, though. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Send your stir fry right over. I'm a big tipper.

    I write my post title last. Surprisingly, I did not journal before this time in my life.

    I hate chopping garlic, too. I've bought it in a jar before, but not at TJ's.

    Thanks for all of this nuthin'

  14. Peanuts, especially salted ones are EVIL! A 'small handful' (I have MASSIVE hands!) more often than not leads to a 200g bag being demolished, then some cheese... etc., etc!

    I actually have the frozen chopped garlic in my freezer and I keep forgetting to use it. I'll give it a go now. I LOVE 'Very Lazy Chillis' in a jar, but I don't know if you can get them outside the UK?