Thursday, January 27, 2011

SNOW DAY!!! (and confession time)

I absolutely can't believe that my work gave us the whole day off because of the shitload of snow that fell between yesterday and this morning.  Despite the fact we serve a disabled population, they are famous for NOT even giving us 2 hour delays much less days off for weather, incurring the wrath of employees.  After last winter when we had a record 76 inches of snow over the season and the agency pulled that a couple of times, they got such employee rage negative feedback that they've finally gotten a clue.  This year has been better, and I'm grateful. We have about 14 inches in our area this morning.

I've already been out helping hubby dig out the driveway, but I only lasted about 5 minutes because I had the old crappy snow shovel that is now curled into a U shape and pretty useless.  The one who's going to do the brunt of the work gets the good shovel.  Today, with the 14 inches or so of wet heavy snow we got, that's hubby.  I also got a few pictures that hopefully blogger will let me upload.  It is beautiful - having been raised in Florida, snow still amazes and delights me.  Until it gets muddy, slushy and ugly of course.  But to stand out in the garage while it's snowing is intoxicating to me - so much activity in the air - so silent.

 It's really beautiful before the wind and civilization set in and start to mess with it.  I just finished doing about 8% of the driveway after Tom did 92%, and it was a good workout!  Hoping to get a dog walk in later, once the sun is out.


On a slightly somber note, the last 2 days I got pretty fuzzy with point counting and snacking - as in I stopped tracking once I started snacking.  This is the first since I began WWPP and I'm bound and determined to get back on track, with tracking AND eating today.  I was talking to one of my closest friends last night who didn't know I'd started WW, and she's going to start this Saturday by coming with me.  I'm really excited to have a buddy, not to  mention my across the street neighbor, do this.  We both have some similar issues around food and food addiction, so the mini support group (as opposed to the HUGE support of my blog world) will be great.  She does not know about my blog or the blog world, but she did ask where I always get so many great recipes!  But I think I'm going to stay anonymous with my local folks about the blog.  Do I really need people to know my weight and the degree of my nuttiness when it comes to eating?!!

Snowy weather means soup, so I'm off to make a big pot of ham and bean soup.  I posted on Facebook last night about the temptation to bake and eat sweets that being snowed in brings.  I vow I will not give in to the temptation to whip up chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon squares or any other sweet confection.  Because I know full well that I am not a one and done kind of person.  One cookie?  Puhleeeeeze.  One brownie?  Why bother.  So I will continue my clementine consumption with a sprinkling of apple and banana if necessary.  Stay warm if you're in the north.  Chill out if you're in the south.  And have a great day wherever you are.


  1. Your snow pics are beautiufl. :) It is safe to say, however, that I'm pretty much past the "Isn't the snow beaurifle" stage when it's in my backyard. Like now. Or falling out of the sky. Like now.

    Spring is less than TWO months away. :D


  2. Glad you have a day off with the snow. You're right, it looks beautiful, at first, and it can be a gong show driving in it. Leslie, I guess we have both figured out how important tracking is. I tend to "forget" to track when I start snacking. They are usually good snacks (lately), but too many. I commend you on your strength (vow) and intention not to bake. A pot of soup will do you better :)

  3. Yay snow day!!! That soup sounds great right now. Do you have a good recipe? Also considering doing weight watchers again. Sparkpeople is great but it's not as motivating!!

  4. Oh, again we are in sync. I had been tracking my food in fitday and noticed a clear correlation between not tracking and oversnacking - chicken and egg. BTW - a hernia is a great excuse not to shovel:) When I did WW I went with a friend. She started as a diet and exercise buddy and became so much more. It was great to have her with me. Then, darn it, she moved. I gained. Ugh. And coincidentally, she is the only friend who knows about me blog. Last year she was experiencing a snow day and told me she thought that whole snow day/food thing would make a great blog post. I made her write it:)

  5. YAY - snow day! Really they are like "not real, magical days" - days when real life doesn't butt in. I can so understand why it's easy to get off track there.

    Pot of soup sounds like just the ticket. BTW, only 1 person with whom I knew in 3D before the internet knows about my blog, specifically. Others I have come to know via the internet - but they've always known the degree of my nuttiness! Feels better than way.

  6. I am so PO'd by the fact that my boss insisted I come in today... they closed the ENTIRE Naval Submarine Base here and that's never done. But he had a letter he wanted to get out, you know?

    I hope you have a lovely day off filled with all good, healthy things!

  7. So glad you didn't have to go to work with that kind of snow! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of it, though - and yes, being able to stay sheltered and just look at it is the best way to enjoy snow in my opinion (says the Cali girl in me!).

  8. I'm not sure if I'm glad the snow in Illinois is light and fluffy...I was planning to go work out then I realized the driveway wasn't shoveled. A friend (from PA actually) says "You'll get an upper body workout" - I would..if the snow wasn't like confectioners sugar!! Enjoy the day off!!

  9. Beautiful snow pictures!

    Well done on getting back on track today. :o) It always helps to have a friend doing the same thing. A friend of mine is trying to lose some weight and we started at the same time, but she's gone off track a little (turned up today with Danish pastries for us both, but I saved mine for Craig to eat this evening). She's starting again 'properly' on Monday, and I think she's relieved I'm so determined to stick with it as I think she appreciates having some along for the ride with her!

  10. We have like 3 feet of frozen tundra snow here in MN so it's not quite so beautiful for me. :-) At least it's in the 20's this week so the kids can go outside.

    Stop snacking and stick to the plan!! I'm guilty myself, it's dumb, why do we do this? Baking would be bad, I'm not even going to THINK about it and neither should you. :-)

  11. ooooh so pretty! Thanks for the beeeuuuutiful snow pics!

    Polar's Mom

  12. Hi Leslie,

    Nice photos! Glad your employer had mercy.

    So you're doing WW? I'm considering that route myself. It's been at least five years since I last darkened their door.

    Keep on counting and hanging in there.


  13. I think my office closed early just a couple times due to snow - lucky you got the day off!

    And its great that you have a mini support group around you - now get back to tracking!


  14. Snow days are great! I worked in our school system for 28 years, and I can say that the staff looked forward as much or more to a snow day that the kids did.

    I love your photos! You're right--snow is beautiful in its fresh, pristine state. It still brings back childhood memories of playing outside in the winter. But it also brings back memories of hot chocolate, cookies, and various other treats that seem to go with a big snow fall. Nowadays, I try to forego the treats and stick with the fruit--like you. Hang in there!

  15. I wish you good results at your weigh-in. I a still afraid to weigh, though I know I am doing well. I don't know when I'll feel safe to do it. I had lost 60# and now put it back on and I just don't know if I can face the scale till I think I am back down to the -60# number. I'm enjoying chatting with you about WW, so please help me by staying with it!

  16. LOVE the snow pics! I could see myself baking while being snowed in just from reading your post. Why does food have to be so dang comforting? I just announced my blog on my Facebook this week. After I did it, I thought "What was I thinking!". I figured I should just lay it all out there, but I definitely think that is a personal decision for each and everyone. I am glad you found a buddy!

  17. I know what you mean!LOL! My daughter was craving a "Klondik" bar. As she was leaving with my husband to run some errands, she yells "I'm gonng buy that ice cream bar!" I said " ONE! DON'T bring a whole pack in the house!Don't!Because I WILL eat them!LOL" It really does work NOT to keep that stuff in your home. Sometimes you have to because of other folks. That makes it hard. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, if it weren't for my husband doing this with me, I wouldn't have made it this far. Nope.

    You're doing great Leslie!