Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baloney phone-y

Thank you to every single commenter about my phone drama yesterday who suggested I try calling the phone. I got a good chuckle over that, and how by the end people were saying they were going to suggest it but saw everyone else had! I've used that clever tactic before with amazing success. However, it requires one complicated maneuver...the volume on the ringer has to be turned up. Mine was down at "0" because I'd been in a meeting earlier and never thought to turn it back up. Big frowny face when I realized that as I was running around having people dial the # and hearing the sounds of silence. When it was resting on my desk, it vibrated quietly but of course I was right there and saw/heard it. Another life lesson learned.

The phone must still lying at the bottom of an ocean or deep ravine as it hasn't turned up. After work I went back to AT&T only to find Mohammed not working. Hopefully he wasn't traumatized by the whacked out customer the day before who'd lost her phone. A nice gal named Alicia helped me, showing me a pitiful display of 4simple phones that would be under $300. Sensing my despair, she got all "on the down low" with me and said, "If I were you, you know what I'd do?" She gave me a free SIM card and linked it to my plan. Then she suggested go to Target or any big box store and get an AT&T Go Phone, pop in the card and I'd be good to go.

So that's what I did. Tar-jhay's Go phones ranged in price from $29.99 to over a hundred. I ended up with a 59.99 model that is just fine. Truth be told, I like it much better than my "old" new phone. It's a little simpler, lighter and slimmer. I haven't had a chance yet to play with it's limited bells and whistles, but have used it enough to know it texts and talks just fine. One of my sons got a go phone when his own died during his freshman college year (took matters in his own hands rather than incur my wrath at having to get him another). He got a real el-cheapo, and it's still humming along. So all my whiny verbiage yesterday was somewhat over dramatic. But therapeutic, let me tell you! A girl's gotta get this stuff out.

Yesterday turned out to be not the greatest food day for me. I was perfect until I met a friend for dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant, Fellini's. I took her out to celebrate her AA anniversary. I had every intention of immediately dividing my entree in half an taking the remainder home. I ordered Paste Puttanesca, which was just incredibly delicious (and pretty salty, with capers, anchovies (undetectable visually) and Med. olives. I did in fact eat only half. However, I ended up having 3 pieces of freshly made Italian bread with butter on every single bite. Ohmigod, it was good in the way that puts one in mind of the "O" word. Multiple Oooooos. Also we had Bruschetta, since the bread and butter wasn't enough simple carbs and fat. Once home, I ate a number of York peppermint patties that were in the freezer - the small ones. I'm not sure what the number was, but it was over 6 and less than 10. UGH.

The only thing that makes me feel better this morning is that I've read 2 blogs already today where women had many more calories in their dinners than they intended. Also - it was a fabulous meal, and the frozen PPs were perfect dessert. Lifestyle, not deprivation. Today will be a clean and austere food day. Tasty, but not so much that I want 2nds of anything.

Also, for the last 2 days I didn't get in any exercise due to busy-ness, phone drama and appointments. Today I will be taking the dog alone for a long brisk walk. We never get as much of a workout when we go with our friends.

Tomorrow is weigh in day for the challenge, and I'm noivous after that salt onslaught of last night. I know it takes several days to release retained water, so it'll be what it is. Overall, my eating has been good this week. I'm feeling real progress in my day to day habits and thoughts, and thought stopping when a binge food appears in my mind's eye. An someone at work yesterday told me I look "skinny". That's a load of crap, but I must have looked at least less fat than I used to! So whatever the scale's verdict tomorrow, I'm doing better.


  1. Drink water AND get in the water for the salt! It is a natural diuretic.

    I didnt eat breakfast yesterday and found myself eating fast food for dinner justifying the calories because I was lame and missed breakfast...

    today if I am that tight for time I am gunna have a banana and a milk for a "breakfast" and will skip the greasy dinner sandwich ( at least I didn't order fries)

  2. Great idea about the phone.

    What the heck was up yesterday, I wonder? I think I've managed to find at least 4 blogs today about losing it at a restaurant?

    I'm so over it.

    I'm drinking water like a lunatic myself because I weigh in tomorrow morning.

  3. happy you were able to get a resonable phone

  4. such a roller coaster sometimes isn't it? I too ate...ummm...too much last night. My goodness...will I ever learn??

    Glad your dinner was yummy :)

  5. Oh Leslie - just got your comment on my blog. YOU ARE hilarious - I puffy heart your blog. And girl - we'd be great together - I've never been drunk and don't need to be since I'm such a nut! Are you coming to Chicago in September??? YES YES - you must!

  6. So glad you got a new phone and didn't have to sell body organs to do it. :)

  7. I might be confusing you with someone else - but I thought I remembered that you ate out the day before weigh in last week too - ? So if that is correct - then it might be apples to apples - salt/retain level might balance out for the two weeks and any change in weight might be real-ish.

    And not suggesting that you keep things balanced by eating out the day before you weigh every week - but thought you would get a chuckle out of the idea.

  8. Sorry I missed your post yesterday about the phone. I had to do just what the lady at the phone place suggested to you. I bought a little cheap to go phone to get us (our son broke a phone and then turned right around and lost another phone) by until our contract allowed us to get a new phone!

    No worries about the meal last night, as long as you get right back on track all is well.

  9. Hi Leslie. Glad you got the phone sorted. I bet your old one WILL turn up now ...

    Wishing you a good food day,
    Bearfriend xx

  10. You will find your phone I am sure. But glad you got the go phone. They told me the same thing when mine broke. I can get a new one in may so waiting it out. But I might break down and get a go phone.

  11. The Itilian dinner sounds so good!! I LOVE what you said "No matter the scale's verdict, I'm doing better." That's exactly where I'm at :) It's encouraging to hear someone else with that mindset - Way to go Leslie!!

  12. Hey, after reading about your encounter with poor Mohammed, I meant to challenge you to a meno-meltdown retail temper tantrum. I personally think that I could drive Mohammed to early retirement quicker than you! Next time I have one, I'm documenting it!

    Glad that the phone situation got better. Good luck with the verdict!

  13. I'm so glad to hear the better choices are feeling more natural...good for you girl!! :)

  14. Not to worry. I shall join your group tomorrow.

    You just get up again. And move forward. A teensy bit.

  15. OMG, I can NEVER pass up fresh Italian bread - although I do one better - pour the olive oil, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to dip in - yum!

    Glad you got a cheap phone too - I thought for sure it would turn up!