Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend update

I had a good, fun and busy weekend. The weather was perfection here both days, esp. yesterday when it was a little warmer than Saturday. I had good walks both days - 2.3 miles on Saturday, and 2 walks yesterday for a total of 3.2 miles. In the middle of the night when I got up to go to the BR, both knees were STIFF! Not painful, but stiff. I know that's classic osteoarthritis, and that the best remedy for stiffness is continued moving and exercise. This morning it took about an hour for the stiffness to subside, and now they feel pretty good. Later today I'm going to Google knee arthritis and search for tips for optimizing function. My orthopedic doc told me that the scoping of arthritic knees often sets of more inflammation of existing arthritis. It seems to be true, because I never had a knee issue until the 2 meniscus tears. Even though I had substantial bone on bone arthritis on both sides! Anyhoo - the knees are doing great and I'm increasing my exercise almost daily.

My food wasn't as clean and perfect over the weekend, but it was okay. Today I'm back to 100% on track. Bob Greene, Oprah's trainer, said in the same article I quoted last week to remember the 80-20 rule. If you follow your plan 80% of the time and relax a little the other 20%, you'll still have success. Of course the 20% can't be bingeing or eating those red-light foods that set one to irresistabe cravings. I always seem to be more liberal with my weekend eating, but my goal for the next weekend is to stay within my 1600-1700 range on one of the 2 days, and not exceed 2000 on the other. This is lifestyle change and management, not rigorous restricting of calories, aka dieting. But in order to lose the remaining 7.6 calories this month for the Beach Challenge, I have to keep nose to the grindstone. I want one of the tacky beach souvenirs! With her 8 pound loss during week 1, Tammy may be awarding herself some tacky souvenirs :D

I have a few spring pics to share - more flowering trees and plants that have caught my fancy. I have to remember to have my camera with me more often because I've passed a few amazing gardens that I couldn't capture because the camera was at home. DOH!

I love these bleeding hears - one of my favorites, and if you blink, you can miss their beautiful blooms!

The husband has been gone since Last Thursday to be in Georgia for the Masters tournament and is staying through today to clean up lose ends with our soon to be college senior's FAFSA application for next year. He'll be home tomorrow and I'm ready! It's nice for a few days to have the house to myself, but enough is enough. I'm even looking forward to cooking more official meals again! That'll last for maybe a day, so I better do some extra cooking while the mood is here.


  1. I love those bleeding hearts too! they grow really well in the forests near the coast here and look so beautiful with bits of pink amongst the green and shadows.

  2. I can't remember if you watch Biggest Loser or not but one of the trainer tips last week was to eat very low calorie for 2 days, med. calorie for 3 days and ease up a bit on the weekends. I know that's kind of general but it's along the lines of the 80-20 rule. Pretty pictures but I have to say all this blooming is making our pollen counts crazy high!

  3. You gave me my first official belly laugh of the day... being motivated by the desire to win a Tacky Beach Souvenir! Too funny...

  4. lol...tacky beach souvenier.

    Love the pictures. Gorgeous!!

  5. Love all the spring pictures! I hope you have a wonderful week :)

  6. Hi Leslie. I'm glad things are going well with the food and exercise. I HAVE to take supplements for my knees these days. Without them my knees are really bad. And at my age!

    Really fabulous spring pictures. I need to get out and take some myself. But there's still very little out here.

    Have a great week,

    Bearfriend xx

  7. OH ya moving and exercise to stave off our knee problems. I got a bunch of walking in this weekend too - it feels so good.

    LOVE the flower pictures - thanks for sharing.

  8. Loving the pictures - thanks for sharing!

  9. Love bleeding hearts - my girlies love to pick them and give them to people.

  10. Bleeding hearts!!!!!!! Such fragile beauty...I just adore them. So glad to hear your knees are doing so much better and you're getting in some great exercise. Isn't it fun to actually look forward to a weigh-in instead of dread it? lol Can't WAIT to buy you a souvenir...the tackier the better for you, my dear friend!!! :)

  11. Hey I love the photos, everything looks so beautiful.

    Hope your hubby enjoys the home cooked meals. I don't cook as much when my hubby is out of town either.

  12. I think we all need to give Tammy a huge pat on the back for her beach challenge...I'm not actually in the challenge but I'm moving right alone with everyone in it and it's helping me GREATLY too :)
    My daughter is developing arthritis in her hip from a car accident 2 years ago,it's agravated by her cross country running (which seems to make her want to run even more). She has found that yoga/stretching/Aleeve pain med/biofreeze helps a lot. I wish she would find an easier sport on it than cross country, but she's only 17 and stubborn lol.
    Love the spring pics!!

  13. I like your 80/20 rule! Actually, when I first lost my 70 pounds on WW (ahem, and have gained 30 back over the last 4 years!) I did the Wendy plan - basically you added up all your points for the week and one day you might only have 18 points, but the next day you'd have 30 - in the end you still ended up with the same total points for the week, but it kept your body guessing because it never knew if it was going to be a low or high calorie day!

    Gorgeous spring pictures!!