Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game plan

Thank you all so much for the wonderful and long (I love long!) comments yesterday. Everyone was optimistic and supportive and non-judgemental and had a unique perspective, even though I can't recall each one without constantly flipping back to the post.

I was feeling so ashamed of admitting to saltines and butter, and then the uber-successful Chris wrote about eating that same thing every other day but just adding it into the calorie mix for the day. Who'da thought of that?? Deb wrote about her own trials with gluten sensitivity and brought up the notion that there may indeed be a physical component. Loretta mentioned how the sugar metabolism of alcoholics is definitely altered which I've known but hadn't thought about recently. See why I'm a support group kind of gal? I NEED support, motivation and validation. Some people can conjur those things up on their own, but this puppy needs all the help she can get! And you dear people always offer that up. Once again, I puffy heart blogging!

I had a good day yesterday and feel better today (after dumping all the toxicity yesterday) about dusting myself off and knowing full well I'm moving forward and making progress. I made a decisison that I'm going to steal a strategy from Tammy for the rest of the month of April, which is the duration of her challenge. I seriously doubt I'll lose the 10 pounds set out by the challenge, but I'm still wanting to try and lose enough to get back to freaking glorious Onederland FOR THE LAST FREAKING TIME. Ahhhh - that felt good to shout.

Anyhoo - the strategy I'm extorting from Tammy - with her permission BTW, is to commit to take a picture of everything I eat each day. Just like she's doing. So not original, but it seems to be helping her and so I figure I should give it a go. I thank her for the idea, and mostly for being fully supportive of me doing the same thing. Maybe I should name the strategy in her honor (though she's not the first blogger to do it, but she's the one who's inspired me to do it)...maybe I'll call it my TamCam! No shit - that just came to me. Something brilliant is definitely brewing!! I'm cracking myself up here - sorry. It feels good to be laughing rather than whining today! TamCam it is. Tonight I'll post my first pics.

As a warm up, here's a picture of my breakfast yesterday and today - the leftover quiche I mentioned yesterday.
Remember, the one that took way longer to cook than the recipe said which made me eat those saltines? Kidding - it wasn't the quiche's fault - I was just testing you guys. Were you ready to lambaste me for blaming an innocent egg product for my Monday demise? This was a recipe I got from Biz at Biggest Diabetic Loser. Her blog is delightful, wonderful - like TJ's. Lots of recipes, great food pics and great ideas.
The link will take you to her post with the recipe. It was the best tasting quiche I've had in years, and is crustless! Really excellent, and easy to make. Highly recommended. I'll post the picture again tonight with my TamCam report.

I can see where it will be challenge enough to remember to take pictures of my food. And I am promising to take pictures of everything, including if I go off the deep end, which I'm hoping I won't since I'll have to post them, too.

I wanted to follow up on my friend who had the double knee replacement less than 2 weeks ago. She is now home and doing very well. Her spirits are great, and she's already walking (still with a walker) so much more easily and painfree than she has for years. And my own knees are feeling pretty good as well. I'm starting to focus on quadricep strengthening, because it's still hard to walk down stairs "the normal way" of one foot and then the other. I'm having to do one stair at a time, and once I get those quad muscles stronger, that should help a lot. But excellent progress is evident, and I'm very thankful for that.

Thanks again for the support, and for reading my blog! It's a little beyond my wildest dreams :) !


  1. quads? flutter kick silly :)

  2. I always admire the picture takers too! I carry a camera most of the time but never think to take pictures. Glad you're regrouping and so what if you don't make 10 lbs. Anything is better than nothing!!! (I just bought the stuff to make Biz' quiche. Yum.)

  3. That looks super yummy!!

    I'm so excited to hear you're a knitter since I'm a wannabe kitter :) You have to post pics or email me. I'm really anxious to learn...I think it will help with my overeating..

  4. TAMCAM!!!! LOVE IT!!!! lol...omg you've got me laughing out loud...I'm so honored. :)

  5. More food porn! Just kidding, I think it is a good way to track. Looking forward to seeing what you are eating :)

  6. Glad you made it through your tough few days. Food looks great!! :)

  7. You have a plan and have put it into action! Good for you. Good eats too!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

  8. I think taking a picture of all of your foods (or at the very least, stating everything you ate) is an extremely helpful tool. Sometimes just knowing you'll have to show everyone will keep you from eating it.