Monday, July 5, 2010


Hi Blog Buddies!  I'm least my physical self is back, if not my mind.  I had a super stellar uber fantasmagoric time in San Antonio.  The convention was beyond description...excellent and renewing, like an old fashioned revival.  Estimates of the number who attended the convention range from 55-60 thousand folks!  That's a lot of humanity crammed into a mid-sized city, but it all seemed to go off without a hitch. 
San Antonio is a great place and the people are friendly and welcoming.  It seemed that the local merchants and vendors were somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of folks that were continually lining up for whatever they were peddling, but they managed to serve up whatever it was they served with enthusiasm and smiles.  My friends and I were wondering if Philadelphia would have been as fuzzy and friendly, what with Philly's rep of endless snark and grouchiness, which we all love but could easily put plenty of people WAY OFF.

The food was great - we hit the place Shelley and Roxie both recommended on the Riverwalk, Casa Rio, and it didn't disappoint.  Plenty of other good fare, but I can honestly say I didn't overdo much.  We walked what seemed countless miles each day in the oppressive heat and humidity, rendering me a total sweat hog; so while I'm sure I added back a pound or 2, I'm thinking and hoping the damage will be minimal as opposed to horrific.  I will weigh in the morning and intend to get fully back on track tomorrow, including getting serious about finding my one OA meeting to attend weekly.

We did a lot of site seeing in addition to attending the convention meetings.  All in all I felt a good balance of rest, renewal, adventure and spiritual grounding.  A rare combination in my life that I'm not eager to have dissipate as re-entry to real life ensues.

That's it for today - as I said, my mind is not entirely back, and the absence of daily internet connection that I feared would cause severe withdrawal was surprisingly freeing and pleasant.  I've caught up on a few blogs, but am not ready to jump back in with the intensity I felt within before the trip.  I'm not sure what that's about but am going to allow my inner compass to direct me rather than jumping back in before I'm ready.  My priorities got jumbled around as a result of some of the amazing experiences I had this weekend, and I need to see where blogging falls as the many aspects of my life re-settle.  One thing I say with complete certainty is that I am committed to myself and the weight loss journey.  But I may want to write about more than just that, which I think I do anyway - but even moreso.  Stay tuned and enjoy the remnants of the holiday weekend!


  1. Welcome back - I'm glad you had such a good time (and got to enjoy our *special* Texas summer weather) - sounds like the convention came around at the right time for you...glad you are feeling so renewed!

    Also glad you enjoyed Casa Rio - now I have a hankering for some Mexican food, lol!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the convention. That's a lotta people! San Antonio must be sighing with relief (while counting its money). Good luck with the weigh in.

  3. I am glad to read you had a good convention - that sounds like quite a crowd!

    I can't wait to read more.

  4. Glad it went so well. I am interested to see where your writing goes. I know that for me, I have wondered if all my focus on writing about my weight related stuff is putting to much focus just where it should not be! But I think for me, I may actually keep on as I am with my blog, but also start a second totally unrelated blog that takes less time,is lighter in spirit, and lets me talk about some other stuff.

  5. Anonymous05 July, 2010

    Welcome back! so glad you had a wonderful time. You may be tired physically, but you sound renewed.

    Enjoy the residual vibes. :D


  6. I deleted a whole bunch of blogs off my own list this past week. They were all vanished bloggers (some gone for well over a year). And I realized it was pulling me down to wonder about them several times a week.

    So I do think there is just sort of a natural weeding out that we do based on where we are in our own journies.

    So glad you had a good time.

    I can well imagine the heat! I have been in airconditioning for two solid days myself - too much humidity for my asthma.

  7. welcome home, errr, back :)
    sometimes, for me, the taking an internet vacation is the best thing for getting my blogging and healthy living mojo BACK!

  8. Welcome home, Leslie. I'm looking forward to reading what insights you gained at the convention - whenever you are ready to share them. As we all know, this journey is about much more than just a number on the scale.

  9. Welcome back! I just knew you'd come back revived and refreshed and I'm glad to see it's so.

  10. Holy crap this is like the shortest post from you ever, lol.....I want to hear more when you get settled! I'm glad you're back so I can get over my Leslie withdrawals now...wanted to tell you I got my handbag in the mail>>>>>LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for doing the's absolutely adorable!!!!! Can't wait til you get down here!! :)

  11. Anonymous06 July, 2010

    Glad you had such a great time. My sister just moved to San Antonio a couple months ago and loves it.

    I understand about the blogging'll figure out where it fits for you. Follow that inner compass girl :)

  12. Glad you had such a good time! So when are you coming to Cali? LOL!