Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday night's alright

Quick check in before the Philly v. Dallas game to maintain my commitment to a daily post...had a good day today - ate at odd times but have maintained sane and reasonable intake of food, and not been plagued by binge thoughts. Yesterday before I left work, I went across the hall the the Physical Therapy room and got on the ancient stationary bike for 13 minutes. Doesn't sound like much, but was actually more than I should have done. It felt great. After that, I did a good bit of walking at a local mall - I was shopping, but did intentionally do the entire loop of the one level 2x, which added another 10 minutes at least. Last night my knee was stiff and achy, but okay by today.

On Monday, the last bird will be leaving the nest again, when my husband drives youngest son back to Atlanta for his winter semester at Emory. That will leave me alone with the large (90 lb) dog, and I'll be walking him daily several times. It will be a challenge for the knee and I'll have to be very careful because if the dog sees a squirrel or a molecule of grass that needs to be peed on, he'll ballistically lurch off and could easily pull me with him. This has happened many times when both knees were intact, so I'm a little concerned. A couple of friends' kids will be home from college for another week, and if the knee gets torqued, I can pay them to do some of the honors with Lou. Tomorrow I'm going to do a maiden voyage walk with him to test the water. And to think he and I were doing 5 miles just a few months ago!

Off to watch football - E-A-G-L-E-S ...EAGLES!


  1. GO Eagles. My brother is a HUGE Dallas fan, so I always root for whoever is playing against them. And of course since I lived in Lancaster for 3 years, anything PA has a special place in my heart. Hope the dog is good to you! Be careful!

  2. Be careful with the dog! Good job on eating well today.

  3. How funny, I saw a philadelphia eagles emblem on the back of a truck today.
    Considering I live in colorado and we have the broncos, it was a strange sight.
    Have fun.

  4. Good luck with walking the dog. I know that our little 20 pound one can jerk me around, so I can't imagine 90 pounds of energy!

  5. I tried to take one of my cats for a walk once - on a lead - but received so many "Is that a cat?" comments. "No". that I gave up. Would have been good for Moo, though, as she's an indoors cat.

  6. Be careful Leslie - you don't want to re-injure that knee. Perhaps the dog will sense you don't need that kind of lurch. :-)

  7. my opinion is - find someone else to walk the dog - don't take ANY chances with your knees (especially in view of the weather, assuming you have snow on the ground like we do).

    And then watch It's Me or the Dog. To teach this dog absolutely NOT to do this.

    Two things I can think of for you husband to do to 'unlearn this habit':

    get a loud whistle (like a lifeguard has) and put IN mouth, ready to blow.

    the second that the dogs muscles tense that he is getting ready to dash - not only blow hard - but also turn around and go the opposite direction with him - FAST.

    the dog should learn to pay 100% attention to his walker and not respond to his environment.