Monday, January 10, 2011

Another new old plan

It just took me four different tries that included an entire system reboot to get to the NewPost option on Blogger with the dinosaur that is my work computer.  I KNEW I should have written a post from home this morning.  I thought I was going to have to write this in Word, but finally I arrived at my bloggy destination.  I've been wanting to post all weekend but it was such a busy blur of 2 very short days that it never happened.  I have more news than the Washington Post today.  So much that I may have to write it over several posts.

First - I haven't heard anything yet on whether the crazy lady from Friday has filed a claim about her car and my alleged rear-ending of it.  I talked to the Swiss Farm folks about getting the security video reviewed and they were going to talk to their corporate HQ and report back to me.  As I type there is an adjustor from my insurance company out assessing my car and taking photos.  I'll keep you posted - hopefully she crawled back into her hole and won't resurface for a decade or so.  Thanks all of you for your bloggy support and validation over what a nut job she clearly is.

What I am most excited about...I took a big plunge and joined Weight Watchers on Saturday.  I've been thinking about it for a long time, but since the Points Plus was introduced and I've read about it on so many blogs, esp. Roni's, TJ's and Biz's, I really researched it.  I think the Jennifer Hudson commercial I spoke of last week that revealed my inner lack-of-belief in myself pushed me to finally go for it.  Full on go for it, in that I bought the cookbook and the Points Plus calculator that the lady actually told me I wouldn't need (WRONG - I've already used it several times).  I officially started yesterday because I had a lot going on Saturday (my youngest son's last dinner at home before going back to school yesterday and I made a cake that I was going to enjoy), and also didn't have time to thoroughly read all the material, and couldn't stay for the entire "get acquainted with PP" session. 

Sunday I was ready and had shopped with WW in mind the day before.  I was channeling Biz and TJ as I made a breakfast sandwich with a low carb, low cal, high fiber English muffin, egg beaters, reduced fat Swiss cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon that was great.  I tracked every bite that went in my mouth and had a great day 1 on the program.  Also got a long walk in the frigid cold for which I was so bundled that when I got home and un-layered, I was actually sweaty.  It felt so good to go to bed last night knowing I'd followed the plan to the letter, and waking up today was even better.

I'd done WW about 8 years ago (with the old points system), and predictably it worked long as I worked it.  I'm still going to try keep low carb eating in mind because I believe that it's the best food plan for getting blood sugar and carb addiction wrestled down, but for the first time I was missing fruit and craving Fresca and Diet orange soda and drinking them to excess.  I've gotten myself mostly off diet soda except maybe 1 or 2 a week, so I was returning to an old bad habit.  Following this program does not seem to get in the way of focusing on lower carb intake, and keeping the carbs to high quality and nutritious ones as opposed to the simpler refined ones that set the whole insulin syndrome into gear.

The biggest challenge for me, as always, is dealing with the addictive and nutty thinking my brain churns out when I start to not eat everything I want when I want.  Emotions will surface, food thoughts will settle in that will threaten my resolve.  But with the Spiritual Lessons for Weight Loss I talked about last week that I'm already starting to work on, I hope/plan/intend to stay the course.  It's all fresh and new right now so I'm beyond enthusiastic and compliant.  I like the WW program and the focus on healthier  whole foods that Points Plus directs us toward.  Stay tuned.

I have more news but in the interest of putting this up before midnight I'm closing now.  The other sort of big story is blessedly unrelated to eating.  I'll tell you about it tomorrow.  Hint:  It has to do with daughter in the Peace Corps...

Have a good Monday.  We're already counting down to Friday :)


  1. I'm happy to see WW move more towards real food. Sounds like a good plan! I hope it provides the structure that you are looking for.

    Let's keep hoping that UnhingedDriverWoman stays away. Oh, and good on you for walking in the cold. I had plans for long walks with the visiting dog, but the pouring rain sort of dampened those plans.

    Have a wonderful week, Leslie. I look foward to hearing about your daughter.

  2. Weight Watchers worked for me a few times - until I stopped! Hah! I still have a few great items that I use alot that I bought from there...a huge 32 oz plastic mug, 2 measuring spoons for 1 cup and 1/2 cup and a Workout DVD they gave a few years ago. Best wishes!!!

  3. What's that saying? "Keep coming back, it works if you work it" - I believe that can be applied to WW as well as a few other things in life. Glad you joined...I love their new fruit and real food program, and I bet you will have great success!

  4. I've been really tempted by the new WW plan. One of the reasons I quit last time--besides the fact that I became increasingly unwell due to my increase in whole grains which led me to discover celiacs--was the way their point system favored processed food over good protein and good fats.

    This new plan seems much more nutritionally sound and geared to benefit someone who wants to steer more to whole food.

    You know, WW might just be the answer for you. You already know and get all of the addiction stuff from AA, WW adds tha food support piece. Could be a plan. :)

    Re: the accident--I must have missed a post because I don't know anything about that. I'll check out older posts.

    And, hey! Speaking of addictive mind games re: eating, I have a t-shirt displayed on my blog that Beth at Obesity Strike and I put together. It's fiercely anti-food foolishness in all it's forms. Especially warped thinking.

    Perhpas you'd like to get yourself one and join the Obesity Strike Force Freedom Fighters. hahaha.


  5. OMG - we are so in sync sometimes it's crazy! I just was telling a blog friend today that I was thinking I'd go to WW while I was on exercise hiatus after my surgery! I also did the old point thing years ago with success, regained it all plus, of course. But that was with a diet buddy and I hate going alone and she moved away. I just emailed her this weekend to ask if she was doing the new plan and if she liked it. She told me you HAVE to get the calculator. So... now you have inspired me from "maybe" to "probably!" I can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. Oh. What I refer to as Food Foolishness, Beth calls Food F..kery. chuckle.

  7. I've only heard good things about the new WW plan...seems like a real winner. Good for you for trying something different...I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  8. Hooray for joining WW! I'll be your biggest cheerleader! :D

    And you are correct, it works, as long as you are accountable with what you put in your mouth - sounds like you started out great though!


  9. You,my friend, sound as if you are in a good place! And that is great to know! You've battled for so long and so hard...I'm glad you are finding a place of peace. My fingers are crossed for you (although we both know it takes more than crossed fingers for this weight loss thing to work!!LOL!!...more like closed mouths than crossed fingers!).

    Rootin' for you in Chicago!

  10. Well, even though I'm in OA, for my food plan I've used WW points for years. Mine is kind of an antique version from 10 years ago but I love it just the same! I love the flexibility. Of course, I was never able to stick on it before OA (12 years of joining and quitting) but it's worked just fine the last ten years I've been in program! :)

  11. I love the new plan! I do everything online and don't go to meetings (just because of the money aspect), but I enjoy it just the same. Glad you joined. Can't wait to read more about your experience and what you think of the new points.