Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday topics

I'm keeping things light and breezey today, just like the beautiful weather we're experiencing after a week of high heat and humidity.  Seems I have mainly random and unrelated issues percolating in the old bean, so will just float down the stream of consciousness.

Item 1 - How do you delete comments?  Yesterday, Karen at Waisting Time left a perfectly lovely comment on my post, and blogger managed to vomit out her comment not one, but 4 times!  She noted it and told me to feel free to delete the "extras", but I had no idea how to do it, and a journey through the bowels of blogger revealed no hints.  I know I'm very low on the blogger IQ scale, but it seems there should be an easy way to do that.  I was happy to have Karen's comment 4 times, but if someone had commented that I was a big stupid poopy face (like my 21 y/o son loves to call me), I'd want to be able to jettison the comment into outer space.  Any hints welcome!

Item 2 - At the risk of being harangued by people more tree-huggy than I (I'm pretty crunchy but convenience and pet peeves occasionally guide my choices of product use more than does the size of my carbon footprint) , I confess to having become a user of tuna that comes in pouches over cans.  The pouches are not recyclable, and I'm sorry about that but there are serious and valid reasons for my choice.  a) the tuna tastes better, fresher and moister in pounches, and b) I HATE little cans where sizeable amounts of fancy white albacore can get lodged under rims and have to be coaxed out with fork or fingers.  Also, the cans require a can opener, unless they are the kind where the top pulls off which renders one's fingers in grave danger of requiring stitches to stop the bleeding.  I know.  It happened to me on a can of Brunswick Stew.

My question for you is:  Have you food loving bloggers found pouch tuna different than canned?  A friend suggested that I am perhaps delusional in this assessment  so I decided to survey the masses to prove her  wrong in pursuit of tuna truth.

Item 3 - Regarding word verification in blogger - do you  love it, hate it, know you can disenable it by going to settings?  And are you ever entirely amused by the almost-word that you are required to type in order to leave a comment? 

Finally, I've finished reading this book I spoke about a couple of weeks ago.  I definitely recommend it for people who feel their weight issues are more than a lifetime of bad choices...i.e. addiction or eating disordered.  The girl who wrote the main text of the book is recovering from a bingeing and purging eating disorder (bulimia), so usually when she was struggling with the entity of her eating disorder, it was in a way of not wanting to eat at all rather than continual struggles with bingeing and emotional eating, though she did have her issues with bingeing.  The strategies this gal found through group and individual therapy for dealing with the "voice of the disease" were really excellent.  I've been able to employ them in my own struggles since reading the book.  At the end of each chapter written by the author is a small section written by her therapist, suggesting exercises and techniques for dealing with the behaviors and symptoms of the eating disorder when they present.  This author has a new book out called "Goodbye Ed, Hello Me", about her life in solid recovery, whereas the first book is about lengthy process of finding recovery by separating (divorcing) from Ed, her Eating disorder.  I haven't read the new one yet but will when I can get it either at a library or used on Amazon.

The main premise put forth is to come to view your eating disorder (if you think you have one) as a separate being from yourself.  Working on severing the relationship between the eating disorder and oneself is the goal of the strategies set forth by the therapist and author.  The book is well written, funny, real and honest.  And full of hope.

Yesterday was a good day.  I got a long walk in but wasn't able to get to the pool because of car issues with my son and hubby.   I had my 2 hot dogs at the strawberry festival and NOTHING ELSE!  I looked forward to those nitrate-ridden charred-to-black-in-places bad boys all day and they didn't disappoint.  I also worked at the used books sale for an hour and managed to pick up 8 books I hadn't read - including The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.  That ought to keep me busy for a few months! Or years, knowing me!  Have a good Tuesday, all.


  1. I am sorry for I have no tuna opinion to share! Glad you enjoyed your festival dogs.

  2. I delete comments by signing in to blogger then going to my post page with comments. When this mode is 'on' there are little editing icons on my blog that aren't there before. A pencil indicates editing the post. There is a trash can at the end of each comment. Click that and it will be gone.

    Um. I am a crunchy hypocrite so I will abstain from the tuna question.

    Three-not very often.

    Cheers for having your hotdogs!!!

  3. Anonymous08 June, 2010

    I am glad I am not the only one not technical - I have no idea how to delete comments either - just glad that in over a year and a half, no one has left me a nasty comment!

    Glad you had a great day yesterday!

  4. To delete a comment, click on the leave a comment link thingy , and then under each comment you will notice a small trash can icon. Click on that and then follow the prompts- it's pretty easy. What I do not know is how to moderate comments ! I cannot figure out how to do that with blogger, or how to upload a video !

    Tuna- I am allergic to it but hubby eats it and we buy it in the pouch. It tastes better, no can opener needed and place to drain it, and you can get it in a cramped lunch bag easier. Our apartment complex does not recycle and the curb side recycling program here has swamped the waste management places , so you cannot just show up with sorted recyclable bags. A foil pouch takes up less room in the trash, generating less bags of trash in the end ( I cut my garbage up to small bits so we generate less trash)

    The word verification is weird, but I have no idea how to de-activate it

    Hot dogs- we were just talking about them here last night ! I grew up in Chicago, surrounded by a million little Vienna 100 percent beef hot dog stands that were grilled and served with steamed buns and a million toppings( but no katsup- the horror!), and I LOVE good ones. It has been years since I had one, and I have no idea why.It's noit an intentional avoidance, but just one of those things I guess.

  5. I won't explain the comment thing again because you've gotten good instructions here already. And, now I'm positive I will never, ever call you a big stupid poopy face. I want my comments to stay intact.

