Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There oughta be a law

Seriously, there oughta be a law -
-against fruit going out of season.  My clementine fetish is growing and deepening daily.  Today at work, the peelings from the 3 clemmies I've had were in the trashcan next to my desk, filling my office with the most delightful fruity, fresh citrus aroma.  Everyone who entered noticed the wonderful essence hanging in the air.  Today's clementines are perfect, seed free and practically peel themselves.  But in a couple weeks, they'll start to have seeds, lots of pith on the hard to peel fruit, and we'll know they will soon be but a happy memory.  I experience this painful fruit separation far too often - the cherries, the many berries, and of course - peaches.  Why can't fantastic fruit be a constant.  I know...then we wouldn't appreciate it while it's  here.

-requiring at least one 3-day weekend per month.  Bring on the January 3-day, Dr. King.  2 more days until 3-day bliss.  And no, I don't wish my life away waiting for weekends.  I just love 'em when they're here.

-against a lousy quarter of an avocado having 3 points.  I could eat the whole thing  in the blink of an eye.  It's okay, though, because with fruit costing no points in WW Points Plus, I've discovered mashing a 1/4 avocado with a little lime juice for a yummy dressing on an otherwise zero point salad!

-requiring that no Kindle edition of a book can cost more than the paperback version.  It makes my feeble mind go into hyperspace when the Kindle edition is $12.99 and the paperback is 9.99.  I suspect this is a function of my advancing years and techno-boobism.  Somehow an actual book I can hold seems like it should cost more than a virtual one?  I know - I'm old. 

-against toxic people who wreak havoc in others' lives and
-requiring that MY definition of toxic people is THE definition.  And be assured I could supply some examples of such folks.  They seem to be crawling out of the woodwork in the last week.
For example (but not limited to):  the nut bar I encountered in the Swiss Farm drive thru last Friday.

There.  I feel better.

Still loving Points Plus.  How does Biz get that trademark in the circle thing to add after she writes Points Plus?  Tis a mystery.  And a technological wonder.

I realize I'm in the honeymoon phase of this new endeavor, but I've also had moments of wanting something that would use up half a day's points in one fell swoop.   Example - I had coffee with a friend today at a little cafe that had these huge amazing looking cookies, and I seriously considered having one.  I mean seriously.  But in thinking it through, I knew: 1) that one would never be enough, 2) that it would essentially break open the floodgates and I'd spend the rest of the day/evening eating more junk - "to get it out of my system and get back on track tomorrow," and 3) that I did not want to have to confess it on my blog tomorrow. Thinking it through enabled me to say no to myself.  Today.   And guess where I learned that trick of thinking it through?  The same place I learn just about everything I need to a day at a time...AA.


  1. Awesome job with that cookie resistance! I did not realize the clementines would soon be out of season:( Winter is not a great time of year for free point fruits.

    I went to WW today! Not sure I can handle counting points again. Calculating recipes. I need to decide. Confused. Eeek.

  2. Wahoo, AA! Thinking it through... Unfortunately, as sane as that sounds, sometimes I end my "thinking it through" with an "I don't care!" and do what I just thought through sufficiently to know that I would regret it. sighhhhhhh.

    So, is there a next step after thinking it thru? You know, for those whose impulsivenes is strongeer thatn the thinking thru period? Pleaaaassseeee?

    :} Deb

  3. I am all over some clementines too!! yummy!!

    Good for thinking it through! I've had to do that quite a bit lately!

  4. I like your laws! So happy this is working for you - not having that cookie is proof. Great job, Leslie!

  5. Oooh, and mix in some sweet onion and tomato pieces into that avocado and lime and throw it on a chicken breast or fish for a nice mexican kick! YAY guacamole!!!

    Polar's Mom


  7. I'd vote for these laws too, especially the fruit and avocado one. I'd love to be able to get my cherries, canteloupes and peaches year round for the summer price! I'll tell you a secret: sometimes I plan for and eat an entire avocado.