Friday, January 15, 2010

Perfect 10 report... and Socks!

I'm doing my Perfect 10 update this morning. I'm happier to write this up today than last Friday, for sure! Here goes:
1. Lose 20 pounds - My weight this morning was 195.7. Last Friday I was 201.5 so this is a loss of 5.8 pounds this week, even with that indiscretion, er... binge, on Tuesday. Now THIS is the right direction. I hope to have no binge between now and next Friday. No, I intend to have no binge.
2. Do 30 minutes of cardio 6days/week. I did 30 minutes or more of a combination of biking and walking 4 days this week. Yesterday I did 2 30 minute walks, one with the pooch and one without. I still count that as one day, but in my heart it's 5 total workouts for the week. Anyway, that's 2/3 of the goal, and I'm satisfied with that since I'm just building back up with the knee. BTW, the 2 30 minute walks yesterday felt great while doing them, but I had an achy night and morning today, so probably overdid it.
3. Do 15 minutes of quiet time meditation/sitting per week. Did it. 100% complete.
4. Track all my food every day. Did this Monday through Thursday, after I got my awesome pocket tracker/journal. I even wrote out the entire binge, and that little exercise helped me realize the benefit of tracking. A binge is all the more horrific when each bite is recorded. Would rather not do that again.
5. Record weight on blog each Friday - I'm striking this goal and incorporating it into #1. Sort of redundant, n'est-ce pas?
6. Write at least 1 line in blog every day just to stay accountable and connected. The only day I missed was Tuesday, which interestingly was the day of my binge. Don't know if they're related, but for now I will continue this goal. I was feeling like it was stupid to just write some dumb crap for the sake of checking off a to do list, and that's why I decided to not post Tuesday. It was a decision made early in the day, and I have to wonder if the seeds of the binge were already germinating. The binge didn't start until 4:30 that afternoon.

All in all, this was a successful week and I feel pretty good. I have to be honest though, and note that in my mind when I saw my weight this morning, I though, "Hmmm, I can have a couple of free days now since I'm getting back on track." This thought startled me, and makes me wonder about my oft-discussed resistance to going below a certain number. Makes no sense obviously, but my subconscious isn't necessarily sensible. I hope that by putting it out here I can increase my awareness of my vulnerability to a better number on the scale and how that can dissolve my resolve to stay the course.

The unknown thing about me this week: I had a 7 year hot and heavy relationship with a guy named Lee that didn't finally end until I'd met Tom, that is, Mr. Leslie. Actually it was 5 years hot and heavy, and the last 2 were more luke warm and slowly extinguishing. My mom died at home (cancer, and I had taken leave of absence from work to care for her)around the 4 year point of the relationship, and Lee was incredibly supportive, and actually with me at the time my mom died. He was my first real boyfriend, first sexual experience, first live-with relationship (other than Tom after we got hitched), and in a zillion ways we were crazy compatible. We were also drinking buddies. He was a really good guy, and very good looking - thing Cat Stevens of the 70s and 80s - black hair, beard and mustache, flannel shirt kind of guy. Though I dearly love my husband and our family, I often think of Lee and wonder what became of him. I will always have a great fondness for Lee, though we could have never lasted over the long haul. By the end, neither one of us had the emotional fortitude to just hang it up, until Tom came along. I could write a novella about the intricacies of our couplehood and how it played out.

I had no idea what my unknown thing was going to be until I started writing! How interesting and strange the stream of consciousness can be.

Finally, here are pics of the round of socks that became Christmas presents this year. Actually I still have a couple of pairs that I didn't give away, and am working on more currently. I don't know how people do give aways on their blogs, but I was thinking I might do a hand knit sock giveaway if anyone thinks it would be a good idea. The socks I still have are really cute - I can post pics of just them if there's any interest. Let me know what you think...they're pretty much one size fits most - unless you have smaller than a 6 foot or larger than a 10. I can always knit them to size when I know the foot length.

Anyhoo - I can't wait to read everyone else's Perfect 10 updates and their secrets! Have a good weekend - I just found out we have Monday off for Martin Luther King's birthday...WOOT! I'll be posting away to keep my goal met.


