Friday, January 14, 2011

5 big ones

Thanks for all the great comments and support yesterday.  I stayed on plan all day and ate all my daily points rather than succumbing to eating disordered thoughts.  I didn't weigh.  I continued to do the right thing despite the alarming "what ifs" and fears of permanent fatness my head insisted on presenting to my mind for consideration.  Shut up head!  Someone, either in a comment or email, told me to trust the process, which I needed to hear.  And now I have eaten right and well for 5 full days.  Zero bingeing.  Zero overeating.  That hasn't happened in many months.  Yay me!

Earlier in the week I said I'd weigh in on Sunday morning (eventually I hope to make that my official weigh  day), but I decided to do it early Saturday morning instead because I have 2 meals out tomorrow - lunch with a knitting friend and dinner at the restaurant of my older son's choice as he turns 24 tomorrow.  I plan to make good choices at both these meals, but I'd rather not have my weigh-in after the first week on program be after a 2 restaurant meal day.  Again - eating disordered thinking would definitely get in the way of me receiving my weight, accepting it, and continuing on.  I know myself too well.  And I've had a great eating week, no matter what and I don't want the head's bullshit to undermine that.

Perhaps the reason I fear not losing weight is that I haven't been suffering at all this week.  I've been satisfied with my food.  Yes, I've had moments where I thought "a napkinful of Cheezits would be just the thing", but I've been able to say no the the voice.  Why now?  Why not all the time?  I knoweth not, but I'm grateful for this rare outbreak of sanity.

Rest assured I'll report on tomorrow's weigh in.  I have had not one morself of food regret or remorse this week, and that's great.  I'm definitely calmer and less irritable.  I look better - even I can see it.  And I have good energy.  These are all tangible rewards regardless of the scale's verdict.  And at 2:30 this afternoon, my 3 day weekend begins.  Not too shabby.


  1. I think it's a good idea for you to weigh tomorrow morning. No, not good - it's actually smart. You're addressing both your need to get on the scale and your need to combat the way your think. That's really smart.

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  2. Five days in fully made of awesome! As are you.

  3. Wahoo, you! :D Deb

  4. I so agree with "trust the process" because what's the alternative? I know whatever I turn to will be worse.

    I know of those weak moments when you almost give in! I had that a couple times this week when I thought that a whole slew of beer nuts would be just so satisfying.

    I'm glad you say you look better!! That's SOMETHING, even if the pants weren't looser!

    I am still not at the point where I will weigh myself. I have just put in an estimate for the purposes of WW. And it's a slight underestimate so that I don't end up with too many daily points. So I know how haunting the whole scale thing is.

    Good luck with your events!

  5. Yes, don't look gift sanity in the mouth... ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  6. You are doing great! Have a wonderful weekend and really enjoy the good choices you make at the restaurants. :o) The good thing about WW is you can calculate what you've eaten so you Stay In Control and within your points.

  7. Yes, this is such a 'vickie' comment.

    restaurants have definitely impacted how you process/apply the information the scale gives you in the past.

    this is true for many weight loss bloggers. Restaurant eating means that one is almost always looking at apples and oranges. the information from the scale does not match the rest of the actions of the week.

    We all have problems with the scale impacting our heads. If we do well, we react one way. If we do poorly, we react another. And sometimes, neither way is healthy.

    restaurants multiple this a zillion fold.

    If you can manage to plan any 'out to eat' so it hits on Saturday/Sunday with your weigh in staying on Saturday morning that would be very smart. I am SO not saying eating out every Saturday and sunday. But at least putting an occassional restaurant event BEHIND your weekly weigh in day.

    The problem with restaurants is - it is almost impossible to make good choices - carbs and sodium are such huge issues. yes, we might make the best choice possible, but that doesn't make it good.

    I know you are social by nature. And I know many of your friends socialize by eating.

    so this really is an area which needs your attention. And I was very glad to see this post and the thought behind it. PLANNING is really good. Taking your scale challenges into account shows maturity and EVENness.

    PS - I also remember at least one time where you ate before you went and then just drank tea. and sometimes, that will be what you will need to do based on the rest of your week and the food available. it is just reality.

  8. congrats on stringing 5 'pearls'

  9. I can feel the peace emanating from you - so glad it's been such a successful week!

  10. I'm happy dancing for you!!!!!

  11. Five days is AWESOME, and us low carbers know that it only takes 4 days to get rid of most of the cravings, so that is why you are feeling so good! Challenge yourself to eat properly at the restaurants. Because, let's face it, there will always be restaurants and events and such; we can't avoid them all. We have to figure out how to eat properly while at those events. Otherwise, we spend M-F trying to lose the weight we put on over the weekend. ;) Congrats again!

  12. I had to laugh out loud when you noted your "rare outbreak of sanity" and I are so much alike it's frightening. :) Congrats on the 5 days...and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Love you. :)