Friday, January 22, 2010

Perfect 10 update and other stuff

First for the other stuff - my blogroll is new and improved after an hour of finding everyone's URLs and plugging them in. I have many I've had from the beginning, but I've added a bunch of blogs I've recently found and begun to follow but hadn't put in my list. I'm probably missing someone I read all the time, and if I figure out who it is, in they'll go!

Okay - here's my Perfect 10 report, with a preview:
1. Lose 20 pounds as tracked on weekly Friday weigh ins. No easy way to say this, and I contemplated lying. My weight this morning: 201, up 5.2 pounds from last Friday. I can write a laundry list of reasons - no, excuses - but I'll spare you. I still believe I can achieve this goal by the end of the challenge. And I can tell you I never want to have to post a gain like this again.
2. 30 minutes cardio (at least) 6X/week. I did 30 minutes 3X through Monday. At PT Monday I seriously overdid my exercises and stretches and strained back of the left knee and hamstrings, so did only 10 minutes daily since.
3. 15 minutes of meditation and quiet 5X/week. Not once.
4. Track all food eaten. Not once.
5. Write at least one line daily in blog for accountability and connection. Did 4 out of 6 days...can I count today for a whopping 5 days?

I'm pretty ashamed of this report. I am, however, proud of myself for being honest. But that won't cause me to lose weight and achieve my goals. Next week will be better, starting today. If I need general anesthesia to keep from overeating, I'll do it at this point. That shouldn't be necessary as I know what to do, and know I can do it. Steve, please don't kick me out of the challenge.

Last week I had a good week with a big loss. I achieved better than 75% of my goals. Did I get cocky? I don't think so - but something in my "determinator" malfunctioned. I gave myself a free day last Friday to reward my prior good week. Saturday seemed like a good time to take another free day. Monday holiday - 2 meals out that day. Out for dinner last night. Really only 2 solid clean days. The results speak for themselves. Too little exercise of even the mildest variety. Kids, don't try this at home..
I've been f-ing around for months in the same range - really since September, but particularly since late November with the knee injury. Down to 192 - back up in Two-terville, back down. I'm sitting here even wanting to blame winter! Okay - I'm done whining and begging you not to think less of me.

Oh - and the little known thing about me for this week. I bootlegged this idea from Jack Sh*t - my favorite line ever from a TV show came from an episode of the Simpsons. Bart and Lisa were sitting in church with the family and their was some awful sceechy lady singer performing from the pulpit. Bart leaned over to Lisa and said, "I wouldn't have thought it possible, but this both sucks and blows." Truly a great line. It's not about me, but reflects my demented humor.


Here's a question I'm wondering if anyone can answer. When I post, the time that comes up as the post time is never accurate. This happens whether I post at work or at home. Is there a way I can change this so the time noted is actually the time that I posted? Both computers have the right time listed, and my time setting in blogger is also correct. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's to a good week coming up - to all of us.


  1. Sounds like a few of us are in the same mind set. I just need to be good like you and actually weigh myself. Like I said to my husband last night I am not fooling anyone but myself - but I am so afraid of the mindset if I see a gain - yes it SUCKS AND BLOWS!! Great Quote!!!

    Timing thing - have you checked your settings to make sure you are in the correct time zone?? Only thing I can come up with for time differences.

  2. I've found that the time on my posts is when I initiate the "New Post" (if that makes sense). So if I start writing and then have to come back to it later it will still show the time I started the post. You can go into posting options at the bottom before you publish and set it up to publish at a certain time (or date for that matter). Hope that helps...
    Oh, and thanks for adding Skinny Jeans to your blog roll :)
    And keep plugging away at your goals. Being honest and admitting when you are not being "perfect" is good. Admit and move forward. You are going to have a great week!

  3. Looks to the side -----> and does not see her name :-)

    There should be a setting for the time zone but you can also click on Post Options and input the correct time of your post.

    Hang in there Leslie!

  4. Demented humor is the best kind. :)

    Well, the important thing to take from this to take something important from this week. Learn from it. Then, it won't have been for nothing. :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. My fav Simpsons line is from Homer when confronted by alien monster: "Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids! Eat them!"

  6. I have noticed the same thing with the post times.

    Yesterday, my number of followers dropped by one and I wondered who had left. When I came here, I read your blog and also noticed I wasn't listed at the right and I wasn't in your list of followers anymore.

    So I signed up again to follow you. I had a meltdown over a post fiasco about a week ago. I spent over TWO HOURS uploading pics of my garden to a blog post, so I could give the virtual tour of my garden that I've been promising for months. When I went to add text to the post, it would NOT show up when I previewed the post.

    No matter what I did I could not remedy this and essentially wasted half my day. I almost had a complete meltdown over it. Finally, yesterday I got over my aggravation enough to try the garden post again and I succeeded but had to start from scratch-- so again, it was a four hour task to make that post. That being the case, I am glad that people seemed to enjoy it.

    Every now and then I encounter a glitch with the blog and it is irritating as heck! Anyway, I hope that you have a good week! xoxox

  7. Big kudos to you for being honest! I'm glad you made yourself do that Leslie because even if you were dishonest we wouldn't have known so the only person you'd hurt is the lovely Leslie.

    Katie J's comment made me laugh out loud - and look to see if I was there!

  8. Being honest is important as it gives us something to build on - improve for next week.
    I think a LOT of us had about the same kind of week.

    I don't think you've followed me in the past but you might find somethings I yak about interesting :)

  9. Your post totally cracked me up. I hadn't considered the general anethesia yet. My husband is in the medical field...Hmmm...wonder if I could get a dose of that :)

    Here's to you and me starting and doing better. I got the whole honesty thing's the stupid pigging out that keeps tripping me up.

  10. is the time HOURS off? like is your blog set up to post in a different time zone than you live in? Because I think that is one of the options in blog set up and you might have accidently picked the wrong/different zone.

    Good for you in just stating reality. Secrets are bad news all the way around life in general.

    Sucks and blows is pretty good.

  11. Honesty is bliss--and always pays off. :) It's a new day--and ain't I glad, too. Deb

  12. First and foremost, you are no where near being kicked out of the challenge! You have been following my blog long enough to know I have had down weeks too, but the thing that separates those who succeed from those who fail, is those who succeed keep on plugging away at it. Now, go out there and rock this week!

  13. I liked what you wrote: "I know what to do and I know I can do this." You believing in yourself is always a good thing. And many dittos to what Steve from South Beach said "those who succeed keep on plugging away at it." Good words.

  14. My favorite line ever from any cartoon tv show.
    it's from family guy.
    Peter was supposed to book a party at a knock off chuck e cheese and he forgot.
    So peter and brian are sitting on the front porch and brian says.
    "Well Peter, If you are going to pull a party out of your *ss, you'd better stand up.'
    That. was. funny.

  15. My blog never shows the correct time either even though I have my Blogger account set to my time zone. Whatev.

  16. Hi Leslie. Gold star for honesty!

    Never mind. A new day today.

    You must be in the old version of blogger which takes the post time from when you start the post. Even if you don't post it until 3 days later!

    Get with the new version - go to settings from the dashboard and you'll find it on the first page under global settings. This automatically takes the post time from the moment you click publish.

    Bearfriend xx

  17. I don't know why so many of us are struggling at the moment? Just hang on in there! :o)

  18. Being honest here is a great way to stay honest with *yourself.* I am in the same boat, sorta doing ok but not especially. Guess we just have to keep working at it!