Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a quickie

This is my official Thursday post, even though my last was also technically Thursday, though in the wee small hours. Trying to play catch up for not doing the official Wednesday post to which I committed.

I've had a good food day today so far. I'm planning on yogurt and fruit after I post and hubby does the body shots for me to post tomorrow. Apparently I kicked it up a notch in my PT appointment yesterday more than was helpful, as my knee has felt more jacked up today than it has for about a week. I used my cane during work a few times when I had to go fast down the looong hallway for one reason or another. The cane definitely enables me to walk without limping when the knee is tight, and that helps the rest of the body parts that inevitable take the heat when my alignment is off. It's actually feeling better tonight.

I dashed to the grocery store around dinner time, and who did I run into but my trainer from the gym! I hadn't seen her since mid November, I think, though we've talked on the phone several times. She's a doll and a good trainer. But I credit her with giving me strength training maneuvers that very likely contributed to the tearing of my medial meniscus. I didn't tell her I was holding her partially responsible for my injury; rather we hugged, chatted, and I told her I hope to get back there next week sometime on an off PT day. Seeing her gave me that "gotta get to the gym" warm fuzzy feeling.

I'm feeling irritable and nervous about weighing, now that I have to present my weekly Perfect
10 update tomorrow. It would be just like me to deal with my scale angst by eating a box of Cheez-its. Don't worry - I won't do it. But antsy are I.

That's it for tonight. Gotta go get my picture taken! Smile! Where's the smiley face avatar when I need it?


  1. HAHA - I read something quick and I thought it said I'm planning on fruit and yogurt WHILE my husband does body shots.. like in a spring break 20-something party type party shots....I need to read more slowly.

  2. Good luck on the scale.

  3. I hope your scale gives you some major love tomorrow.

  4. Cheez-Its are currently banned from my house. I hope you get what you're looking for from the scale!

  5. Sending up a prayer to the scale gods for you!

  6. Awww... Hope you haven't stressed too much about the scales... I'm loving reading all the weekly updates, even if they're not quite as we planned them to be..! :o)