    I may be one of the world's least crunchy people but I do recycle my tuna cans. I don't believe I've ever bought a pouch so I cannot comment on that.

    I'm neutral about the word verification so no comment there either.

    HOT DOGS! I will comment on your hot dogs! They are a treat for me too and I love 'em almost black and skin crackling. Glad yours were worth the wait!

  6. I HATE WORD VERIFICATION! lol I stink at typing in those squiggly words! lol

    Tuna in pouches is my way to go too- I hate the can!!! I'm using teh word HATE a lot here....lol


  7. OMG - I was laughing hysterically at this! And yours was not the only blog that I left my mark on more than once yesterday. Darn blogger!

    I like canned better. But I have not tried the pouches in quite a while.

    I always think about those captcha words, ever since a blogger wrote about them. One time I got the word "binge." How perfect. I don't like it much, but understand the need if you don't have any spam filter. It only keeps me from commenting if I screw up the letters and it deletes my comment. Sigh.

    Why do hot dogs taste so good when they are made up of such horrible stuff?

    P.S. Fingers crossed you only get this once today:)

  8. Anonymous08 June, 2010

    Ok. :D I'm just full of comments. :D

    Regarding the comments removal--you've gotten great advice, BUT, if after you've signed into your blog and you scroll down to the comments--if you do NOT see the trash can, hit F5 to refresh the screen. They should appear then. When you click on it, a screen will come up that has a little line on it that asks if you want to "erase the comment forever" or something like that. You do, so click on that.

    Tuna. I ALWAYS feel guilty about the pouches and they're a bit more expensive--BUT I get them exclusively now. YOU ARE RIGHT! The tuna tastes better and I've noticed that with the advent of the pouches, the canned tuna is more watery and mushy. So I'm a reluctant pouch convert who scouts for sales. They're a good food source for disaster supplies, etc, too. No can opener needed and I think they last about 2 years on the shelf.

    I got the books! I'm only on about page 50 of th first one. Although I'm a little nervous with the degree of splitting (My client population had several people with multiple personalitie--this would seriously put them over the edge!) I do like the concept. I've been meaning to do a post about depersonalizing the weight loss process. Treating it like you'd treat completing a project at work. The book has a similar feel. I plan to keep reading.

    Hot dogs. I rarely like food well-done. My only exceptions are liver (nothing worse than pink liver!) and hot dogs. I like them almost black and crispy, too. :) Haven't had one since last year.

    Whew! Loved the post.


  9. I prefer the tuna in a pouch to the can as well. And Ive no bother with the code words to leave messages. I did take the option off of mine, but to each his/her own. I have missed reading your blog and it was good to catch up with what your doing. The Strawberry Festival sounds "yummy" lol. And I was thinking of picking up the book: Women, Food and God, but....still debating. Have a lovely day!!!

  10. I use word press not blogger.

    Tuna does taste better from the pouches!

    Captcha words are sometimes so funny! It is a shame we have to use them but before I had that function the spam in my comments was terrible.

    Thanks for the book review, I was wondering about that book. I seem to be a good place right now and have been for months now. I have been thinking about what is different this time. It is always good to reflect and think about what is working and make a mental note about it.

  11. Yes, I see disordered thinking a separate from me. I picture it as neuropath ways that have gotten miss wired - and have to be reconnected in better ways.

    I actually view my FAT as separate from my 'real' body also.

    I see that when I look at other people too - I SEE their real body under there and see the layers of fat stuck on top of it. As they lose weight/fat, it becomes more and more obvious (to me).

    I was not ‘invested’ in my fat. I found it very annoying. And I very much had a ‘get it off me’ feeling the closer I got to my first goal. And then we I decided to lose the rest and get to my second (permanent) goal, and the fat pockets were even more defined, the fat felt like a foreign object stuck on me.

  12. I don't mind the word verification - it does cut down on the spam comments. I do wish that bloggers who have "comment moderation" turned on - that is, the comment won't post until they approve it - would not do the word verification...seems a bit unnecessary. You can get rid of it if you want, but your spam will probably increase.

    As for the tuna, if I ever ate it, I'd use the pouch. Seems less messy to me. But I don't like seafood, so that's one less dilemma for me - yay?

    Good on ya for sticking to your plan yesterday - there is nothing like a grilled hot dog - YUM!

  13. Pouch tuna is better than canned, no question about it in my mind.

  14. I haven't tried the pouch tuna yet...I'm old-fashioned I guess and still using cans, lol. As far as deleting comments, when the comments come to my email it gives me the option to publish or delete. I always delete the Asian ones because I can't read them. :)

  15. Word verification... HATE IT!! Unless you are getting lots of spam, no reason for it. I've never used it on mine, haven't been spammed yet (yeah, that will probably unleash the gates of hell now at me!!).

    A thought for you all who use it: those of us who are.. ahem... older, or like me who have carpal tunnel (my hands go numb and painful sometimes): any extra typing and mousing adds up, putting more stress on already painful parts. So I always appreciate those of you who turn the dang thing off.

    Pretty please??????? Turn OFF word verification... Pretty please with sugar... oops... with stevia and fat-free whipped cream on top????


  16. I don't eat tuna at all - even if I wasn't a veggie, I could never eat fish. It smells SO BAD! lol I'm sure my mum put me off as a child - she used to poach coley in milk every bloody day for her cat and the house stank from top to bottom. Eurrghhh!

    With regard to word verification, I personally don't like it. I have to authorise the comments before they're posted on my blog and so far I've been able to delete spam comments manually (don't get too many - just the occasional Chinese porn site!) I've not had any horrid comments so far. If they made valid points I'd allow them and if they were just mean for the sake of it, I'd reject them. :o)