Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up with myself - Day 3 TamCam + Stuff

I'm definitely behind on posting food pics. I'm going to do Friday's pics, but yesterday I didn't do pics because I was on a day trip with a couple of friends and forgot the DamnTamCam! Drat! And can I tell you that while I was still pretty good yesterday without the camera, I did have a few extra things that I might not have otherwise. I will confess them here after the Friday pictures. And today, I've already been clicking away so will be back on track with the photos tonight. So Friday's food:
Breakfast was 1 cup Go-Lean cereal (not Crunch, which has too many cals!), 1 cup TJoe's nonfat plain Gr. yogurt, 1/2 grapefruit and 1 ounce 1% milk (use tiniest amount possible to moisten cereal because I HATE milk!) - 328 calories

Snack at 11:30 a.m. as I was starving and wouldn't get to eat until one-ish - 15 leftover Roma beans that were part of my lunch - 10 calories

Lunch was a leftover hamburger made from 90/10 ground beef that was coated with Monterey seasoning prior to broiling - delish! which I cut up into 1 cup of the homemade ratatouille - 300 calories

After work around 4 p.m. a Chobani yogurt - yes, you've seen this picture before because it's easier than taking the same pic every day when I have one of these almost every day! Think of it as a newspaper's stock photos :) 140 calories

Dinner - another stock photo because it was an exact redo of the lunch I had on day 2 of my Tamcam photos - all leftover food from earlier in the week - 310 calories

After dinner "still hungry" snack - 1 container 1% cottage cheese with 2 Tbs. of TJoe's low sugar strawberry preserves - 125 calories
Total for the day - 1213 calories - too low, but I fell asleep early and that kept helped me eat less for the day. Just as well because I know I probably had about 1800 or more on Saturday.

Saturday I had an egg white omelet with onions, tomatoes, sausage and swiss cheese at a restaurant, plus one piece of buttered pumpernickel toast. Ahhhh, butter! Had lunch at the conference I attended, and had some chicken salad, tuna salad, cut up veggies, ranch dip, couple of cheese cubes, a roll (white bread roll which I almost never eat) and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie for dessert. Then dinner was a chicken ceasar salad with dsg on the side that I used very little of. Another role that was heavy whole grain and yummy - with more ahh butter. Plus a cannoli! I have no clue of the count for the day.

Today I'm 100% back on track with pictures and eating. Yesterday was difficult because I had no control over what was served. (yeah, yeah, I had control of what I put on board, though, and could have left out certain items, but they were soooo good!

Before I sign off until later when I post today's pics, I want to show you what I treated myself with today...a few non-food treats! Four of them to be exact:
. I love books! Two are food issue oriented - Geneen Roth's new one titled Women, Food and God that I've read reviews of from a few bloggers who said it was excellent; Living Without Ed by Jennie Schaefer about her recovery from her Eating Disorder (this is her first book; she has a new one Goodbye Ed, Hello Me).
Then 2 non-eating related books, Shelter Me, a novel that sounded good when I was browsing at Target, and one that my daughter told me about yesterday titled Merle's Door - Lessons from a Freethinking Dog. It's a memoir by Ted Kerasote about his partnership and love affair with a dog who "picked him up" during a camping/rafting trip with friends, and stayed with him for the duration. Jean (daughter) loved it and said it had the bonus of being extremely well-written. So - I'll let you know what I think about these as I read them! This was a big splurge, but I haven't bought anything for myself for a long while, and it felt like time.


  1. Food looks good!!! I'm having a free day today...first one in 3 weeks...but I'm still taking pics! I'll be posting them later this evening. :)

  2. I am hungry now. The food looked so good. Yummy.