Tuesday, January 18, 2011


*UPDATE below*

Good stuff:

2 hour delay
knees feel much better today (weather related?)
already have roasted a pan of veggies for the week (that'll only last a couple days, prob)
lots of time to have already made a BAS (big ass salad) for lunch today
food in check and counting those points

Less good stuff (trying to not be negative):

icy mix has been falling since the wee small hours, necessitating the good 2 hour delay (yin and yang?)
nagging little minor symptom for couple weeks that I'm going to call to have checked out today

Damn it ( = 3 items)

I have no idea right now where my little blue book (that lists hundreds of Points Plus values in foods) is.  I had it yesterday, at home, so it has to be somewhere.  I have my trusty calculator, but the book has practically become an appendage.  I. Will. Find. It.  I hope.  Or I'll be buying a new one after work today.

The damn it list has been eradicated as I found the little blue book in the car when I left for work.  Who the hell put it there????  Now the balance is heavily in favor of GOOD, which it already was.  The less good is down to the phone call to run something by my doc.  I'm thinking a good day lies ahead.


  1. The good stuff you've got there is awesome. This day, even with the two hour delay, is going to be just great. You've already set your intention to make it so.

    Okay, so you have to go buy a new book. You'll have a spare - you are just getting better prepared. Let's frame it another way!



  2. Good stuff - your eating, your planning, your tracking, your blog friends:)

  3. It sounds like you've gotten on track overall. Good for you. I understand the "icy mix." This has been one tough winter here in Minnesota, and I have grown weary of it. Perpetual cold and frequent snow falls have been here since November, and it does wreak havoc with my attitude! But the sun is shining today--so I feel great! I'm glad you're having your symptoms checked out...take care...

  4. So the icy stuff (photos on my blog today) did NOT give me a delay so that would be all the way down to the dammit list for me.

    But your Good Stuff list? Positively put the biggest grin on my face :-D

  5. Ah to have a wintery day. Nothing but rain. I would love a 2 hr delay!

    Enjoy your day!

    Stay focused!

  6. I misplace stuff all the time and it drives me insane, but I figure, I've been like that for 42 years, I may as well get used to it! :D

    We have ice and snow and bitter cold - cannot wait for spring!

  7. The roasting pan of veggies sounds yummy. I think I'll have to do some myself this evening! Cheers!

  8. What a cute post, Leslie, and it's not being negative reporting obstacles in your day, but I certainly like the way you reported them. Love roasted veggies and especially BAS (lol) -enjoy! I'm happy that you found your book. It's very useful (necessary), isn't it?

  9. I have really missed your blog! So glad I am back. Looks to me that the good is def outweighing the negative! Take care of yourself!

  10. Roasted veg sounds luvverly! I doubt it would last long here, either!

  11. Damn book keeps running away, huh? ;-)

    Polar's Mom