Wednesday, January 12, 2011


* 3 days in and I feel good. Optimistic. I'm actually writing this at 1 p.m. on day 3 (Tuesday) but I know I'll get the day. I think I'm starting to feel what Chris calls "a fire in the belly", and given my excellent food choices, for once it isn't heartburn.

* Speaking of heartburn, I've had ZERO Tums since Day 1 on WW. Coinkydink? I think not. Usually I live on Tums - my main calcium source since I HATE milk.

* This morning, after all of 2 on-plan days, every cell in my body wanted to climb up on the scale. I told those cells to STFU. Whether good or bad, the # on the scale would screw with my thinking. Sunday morning at WW will be my weigh day.

* I experienced bona fide empty stomach hunger just before sitting down to lunch. How novel it feels.

* I freaking LOVE plain spaghetti squash. All by it's lonesome, though S & P spiff it up nicely. The texture is very appealing to my mouth. Oral gratification of the zero points kind.

*Yesterday I starting feeling some resistance about tracking after I finish a meal or snack. This morning as I assembled my humongous salad, I tracked anything with points as I put it in. It's all tallied before eat.  Eureka!  The mind game can be eliminated with some planning ahead.

* Last night after dinner I had some food thoughts. I ate 2 clementines, then brushed and flossed. Zero points, and in the absence of already having a lot of sugar and fatty crap on board, they tasted decadent.

* I will not buy too many WW products. I got some WW multi-grain English muffins because they are only 2 points a piece. They turned out to look made from white flour and don't taste good. Better to use a couple more points for whole grain goodness. Better yet, I'm going to start using small 100% wholewheat pitas - 70 cals a pop. Haven't calc'ed the points yet but can't be more than 2, if that.

* I am definitely choosing wisely and carefully what I eat to stay in my daily allowance. Extra points for high quality highly ntrtitious items can come from the weekly Points Plus allowance.  There's nice flexibility here.

* I'm Leslie and I'm a clementine addict.  These would never taste so good if I was eating highly refined low quality carbs in excess.

* For dinner last night I made this from Tami at Nutmeg Notebook...Brazilian ham and bean soup.  It was fantastic and easy to throw together.

* Thanks to bloggers who mention meaningful posts they find in other blogs. I've discovered some good ones that way. A favorite of mine, Helen, mentioned several in the linked post today. I visited ones I didn't know and found some amazing inspiration.  So many blogs, so little time.

* Still no report to my insurance company from Psycho driver of last Friday.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

* Hoping for a snow day today, but it's unlikely.  I live in an area where our snow accumulation is supposed to be minimal, despite the storm being touted "a weather bomb" by the media.  Nothing hyperbolic press.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. uh wow.
    three days in and you are ROCKING IT.
    all good things except the insurance company and Im confident blogworld has EVERYTHANG crossed...


  2. Oh, I'm loving reading your blog for WW encouragement! It's so true that fruit is WAY more appealing if you haven't eaten a lot of sweets.

    I am STILL so thrilled about the new program. I was successful on WW years and years ago before points were introduced. For some reason I was never able to warm up to points, though I tried it a number of times. I never had enough points, and that caused me stress and food obsession all day long, for FEAR of running out of points!

    I am finding so many ways that this points plus plan is teaching me how to include treats for a lifetimes.

  3. Oh you make me so optimistic about my (likely) visit to WW!!! Loving clementines too and not milk either. But I do put a bit in my tea. Guess I'll have to start measuring that if I go back on WW:(

  4. If you are like most of us, you pretty much eat the same things, in the same combinations. I have told many other 'trackers' this same thing: Make index cards with the stats for these 'go to' food combinations. One combination for each card. then you can either just 'flip the cards' as you eat or you can use them as an easy way to track - don't have to relook anything up - know the portions and the tallies. You don't have to make a huge pile of cards up front. Make them each day as you plan your day. Pretty soon you will have all the cards you need for what you commonly eat. It makes planning very easy, because all the data is there and the cards are very visual/useable.

    I have to UBBER careful with carbs and definitely got too attached to them for the whole of xmas break. luckily two other girls at my house were more attached and snarfed them at a very quick pace. That kept me down to portions. they are still eating navels, but those don't call to me like the clementines do.

    my youngest loves spaghetti squash too.

  5. I didn't buy Weight Watchers products usually either because 1) Technically it's "Diet Food" 2) I felt I was depriving myself of something better and 3) I didn't want to keep paying extra money for things that tasted sub par.

    I found a wonderful brand of Flat Bread and Pitas made by Josephs. Our Walmart Carries them. 100 calories for the big flat bread...50 or 60 calories for the Pita! And I think they are tasty!

    Great job Leslie!!

  6. Three days is a mini-habit. You've cleared some hurdles, Leslie. Ride this wave of momentum you've created. Stay strong. You are doing this. Enjoy it! So many good things in this post - so much good energy. Whee!

  7. I'm really happy that you're enjoying the new WW program...that is just awesome. I love me some clementines, too. :)

  8. Leslie - hugs and thanks for sharing. I think talking about it is the path to understanding and moving on. And there is empowerment in understanding it is HER and not you.

    very glad you liked the index card idea - my kids use index cards to study. So they are always on my mind - really useful.

  9. hahaha. "mini-habit" I like that. :D

    I'm glad WW is working for you! It does sound good. My biggest problem with WW food is that it is sooooo processed. Now that the new WW punishes processed food a little more and rewards whole foods, I'm betting the WW product line is going to change.

    There were a couple products I liked, but I can't remember what they were! I remember it involved chocolate...


  10. You are doing great Leslie! And I too am loving the zero fruit - before I never would have eaten a banana because a big one could be up to 4 points!

    And I don't buy any WW products, first I think they are too expensive, and you can usually find a similar point value for cheaper, just my opinion.

    Okay, both you and Helen have convinced me to try Tami's soup - its on the list!

    Have a great day!

  11. Yay Leslie! As another said ...ride the wave :)

  12. Hi Leslie, I am new to your blog. I am hoping to learn from your experiences. I started a blog at I am hoping to lose this weight once and for all. Good luck to you as well.

  13. Hurray! This whole post made me smile :-D

    May I suggest a great english muffin? Fiber One. They make a fabulous English muffin in multi-grain or whole wheat. Not sure how many WW points they would be but I'm guessing 2 because of the amount of fiber. I actually like them better than Thomas' whole wheat. They hold up beautifully on their own or make a great base for a sandwich. Try them, I think you'll like them.

  14. Good job on clean eating! There's a lot of truth in taking one day at a time...

    Went to look at your most recent post but it's no longer there? (Can only assume you're editing it?!)

  15. I used to be a hardcore napper. Every single day, I'd nap. I figured that that I was one of those people who needed extra sleep. After a couple of months into WW (pre PointsPlus) and I finally realized eating healthier was something that I could do (and wanted to do), I stopped napping. It was just as easy as that. As they say, garbage in, garbage out! :) Glad to hear the new program is working for you!