Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I did a dunderheaded thing today, which come to think of it isn't so unusual. But it had to do with my lunch - which is a very important thing to me! I didn't realize what I did until I was getting ready to warm up my meal at work, and it occurred to me I didn't have any protein. I had leftover rice from last night's dinner, leftover green beans, and a small amount of leftover ratatouille. All veggies and starch. Hmmm - not much I could do at that point but eat what I had, which was good. I then went to the gym immediately after work, and when I came home had a serving of cottage cheese to make up for my "lost" protein. What was interesting is that I was ravenous within an hour and a half after lunch, which usually doesn't happen. My lunch was virtually all carbs - simple and complex, and it didn't hold me well at all. Good, and not surprising, to know.

After the gym, I met 3 friends and had dinner out and then went to an AA meeting to hear one of the women tell her story for the first time. It was a nice evening, but I got a reuben sandwich for dinner, and it was lousy. Lousy, but I ate every bit. WTF??? The corned beef wasn't particularly tender, and the sandwich fell apart when I tried to pick it up, so I did the knife and fork routine with it. Disappointing and unsatisfying. There were potato chips on the side which, you guessed it, I ate. Then at the meeting (a women's meeting) they had an assortment of high carb high fat sugary stuff, of which I also partook. Only a modest amount, but the net result is I feel like crap now. Overfull, craving diet soda, and irritated with myself. This was my only real foible of the week thus far, and I plan to move on now. But first, I'm going to have to eat a few Tums. When I'm eating clean, I never need Tums. One bad evening and the heartburn and bloating return. Lesson learned.


  1. do you remember Elaine's sponge worthy episode on Seinfeld?

    our version is calorie worthy.

  2. Yuck. Been there. I especially am always conscious of eating protein at breakfast, or else I set myself up for a day of snacking and eating whatever! Hope tomorrow is a better food day for you!

  3. Tomorrow will be better. It's crazy how we eat something we know is going to probably taste like crap(or at least not live up the the expectation in our head), something that we know is NOT going to make us feel good (in fact the opposite). And we do it over and over again. Eating clean makes us feel good, but a part of our brain goes "Hmm, doesn't THAT sound good", "Doesn't that LOOK good", "I used to eat that all the time and LOVED it". You get the point. For me, I've been teaching myself to eat a bite...if it's really good and I really want it, fine. If it's crap and I just liked the IDEA of it, I back away. It's def a process though! Hope the tummy feels better soon. (Sorry this was so long winded :P) Take care.

  4. Huh. You know, I must have been under a rock when this 'eat protein or you'll be hungry and eat crap" info went by.

    I few days ago, I came across a comment that said if you crave carbs, it is possible that your body really wants protein. That was the first I had heard that.

    And, now, your post which treats the need for protein r/t hunger and poor eating as common knowledge. Huh. Lesson learned. Thanks.


  5. I've really learned my lesson with the carbs.
    If I start my day with a bowl of cereal, I am seriously screwed. it holds for about an hour to an hour and a half then I am starving...I last three more hours and then I am wanting to eat again.
    I did that today.
    I ended up eating four eggs and two bell peppers for dinner.
    filling but not exciting.
    that'll teach me lol.

  6. I've done that, where I go ahead and finish a meal even though the taste just isn't doing it for me. Not sure, but I think it makes it more likely that I'll reach for something later that DOES satisfy. I'm always amazed when my husband will stop eating as soon as the flavor isn't up to his standards. Guess I didn't get that gene, I'll have to consciously make the decision.

  7. Hi Leslie. Eating right/ getting it right takes constant effort and thought. It's really annoying and tiring having to think about it so much. But take your eye off the ball and ... disaster!

    Hope today is a success!

    Bearfriend xx

  8. I can relate Leslie. I had a high-carb day last week and felt tired (and hungry!) all day. You learned from it and you won't let it happen again, that's the upside.

  9. I love carbs so much, but they do the exact same thing to me.
    Dust off, lesson learned, and forge ahead. :)

  10. I hate a disappointing Rueben. Especially when it is a "treat". BLEH.

    You called it, you've recommitted and it's a new day!

  11. Yeah... Especially when you're dieting, if you're going to indulge, it better be something that's actually good. And if you're eating something "bad" and it doesn't even taste good, don't eat it! Just get you something you're actually going to enjoy.

  12. I've had experiences similar, and I wasn't sure if it's fat or protein, but it makes sense that it would be protein. I need to eat a breakfast that's on no dieter's menu on Saturday mornings, as I'm in the gym for a few hours, and I will (and have) crashed hard, and not made it through when I try to eat a "healthy, light" breakfast. If I can't finish my exercise, that food won't work for me.