  1. OMG your weightloss is incredible this week and you're doing fantastically with your goals. :o)

    Your socks are fab - love the crazy colours! The giveaway would be a great idea. :o)

  2. Congrats on a great week.

  3. Wow what a great week you had! Way to go.
    I can totally relate with you on that little voice that says "You've done well, you deserve a break - have that treat". I don't know how many times I've said that to myself in the plan. Not now though! I'm fighting it with tooth and nail.
    And I LOVE those socks. My Grandmother was the knitter in the family and we go something homemade from her every year. Now that she is passed, we don't get them anymore but I still have the slippers, quilts and mitts she made. I'll never give them up.

  4. YAY! for an incredible week Leslie! Your interesting fact immediately made me think of my first love and wonder (again) what ever became of him.

  5. your weight loss this week is like a Week One weight loss! Way to go!!!!

  6. High five on your weight loss this week!! I didn't have such a great week, I had 1 binge that lasted 10 minutes and took my daily cals from 1420 to 2300!!!! And like you, I didn't like adding it all up at all, but it was something I had to do.
    I love the idea of the perfect 10 friday!! I will have to click on your perfect 10 link and read more!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Yay Leslie! That is an awesome loss!

    I am totally down with the giveaway idea. Especially good for those cold winter nights that everyone is enduring! They are so cute. I love the bright fun colors!

  8. What a great week you've had! Congratulations! I have a first love that I often think about too, although he was not really that nice to me. I guess you never forget that first love, right? I think a socks give away would be awesome!! I LOVE socks! Well cute ones. ONe Christmas I told hubby to get me non-boring socks. He bought me plain navy and brown socks! He said "Well they aren't white and they have a little waffle pattern in them" I had to laugh.

  9. congrats and I love your warm and cozy socks!!!!

  10. Great loss! But don't you dare go and screw it up with binges. ;) Your socks are really cute, too.

  11. Great job ... next time you feel like bingeing, blog on. It might snap you out of it.

    I'm sorry about your mom. Caring for a dying loved one is never easy.

  12. Hello Leslie-thank you so much for stopping over and throwing me a few lines. This is incredible isn't it? The support you find. I'm amazed. So many friendly people.

    I sure wish I had a pair of your socks right now! My feet are bare and it's cold (I could easily get up and grab a pair of socks but I'm too

    I don't know how to do give a ways but if you figure it out please let me know. Your socks would make great giveaways.

    Oh, and congrats on the your super week!

  13. Leslie, you are rockin', little lady! Congrats on the loss. Love the socks. I wish I could knit...

  14. Love the socks! Is it sad that I can name the yarn type, where you got it from (I see lots of my favorite Knitpicks!), colorway, and pattern?
    I miss knitting socks!

  15. Congrats on a TERRIFIC week! Keep it up and remember only the great things you did, let the rest go! :)

    I LOVE YOUR SOCKS! They are beautiful and fun! I'm so impressed with people who can knit. I have a knitting disability--I create holes where they don't belong and get the whole thing turned around. . .

  16. I am stunned at your loss for the week - great job! And your fact is pretty interesting!

  17. This is how much I'm in love with your adorable socks....I'm going to tell you how bad I want you to send me a pair even before I mention how INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC that loss is!!!! Nearly 6 lbs in a week????? Leslie, I'm so proud of you. And only one binge...not bad! I'm so glad you're sticking with the blogging and putting it all out there. I love that you never ever give up. So cool. So inspiring to me.

    Ok...back to the socks. Forget the giveaway...I'll pay you to mail me a pair. How much do you want? I'm so serious, lol. ADORABLE!!!!! :)

  18. Actually it was 5 years hot and heavy, and the last 2 were more luke warm and slowly extinguishing.

    lmao...that is funny and so true. How relationships die. You should write a book.
    and I am down for the give away.
    I love your socks. The only thing I can do is crochet blankets...straight ones.

  19. leslie - you just hit one of my hidden facts - I LOVE crazy socks!!!! It's an addiction really - my husband always laughs at me cuz I'll wear christmas socks in july - I just have a drawer full of fun stipes, and dots, argyle etc. so I'm all for a giveaway :)

    way to go one the goals! keep up the awesome work!!!

  20. Great socks, Leslie!! I used to knit (and spin) a ton, and did a bunch of socks too. Now I spend most of my time quilting, but whenever I see something handknit, I get the urge!

  21. well done! you did great :)

    Sometimes its better to wonder about the X's. Mine gets in touch every time he is in a serious relationship :P