Monday, January 4, 2010

Glad to be back

When I posted last on December 31st, I wasn't expecting it would be 4 days before I posted again. Even if brief, I'm committing to writing at least one line daily on my blog, just to stay accountable and honest (like I could ever be brief of verbiage=D). Add that to my list of goals for the Perfect 10!

I had a weekend (Friday-Sunday) of a lot of socializing and a lot of eating. I was great with the socializing; not so much with the eating. When I wrote my post on the 31st, I was fully intending to jump back on the sanity wagon on the 1st. I didn't. I could go on and on listing reasons (translate: excuses) why, but I won't. I'm committed to honesty here. I wanted to eat the variety of stuff presented at all the occasions more than I didn't. Each morning I determined that I was starting that day and would get to whatever time the social event began having stayed on track. Then I capitulated when faced with the world's best french fries, etc.

It's Monday, January 4th, and I am BACK. Not matter how difficult it is for the first couple of days, I'm abstaining from eating anything that I don't write out for the day in the morning.

I was going to post my weight on the 1st, as it was the first official day of the Perfect 10, and since I didn't, I'm doing it today. From this point on throughout the challenge, I will post my weight on Fridays, starting this week. This morning I was 201.7. Obviously there is a big UGH! after that weight, but it is what it is and I'm starting with where I am today. Truth be told, I was relieved it wasn't worse; so that tells you what the wanton foodfest the weekend was.

I am so happy that the holidays are OVER. I had a great time being off from work since Christmas Eve, and spending lots of time with my family (all 3 kids home!) and friends. But I'm delighted to be back at work and feel very lucky to have a job where I feel this way. I love my co-workers, the clients, and the structure of the daily routine. How great to have countless mentally challenged folks see me this morning and just beam with happiness, yelling out "Happy New Year!" Of course I have rough days at work, but most of the time I can't believe I get paid to be here.

I'm considering posting neck down pictures of my body for the purpose of doing progress picture updates. I'm always so inspired by others of you who do that, and think it would be helpful if I could see my own progress so tangibly. I was size 18-20 when I began in June, and now I'm pretty much a straight 16 with occasional 14s (from my lowest weight of 192 - probably not today!), and I wish I had pictures documenting the change. So I may get bold and don some form fitting duds and have Tom snap some pics.

That's it for now. I have my food all planned for today, and have PT this afternoon so will have the chance to ride the stationary bike for my cardio. My L knee continues to improve, though now my R knee is a bit jacked-up from all the mis-alignment wrought on it from when I was limping so badly. Damn! Aging is not for the feint of heart. But it will all get better if I take care of myself and not do anything stupid! Self, you're on notice with that, 'cuz you have a tendency to be stupid about proving yourself physically sound.

Have a great day, blog buds!


  1. Aging is not for the feint of heart.--Amen, sister!

    Take full advantage of that physical therapy. Like having a personal trainer that someone else (insurance) pays for!

  2. Hey Leslie! I'm glad you're back and so glad to hear you knee is improving. It's nice to be back in the routine and blogging is helping me get back on track! Enjoy your day. Happy to hear how much you love your job!

  3. Good to see you back and raring to go! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Shame we can't see your June pics so we can see how far you've already come, but your dress sizes tell us that - we'll just have to use our imagination! :o)

  4. Welcome Back! Happy New Year! I should check out this perfect 10 thing since EVERYBODY is doing it!! Ha...I'm so not that person...I'm kind of if everyone is doing it, I'm going to do something else. All my friends bought Honda Odyssey I specifically bought a Toyota to be different. But I will check it out!

  5. welcome back indeed!

    And your knees will be MUCH better when you get down in weight another 20-40 pounds; I promise! Stairs aren't even a problem anymore! :)


  6. I am glad the holidays are over too. It is hard to sit around watching everyone else eat and not do so yourself. It's a new year with new goals! Let's do this thing!

  7. Stupid and you should not be in the same sentance. Girl you are a wonderful person,mom,caregiver and blogger friend . No more bad talk. Good luck with the new year.

  8. I've never hear anyone say they would abstain, "from eating anything that I don't write out for the day in the morning". I think that is a great idea.

    By the way, I found my pictures very motivating. I think most people do. It gives you the same visual others see when you lose weight.

  9. Hi Leslie. I managed to have a bit of insanity over the New Year as well. But back on track as of Monday.

    Take care of those old knees!

    Bearfriend xx

  10. so happy to hear things are going well. I was very glad to get back to a normal routine myself!

  11. Thanks so much for leaving the great advice on my blog about my foot injury. I really appreciate it! I hope we are both 100% again very soon...

  12. "I wanted to eat the variety of stuff presented at all the occasions more than I didn't."

    That sentence struck me, and I think it should you, too. Because it's basically saying that you care more about eating than the negative consequences that come with being overweight. I know you don't have this attitude all the time, but it seems you have it more often than not lately since you have been stagnant with your weight for a while. Anyway, the reason I'm even saying any of this is because I think you need to get to the point where you DO care more about losing the weight than the eating.

    Hope that didn't sound terribly rude. Good luck with getting back on plan. :)