Sunday, January 10, 2010

Somnolent Sunday

This will truly be a quickie post. Today I secured a little journal book in which to write down my food - every morsel taken in every day. Now that I have a dedicated "cute journal" in which to track the food rather than having many and varied pieces of paper and napkins serving as the record keeper will surely make it a more appealing endeavor! Accessories are everything!

My food has been loose today, but not too bad. Sane dinner planned, and then I expect I will fall asleep by 8 - I'm really exhausted! And if I'm sleeping, I'm not eating! Brilliant, huh?

Tomorrow is my first day alone with the canine being, as well as a physical therapy day, so I expect I'll get my exercise in without difficulty. Also, being home alone will enable me to keep my food entirely clean, and I'll be cooking just for moi. Usually I do very well when I'm a solo act. My knee continues to improve, though by the end of the day it does get achy and tired. Just like the rest of me. Soooooo...goodnight.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Good luck with the dog!!

  2. I love the times I can cook for just myself. I do pretty well too.

    I was never good at telling the dogs who's boss. I swear those two old ladies laughed at me.

  3. good luck leslie, keep up the good work.

  4. I think I'll follow your example next time I plateau... I weight certain foods already, but I tend to 'forget' about the half-pint of semi-skimmed milk I have in coffee every day, and so on... I try to keep a running total of calories in my brain(!) but, just like my bank account' I sometimes let the odd thing slip through and forget to account for it!

    Good luck with walking your doggie!

  5. sorry - not (usually, only in real emergencies) an e-mail or phone person. I am lucky if I remember to check email more than once a month.

    is it too personal to just post? after you mull an idea or different thought process around for a few days, I usually find that there IS a way to post it. when it is new and raw, sometimes not, but reflected and adjusted - yes, often there is.

    I know a lot of bloggers that are 'sideline e-mail conversation' people and I always feel like then some of the most important, beneficial stuff doesn't get shared.