Saturday, June 19, 2010

I met the challenge!

This will be short today.  Mainly I'm writing to say that 2 days early I have met Stacia's Pool Challenge, which was really a challenge to get into your local swimming pool at least 3 times before June 21.  Today I completed my 3rd pool workout by swimming laps for 35 minutes.  But it certainly won't stop now that I've actually met and completed a challenge in blogdom.  I swam twice this week, Thursday and today, and doing it in such close succession really "installed" into me how great it feels to swim. 

It's thanks to Stacia and her fantastic blog Swimming It Off that I actually fulfilled the "dream" alluded to in my blog's URL - willswimagain.  For too many years, including most of my children's growing up, I did not go into the water because I couldn't bear to bare the bod in a swimsuit.  Vanity is such a mixed bag of mental bullsh*t at times.  It can be a good thing in that we want to look neat, well put together, attractive....but so detrimental when it limits us from fulfilling not only potential, but joyful activities.  I practically swam into the world wearing flipflops, as swimming was a daily and often several times daily activity for me from age 4 on when my parents moved to Florida from New York and immediately joined the local swim club.  I was a total fish - loved swimming and how my body felt sleek and agile in the water. 

Prior to starting this blog, I hadn't swum since I was pregnant with my youngest son, who is now 21!  He was born on August 30th 1988, and that summer, a big 'ole pregnant woman, I joined the annual 1000 lap club at our pool.  It was a saving grace during that long hot humid summer.  Again - even at the end of my pregnancy, by body felt so fantastic in the water.  And that baby, Marky (Mom is still allowed to call him that when no one is around) was a natural unmedicated birth after I'd had 2 C sections with the prior kids.  I think my amazing VBAC experience was a success because I was in such good shape from the 1000+ laps of swimming in the previous 3 months.

Today in the pool, I could feel my freestyle stroke starting to really smooth out.  My 204 (maybe less, didn't weigh today) pound body felt agile and sleek in the water.  I finally got the nerve to try some somersaults in the water - forward and back.  Hadn't tried that before as I wasn't sure my brain wouldn't explode or something.  It all felt awesome.

So today's 3rd swim since Stacia offered up the challenge in May won't be the last.  It will be a several time a week addition to my workouts.  I'm so glad I finally put more than a toe into the water!

Tomorrow I will post the winners of the giveaway.  Probably won't be until late in the day, as I haven't even compiled all the entrants yet!  Need to get crackin'!  Good luck to anyone who entered - I hope you win!


  1. Good for you! If it wasn't for us going to waterparks and the pool with the kids, I'm sure that I wouldn't be in a suit too often either. I need to get a new one and I SOOOO want to be able to buy a smaller size!

  2. That is just awesome, Leslie - I am so happy for you that you are enjoying swimming again!

  3. Anonymous19 June, 2010

    Wahoo, swimmer girl!!! Yes, vanity can be a bear--pushing us down instead of lifting us up. One of my goals is to live my life regardless of my weight. I've never done that, really.

    It is amazing how many things--opportunities, events, you name it--that when I'm confonted with them, my first thought is: "But I'm fat."

    Now, my next thought is: "Yes, but would you like to do that?" Sometimes the answer is yes AND I do it.

    We're getting there. Swimming is HUGE!


  4. Hurrah for you! Hurrah for us, for that matter. I know exactly what you mean about feeling sleek and agile in the water, I'm the same. In the water is the only time when my bulky body feels at an advantage (especially in sea water with its extra buoyancy.) Sadly I live far away from the sea these days but now I've started at the pool I'll be back there several times a week keeping up the good work.

  5. Good for you. I love that you're doing something you really love And it's good for you, too! I want to read more swimming posts from you.

  6. Good for you! Welcome back to your inner fish:)

  7. I'm happy for you, Leslie! There's such a sense of freedom in the water and such a shame that so many of us women can't stand to be in a bathing suit. I feel it too. And what's really crazy is that when I look around at all the men with their gigantic HAIRY bellies, they don't seem self-conscious at all!

  8. I loved reading your enthusiasm for the swimming. And all because you got outside your comfort zone, and DID it... how wonderful.

  9. Spectacular, Leslie. I'm so happy for you to be swimming again. Awesome. Watch out world!

  10. Hi Leslie. Fabulous that you got in the pool again! And twice in one week. So glad you've rediscovered the joys of swimming.

    A huge goal accomplished - Congrats!

    Bearfriend xx

  11. Most exceedinly great for you! I love to swim, but the 'local' pool is 30 minutes away, and we don't have a big enough trough to swim in. So, I walk. The dog appriciates this. Thinking about what some of our troughs have looked like, so do I.

    You have a great day.


  12. Leslie, I'm proud of you. You're right out there doing what you need to do.