Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My brain feels like a vast wasteland today and I can't think of a whole lot about which to write. Hey - Vast Waistland would be a good title for a weight loss blog! I just realized that when I initially spelled "wasteland" waistland. I told you there wasn't much going on in the gray matter today.

After a really good exercise day yesterday, I woke up this morning almost unable to walk due to a bad tightness and discomfort behind my left knee and into the hamstring. S-i-i-i-i-i-gh! I obviously overdid it a bit between the 45 minute walk and my most vigorous physical therapy to date. I've been icing the area on and off throughout the day and popping motrin like M&Ms, and by noon it felt much better. Never being one to learn my lesson the first time (recall torque injury I sustained at work by going back too soon after surgery), I think this time drove the message home that I must advance activity slowly. BTW, that's not my leg - mine looks a bit more like a 56 year old extremity ;) .

My food has been spot on today, which feels great. Hubby is out of town on business overnight, and I have awesome leftovers to eat for dinner...salmon and roasted root veggies. The roasted roots have become a once a week staple for me. Hubby doesn't love them, so when I make them, I usually boil a red potato for him to have instead. He doesn't like some of the components I find essential for this dish, including brussel sprouts, turnips and sweet potatoes. So rather than waste them (waist them, ha ha) on him, he and I both prefer that I boil him a plainer white potato. Boring! But more of the good stuff por moi!

Here's my dinner, ready to nuke when I'm ready to eat: I was hoping to show a good picture of the yummy earthy colors of the roots, but this doesn't do it justice. Oh well, they taste great. I use a variety of whatever root veggies I have on hand - brussels, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, turnips, carrots, yams, onions, parsnips - chop them all into uniform size pieces so they roast to a similar consistency. Mix the cut up vegs. in a bowl, toss with 1 - 1.5 Tbs. olive oil, 1 tsp. real maple syrup, salt, pepper, and about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic rough chopped. Then pour them all in a glass baking dish and roast at about 375 for 45 minutes or to desired doneness, occasionally stirring them around during cooking so that the vegetables roast evenly. They are succulent and delicious, and the whole house smells heavenly. I'm not sure I can give this up when the weather turns warmer! Guess I wouldn't have to, but good summer fare will sure seem more appealing when it gets hot.

I may try and watch the Biggest Loser tonight - I'm not a big fan, but since I'm home alone, I might check it out and see if I still hate it. I'm interested in the weight loss and exercise, but not so much in the drama that always ensues. Better yet, I might just read my book. I've just started re-reading The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. I read it back in high school and hardly remember any of it, so this will be like a first read. Have a good night!


  1. Have a wonderful, cozy evening!

  2. I LOVE me some roasted root veggies.. MMMMMMmmm!

    Rest your leg and come back strong!

  3. Ohh, Pearl S. buck! It's probably been high school since I read her, too. Now,I'm going to have to read her again. Look what you did! hahaha. Congrats on the good eating day. I just love when that happens. Deb

  4. Oh, those veggies look delish! I'm going to read tonight - but I'll tape Biggest Loser to watch while I run tomorrow!

  5. Hope your leg feels better soon! Your veggies are pretty shades! I LOL @ your BL test tonight to see if you still hate it. lol :)

  6. Not really any drama yet in this year's BL house. I'm sure it's coming, though. LOL

    Eat not, waist not. Or sumthin'. LOL

  7. I love me some roasted veggies!

  8. I have right leg hamstring pain..together we are completely out of luck lol.
    or, if we walked together...we'd be fine.
    holy cow, your not the only one with grey matter issues.
    I hope you feel better soon Leslie.
    How is your friend with the cancer?
    I hope she is doing okay.

  9. my older two both read and loved that book (Freshman English).

  10. Your dinner looks yummy!

    I can't watch The Biggest Loser. I've never understood shows in which people get voted off because they're doing well. It's stupid. I guess I understand the other contestants wanting to get rid of their competition, but that doesn't make for something interesting to watch. I've seen it happen many times on TBL, where people who are doing crappy get to stay, and it pisses me off.

  11. Hi Leslie. Finally catching up with you!! Blimey! 2 weeks is a loooong time in blogland.

    I will respond to your "visual issues" (as the Bear would say!) in Sunday's post when I have had time to cogitate. I think it is a BIG subject.

    Hope your leg feels easier by now. So frustrating when you want to just get on with things to be held up like this.

    I have to dash now as I'm having a day out ... in another town ... on my own ... that is MY version of overdoing it (psychologically)!

    Much love,
    Bearfriend xx

  12. It's frustrating when you workout hard and then feel punished by soreness the next day. Glad you got through that.

    Now I'm wondering if you watched TBL last night. I thought they were going to change their dramatic ways, but was unpleasantly surprised when the drama was back last night.

  13. I did not watch TBL because I fell asleep about 10 minutes into it! At least sleeping prevented any evening grazing!

  14. Roasted root veg does it for me every time, although I've done roasted butternut squash to death a bit now!

    Craig's favourite veg are Brussel Sprouts. Unfortunately, they turn him into a fart machine, so I ration them. :o(

  15. That food looks great! I hope you had a good evening.
    I am not loving the Biggest Loser this season. I might quit DVRing it. I don't have a favorite at all, except that a blog I read had her wedding makeup done by the pink daughter. So, I guess I'm rooting for her.

  16. I love the "Vast Waistland" suggestion too funny :) I tried salmon last summer and every opportunity I get, I eat it!! So delicious! I brought brussel sprouts to try for the first time today with my lunch :)

    You are adorable in every which way! I smiled reading through all of your blog :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place, hope to hear from you often!

  17. TBL can be filled with drama. I found your blog while browsing for motivation.

    Sorry about the pain, I hope it's better by today. I think I read something else other than Pearl S. Buck. Mebe I'll check her out. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    Husbands are as bad as children about needing "special" things made for them. I have 2 sons and the husband...plus my cat and dog are males too. Maybe that explains my slight craziness :)

  19. You didn't miss much on TBL, just Jillian pissing one of them off. I don't know if I could do that, and have someone screaming at me in the process. I really only like the end where everyone weighs in. It is amazing to me that they lose so much in only a weeks time. Be sure to tune in to TBL next week Jillian's pissing someone else off then too. LOL. Anyhow, I just got caught up on all my blogs and you're doing great, except for the knee thing. Keep it up. I have an award for you over on my page.

  20. Ooh, Im glad I came over to visit. I'm planning on having salmon and roast veggies too. But your recipe for the veggies sounds just splendiferous! I'm gonna try it tonight!

  21. Crikey! You have 20 comments! Your dinner looked yummy! Potatoes can set me off, but I love them so.

  22. that dinner looks so delicious!!! Some of my best dinners are on the nights that I am only cooking for myself and can load up on all the things I love :)
    Hope your knee starts to feel better. My daughter is on her high school cross country team and has arthritis in her left hip. She finds BioFreeze is wonderful when it's flaring up on her (usually after a big meet)
    I have moved to a new healthier me blog:

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