Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend signoff

Good productive day today where I got some things done I've needed to do since Christmas. That feels good.

I decided to not walk or bike today since I did 2 in a row. My knee is feeling good - I'm optimistic that maybe I'll be back to sorta normal before 2011! There have been times I've wondered - and there'll probably be more.

My food has been great today. I'm having a cup of TJ's non-fat Greek yogurt with some raspberries as soon as I finish this post, and that'll be it for the day. I spent a little time researching food plans from certain rigid 12 step food programs to see what I might want to incorporate into my life. Am also contemplating South Beach for awhile. Mainly I'm trying to find a food combination that is not likely to set off cravings.

What prompted me looking into this today was running into a friend in AA I hadn't seen in almost a year. She's always been heavy - probably 70 pounds overweight, and has bad knees for which she's had to walk with a cane for several years. When I saw her last night, I was blown away, as she's lost virtually all her excess weight and in the process tossed away the cane! I told her how wonderful she looks, and asked what her secret was. She responded that she'd been attending one of the programs (stricter than OA) and that it had really helped her put down the food that continually kept her overeating for years. So - you know I've been contemplating trying one of these groups again for awhile, but in my heart I know they aren't for me. However, some of their food strategies can be very helpful. I'll see what I come across regarding food plans, and will certainly update here.

Ahhh Sunday night - this weekend was an entire blur. Good, fast, and now almost over. I'm feeling optimistic about continuing with a good food week, and getting back to the gym tomorrow. I got some great comments and encouragement about swimming, so that is also percolating in my noggin along with the food plan thoughts. Bottom line - I'm still in this and will never quit. I see too many people here in blogdom and in my life succeeding to not believe with all my heart that I can do this too!


  1. As I'm reading about your knee...I'm thinking...oh good...I'm glad Lefty is feeling better:)

    Good luck on the food plan search. I'm in the same boat. If I lost a pound for every ounce of research I've done, I'd be skinny by tomorrow.

  2. Honestly and truly, if you go on South Beach's Phase I...within 4 days the (sugar/carb) cravings are GONE. I promise!

    :: hugs ::

  3. YOU can do it! And so can I!

  4. Yep. We CAN do this! :D

    I will be looking forward to your research. I've done well this weekend, but I'm really not totally satisfied with the plan I have. I think it is basically sound, but needs some tweeking. What that tweeking would be, I dunno.

    I both yearn for and am appalled by a strict, 'this is what you nevereat, what you can eat and when you eat it' plan.

    What I'm doing makes me anxious because I don't trust my food choices. Which means that this could be just the right plan for me, coming under the learning experience heading. :}

    Still, I think some tweeking would be good.


    P.s. I love the way your words flow in you posts, by the way. A very satisfying read.

  5. Hi Leslie. Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. I am so glad to hear you are having a good week! Isn't it nice just to have things go your way for awhile? It makes life so much easier. It makes me feel like I can do anything!

  7. I'm glad your knee is feeling better.
    Mine too. You can do it...At one point in my life I was certain I was destined to be fat for the remainder of my life. Now I know better.
    You can do it to.
    As for cravings, I avoid white things.
    White flour.
    White sugar.
    I just don't eat them because they don't fill me up and they make me hungrier.
    This includes corn, potatoes and for the most part...popcorn.
    It works.

  8. I LOVE fat-free Greek Yoghurt! (And so do my cats - can't turn my back for a moment!)

  9. It's a very good thing that you are working hard at finding what will work for you and work with you!

  10. Remember when we used to worry about having a good hair day? Now it's all about having a good knee day! Glad yours is improving. I know that before my trainer got me through the knee problems, I did absolutely nothing for my lower body. When I did physical therapy they always recommended swimming as the perfect exercise. Good luck!

  11. Glad your knee is improving and that you're on track!

  12. " ... to see what I might want to incorporate into my life."

    I think that's such an intelligent approach. This weight loss journey is so personal and specific to each person that has to be room for customization.

    You must feel so happy for your friend who lost the weight and tossed the cane.

  13. Glad that knee is feeling better and the eating was good. I know you'll find what works for you. It's good to keep researching until you do. BTW, I haven't recv'd the socks....just letting you know. I have a retarded address though, so it takes a while to get some of my stuff. I just hope they're not lost! Can't wait to wear them! :)

  14. You CAN do this too! Like I told one blog friend, and she told me back, You only have to do this today.

  15. mmm greek yogurt! I luv it!

    Years ago I tried the SB diet- I HATED hated HATED the restrictions. Was it like a week without fruit or something like that? Plus it was at the PEAK of summer adn the fruit at that time is my FAVORITE! Just about killed me! lol