Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The verdict's in...I'm NOT OLD!

Wow - I was only (half) kidding yesterday when I claimed to be old, but you wonderful bloogy peeps unanimously declared me NOT OLD. And I agree - totally. Why, in my mind I think of myself as around 17; and there are plenty of times when friends and family (read: husband) would wholeheartedly confirm that. Young at heart and young in my thinking; though my kids would tell you different, as it says in my profile. When they are around, it's open season on Mom and her difficulties with items "of today", and I love every minute of it.

The only time I feel old-ish of mind is when I try to use new fangled contraptions like cell phones that have capacity beyond the "hello" function. And were it not for certain tell-tale clues of the physical nature, like the "points all her own NOT sitting way up high" (apologies to Bob Seeger), knees that go bump in the night and lock in the morning, and the sleep that ends all too early, I could easily pass for a much younger gal.

What I love about being human (among other things) is the continued evidence of the universality of all these aspects of existence. There truly is comfort in not being the only one to experience the inevitable changes that unfold as we travel along our individual timelines. When I was young, people my age now didn't interest me much at all. I thought they were sort of sad diminished versions of the younger selves about whom they wistfully spun stories of adventures living life without all the modern conveniences we young folk had. Now, I love nothing better than to recount harrowing tales of having to GET UP OFF THE COUCH AND WALK TO THE TV TO MANUALLY CLICK THE DIAL TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL. (Is this the baby boomer equivalent of walking 5 miles to return a library book that we had to listen to ad-nauseum when we were young!?) Or having to dial a number on the phone and have to wait for the dial to complete before dialing the next number. (These were trying times, youthful bloggers). Of 5 cent Hershey bars (figures that would be on my radar), seeing movies at the theater for less than a dollar. I love being a baby boomer - another "greatest generation" in terms of breaking new ground in virtually every realm of American life, especially staying young and vital well into their 60's and beyond.

Holy crow! (I love when Chris says that and have adopted it for daily use.) I was just going to put up a few food pictures - yet off I went waxing poetic about living and aging in America. Anyway - Thanks for the comments and head nods. I know I'm not old; rather just of a certain age =D.

I had several people suggest I walk early in the mornings, since I'm up so early. Gheesh! I coulda had a V8! That's a great idea, and when I was running, up to 5 or 6 years ago, I ran before the crack of dawn, and have always loved being out early, before and as the sun comes up. I'm definitely going to start doing that again. Especially now that it's getting warm, it'll be a wonderful way to loosen and lube up the joints, as well as getting some exercise in. I can still do the gym later if I have time and inclination, but the walk (without puppy) will be great. Thanks for reminding me of that!

Finally - somehow I managed to delete yesterday's breakfast and lunch pics, but they were nothing different than you've already seen. I'll just show the few different things I had - for the after work snack, I had a lemon Luna bar. I hadn't had one in a long time, and it tasted awesome! I remember they had an aftertaste before, but I didn't detect it yesterday at all. High calorie toll - 180 cal, 9 gms protein.

Dinner was the last leftover stuffed peppers, still yummy, plus a huge amount of roasted broccoli, zucchini, summer squash onions and garlic. Roasted a massive amount tossed in only 2T olive oil and 1T of lemon juice. While hot, I sprinkled a bit of fresh parmesean cheese over it all and let it brown. Delish-ous! And very righteous. Finally, don't hate me because I love Lime Diet Coke. I only have a couple a week because I know diet soda isn't great for you. Definitely better than it's full calorie uncle. I didn't even tally the calories yesterday, but they were probably between 1400 and 1500...again. For me, that's good.

This seems like a really rambling nutty post because I've been writing a sentence, then going a doing nursing assessments, passing meds, and other assorted tasks for which I'm being pain. Sorry if disjointed! Very affectionately, your young friend!


  1. Well hello there young lady! I'd hate to admit it but I probably have a Diet Pepsi 5 days out of 7. Just one but I like them and it is the one "diety" thing I haven't given up. In fact Mr. Helen makes fun of me because I've been known to eat a Milky Way while drinking my Diet Pepsi!

  2. Well your food looks awesome. Especially roasted veggies. YUMMY!!!

    I think you are as young as you act, so I'm about 18 or so.

  3. Giggling...not to mention pay phones on almost every corner and life before maxi pads with adhesives and panty hose. Or Saturday morning cartoons, concrete playgrounds or having to catch tv shows at their broadcast times ( no VCR, Tivo or DVR. We are not old- we are seasoned with beauty, grace and wisdom.Dinner looks delish, and I have nothing against diet soda as long as we are also drinking plenty of water during the day ! My choice is Diet Rite - Lime coke was just a little weird for me !

  4. Your stuffed peppers look super yummy! Do you have a recipe? Would love to try them out. Mmmmm.

    Would like to invite you to check out my new blog/website. It chronicles two overweight friends effort to lose weight.

    Good luck with the morning workouts! I used to love morning workouts but now I've got a 4 month old and I am just too tired to get up and get them done. Hopefully she'll start sleeping through the night soon so I can have my morning's back!

  5. Mmmm. And, I miss the morning posts too. I keep trying to get there. I thought it was going to be with the award yesterday. I could easily post another one in the morning. Wrongo.

    I hope your walks are great. And in the morning. :)

  6. I am glad you are feeling young again!

    Don't even get me started about electronics and computers. I have been fighting with my computer and word press all morning! UGH!

    I do my walks in the morning and I love that time of day. It also sets me up to have a better day.

    Once in a great while I let myself have a diet coke too.

  7. Of course you're not old! We love you youngin'.

  8. I do happen to have a vague memory of having to get up to change the channel (I'll be 38 in July)...and I remember our channels were like 2-13 or something like that, and there were 2 dials...i think it said UHF and VHF...or I said, it's vague. And OMG I used to HATE our stupid rotary dial phone. Hated it with a passion!!!! It took soooooo lllllooooonnnnngggggg to dial a #, and God forbid you dialed the wrong digit in the middle of the process and had to start over, lol.

  9. I don't hate you for liking Lime Diet Coke, although I don't understand it. :-) I can drink diet drinks, but lime in them does nothing for me. Of course, neither does lemon. I am just weird that way.

  10. Way to go! Enjoy the walks...Yum on the stuffed pepper!

  11. Don't feel bad about your diet coke. I allow myself one cherry coke zero per day. I figure it's a heck of a lot better than 3 or 4. Now if I could allow myself just one of other things....instead of 3 or 4.

    By the way, I took my knitting class last night. Holy was HARD!!! When does it get easier?

  12. I can relate to not feeling old (some days). However, Husband has implied that I act a *bit* younger than 17 on occasion. Guess that makes up for the days when I feel 92... I can remember when gas was considerably less than a buck. So, a certain age... yep.


  13. I am loving getting up early now - I feel so accomplished before I've even left the house for work!

    And I still feel like 25 - so I'll join your club! :D to Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke Lime is my all time favorite - yet I only think to buy it in the summer!