Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throwing the covers over my head

Very brief post from me this evening to say I'm in a funk - feeling overwhelmed in several areas of my life (NOT blogging), antsy and anxious.  I know some of what is gnawing at me, but suspect there is other material within that is trying to hook me as well.  I know it will all shift, change and pass, and I know that there are things I can do to take care of myself in the meantime.  Like setting boundaries.  Getting away from stressful situations where I don't need to be.  Gently reminding myself that it's alright to say no AND that no is a complete sentence.

The good news?  I'm not eating over it.  I haven't really been very hungry this week - and no, I don't have a fever, nor am I at the brink of death!  I think the combination of work and friend issues has really burned me out.  It seems like a lot of people are struggling right now and I've felt in the middle of several different situations where my friends are at odds with parents/husbands/kids...whatever.  And the middle is not always a good place to be!

The big story?  The stress of my over-involvement in others' problems is something I can have an effect on.  I just forget that sometimes when I'm trying to be a good listener and supportive friend or AA sponsor.  People pleasing is one of my defects and while I've gotten much better over the years, I still can "forget" and start dancing as fast as I can to keep other people happy and thinking I'm the be all and end all.

So this 24 hour emporium of taking phone calls, endless listening, running errands, giving closing for a few days.  I'm pulling back from some of my usual activities and haunts mainly to give myself a pause that refreshes.  (How many cliches have I already used here???!!!) A little distance for a bit of peace.  Once my tank is empty, I can't give anything to anyone, and it's time to refill.

And that's all there is from me tonight.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling awry, Leslie! Glad you're not eating over it; you know what a big deal that is, don't you? I'm so glad you are doing WW, so great to be able to compare notes with you!

  2. It's perfectly okay to focus on yourself--it's great that you're always there for others, but it can get to be draining. I know how you feel sometimes!

    Hope you get out of your funk soon!

  3. I think it's thetime of the year for this type of stress. It's been a long, hard winter, and we all need a break. Take care of yourself and pull back--it's OK--it's called self-care.

  4. Kudos to you for not eating! I'm happy to listen if you ever want to vent.

  5. Good for you, Leslie for pulling back and for not eating over it. No is a complete sentence - I like that one. Take care of you.

  6. I'm a people pleaser, too, but being in carb withdrawl makes it ALOT easier to say NO. I wish you un-funkness...will be here when you roll out of it!

    Polar's Mom

  7. Boy, it's easy to get caught up in other's drama, isn't it? It sneaks up so quickly. Good for you for recognizing it for what it is and giving yourself a break and a little perspective.

    I hope you are resting and knitting wearing fuzzy slippers and relaxing.

  8. Take some YOU time! You are such an encouragement to others, it's time to Encourage Yourself!!!

  9. :) Chilling out time is in order. :D Enjoy. Deb

  10. So glad you are taking time for yourself. So important!!

    Take care of yourself and keep focused on YOUR plan!!!!

  11. GREAT for your Leslie.
    truly a bigbigbig NSV to resist the call of the stressfood.


  12. such a good post
    people pleasing
    our egos
    being needed
    I would even add hiding behind other's needs (for myself).

  13. I struggle with being a people pleaser myself. Hope your step back is refreshing and you get out of the funk quickly. Exercise helps :) :hugs:

  14. NO is a complete sentence.

    Best thought I've seen today! Hope you're having a great one.

  15. Yep. Funk happens. And then it doesn't. So good for you for just being with it. :-)

  16. Leslie you are so wise, listening to your inner thoughts, recognizing what is happening and then doing what is right for YOU!

    I often find that pulling away and having a breather is good medicine.

    Wishing you well!

  17. Hey. I finally got me a jar of PB2 today and tried it.

    Well, I thought the first taste was GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised. Then my second taste (I ate it right off of the spoon.) was okay. The third left me almost gaggy. sigh.

    The joy of victory and the agony of defeat before the spoonful was gone. I threw the last bit away. Probably a teaspoonful. :(

    I won't get another jar, but will probably give this a try on crackers when I'm peanut butter craving.

    It's gotten such high raves from most, I was hoping that your taster was off when you said you didn't care for it. It wasn't.

    I sure am glad I only had to buy one jar!

    From now on I will unquestioningly bow to your taste buds. :)


  18. I have been dealing with a needy friend for close to 3 weeks on an issue and a couple of times I've had to turn off my phone - I could not face another text message, especially since it was more of the same whining. I feel your frustration! Recharge, my friend.

  19. Sharpening the saw. So important. Believe me I know the people pleasing thing too well. Way to go just being with the feelings, not eating over it and giving yourself a pat on the back to boot. Go You. Not to mention the fact that you know when to pull back.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Girl...I've been telling Dwayne ALL WEEK that the stress is too much and I just want to run away....far, far away. So yeah..I feel ya'. Take care of YOU. Big, squishy hugs. :)

  21. still burrowing under cover?