Thursday, July 22, 2010

HB to moi

Turns out 2 other bloggers share this same birthday...JBS and Tami!  Happy birthday to both of them, and to the mother ship, which is me.  I think this was also Red Skelton's birthday too.  JBS probably never heard of him, being a sweet young thing.  Tami probably has - she's also a sweet young thing but has some years on JBS.  I'm the old broad of the bunch.  Don't care - I'd rather be here than not, and I love a good birthday.  Now I've officially lived to an older age than my mom did, which I've written about recently.  A long held belief of mine (since she died at 56 when I was 23) that I would also die at 56 has been disproven.  I'm grateful and wish I could talk to my mom about it all.  Hopefully in the next realm.

The actual celebration of this birthday dinner at the Dining Establishment of my choice (which WILL be good and WILL be pricey), will be delayed until next week as Hubster took off this morning for a 2 day business trip, and offspring #3 who's home for the summer has to work from 3-9 tonight.  So my party is postponed.  It's okay.  It's not like I'm 5.

I was very delighted and honored to be given the Versatile Blogger award by 2 different gals: Liana and First Steps.  Both of these gals are fairly new bloggers and are beginning to walk this walk with the blogging community, so check them out.  Both have a lot of good stuff to say.

The rules:  share 7 things about yourself, then pass on to other bloggers.  Again - ever being a renegade rule bender, I offer it to all the bloggers on my blogroll who don't already have it.  I literally love all the blogs on my roll, and countless more that I haven't taken time to add.  PLEASE feel free to grab it for yourself if I've ever commented on your blog - and boldly say I gave it to you, because it's the truth.

1.  My favorite flower is Foxglove (digitalis).  It is incredibly beautiful when in bloom.
2.  (#&*%#ing blogger won't let me get the cursor back to the left after adding the image, dammit)  I'm seriously considering buying a Kindle for myself.  Opinions?  My query about this yesterday remained unanswered.
3.  My first care was a red volkswagon beetle that was rusty in places and faded down to primer over her "haunches".  Still my favorite car ever, though it was not airconditioned and I had to fold up like a pretzel to get in.  But heck, I was skinny and 18.
4.  (why does blogger do this...centering everything after the image?) I didn't get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing until I was 48.  I went to an old fashioned 3 year Diploma program and became an RN in 1975.  The degree has made no difference in my salary, and my experience over the years taught me much more than the classes required for the degree.  This led me to term the BS in BSN as bulls**t.  Still glad I got it.
5.  Expecting to have my first meet and greet with another blogger, Tammy of From Fat to Fab in August when we take our son back to Atlanta for college.  Can't Tammy to death, and she's been a great friend to me over the virtual expanse.
6.  I have a magical thinking thing that one day I will walk to the mailbox and find either a huge check, or notification that I'm going to receive a huge check (think at least 5 figures) that was left to me by a relative of one of my deceased parents I never knew about.  And if it happens, and it's a WHOLE LOT, I will share some of my windfall with loved ones.  (so keep the nice comments coming!)
7.  A favorite but rarely avaible vegetable of mine is okra.  Kath at Kath Eats Real Food has blogged about them lately, and has roasted them to eat as fries!  If I can find them, I'm gonna try it!

I hope every one has a nice Thursday.  And if you have any idea why blogger does this centering thing every once in awhile, let me know.  Doesn't happen all the time, but always when I try and list things with numbers.'s not easy being a technoboob.


  1. Honey, all you have to do after inserting a photo is type a few words then go to the toolbar at the top of the "new post" window and towards the right you'll see a bunch of lines with a down arrow. You'll know you have the right one when you put your cursor over it and it says 'alignment.' Just click the arrow and choose the lines all straight along the left and your text will be fixed. You could even do that now by editing ;-)

    I love okra too so I'm going to have to go find that recipe!

  2. Happy Birthday, Leslie! I will have to find out about the roasted okra recipe, as I love it, too. I'm anxious to hear about your bday dinner - I always love to live vicariously through pricey dinners :-)

    I love foxglove, too. In my homeland, the PNW, it was considered a weed/wildflower and grew in abundance. Just lovely....

    Again, happiest of birthdays to you. May this next year be truly spectacular - and I hope you get that big, surprise envelope in the mail.

  3. And I meant to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY but I hit post comment too fast.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....cha cha cha! Have a great day. My mother only lived to be 56. I know what you are talking about. We are gonna prove them wrong for sure

    Roasted okra....yummy

  5. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    What a special birthday for you!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy happy birthday:) My brother, who was just visiting, loves his kindle. His wife has one and so do both their kids (early 20s). Sounds like a great idea for a birthday gift for yourself!

  7. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Happy Birthday Leslie!!!

    It's weird, my Dad's brother was 9 years older than him and suddenly passed away at the age of 49. My father was convinced he wouldn't make it to the age of 49 and in the two years leading up to that was just waiting to die - so sad!

    I hope you have a very fancy dinner out next week - post the restaurant so I can check out the menu - one of my favorite things to do!

    Happy Birthday Hugs!

  8. Happy Birthday, Girl--you're still a young'n as far as I'm concerned. Enjoy yourself tonight. I'd eat a good dinner (my go-to steak stirfry, probably) and then put in a good movie (chickflick--Green Card or When Harry met Sally or Circle of Friends) and plan to fix a bowl of popcorn (kettlecorn with splenda & buttersalt) on my micropopper corn) about half way through. Then I'd settle down with a good book.

    The other way you can solve the allignment problem after inserting a picture is to just automatically choose left for your pix, not center. The text is trying to follow the allignment of the picture.

  9. Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Happy to you Leslie!

  11. Happy Birthday!! It's not just you. Blogger's editor is horrible. It's constantly doing things I don't want it to.

  12. have a great day! I did remember (in advance even) it was your birthday and put up a note for you.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Hope you got out and eat a YUMMY dinner! :) ENJOY!

  14. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Happy Birthday!!

    Re: centering. Mine does that, too, sometimes. And the clicking on the page setup doesn't work.

    What I do--after I've clicked the "little lines" a dozen times--is to type a word on the line I want to go to the left,

    highlight those letters as though I'm going to make them bold or italic or a link, and

    then go back up to the "little line" icon and click on the left margin one. I

    t'll go over then. It'll be good from then on.

    :D Blogger can be so annoying, can't it?


  15. Happy Birthday, Leslie! And many, many more! So glad you won't live under the superstition cloud anymore.

    I'm a technoboob, too. It's our decade.

    Can't wait to hear about your party dinner!

  16. Leslie thanks for the shout out! I wish you a very happy birthday. Wishing you all the colors of a beautiful day, may they brighten your life all year long!

  17. Anonymous22 July, 2010


  18. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a good one. I recently got a Kindle but I've only downloaded one free (classic) book. I can see how it would be convenient to carry it as opposed to a 600-700 page book but I love cracking the spine and turning pages so I don't think I'll ever go completely paperless.