Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serene Sunday

Uber quick post today.  I confess to never getting to the gym yesterday (for several legitimate reasons), but I just got back from briskly walking the 5 mile loop at Ridley Creek State Park and am pumped!  I'm also icing my R knee because it's hurting a bit after the walk.  My tee shirt is drenched and my hair is matted with sweat under my baseball cap...I look like a sweaty heap, but I feel good!  Now I can have a guilt free afternoon of leisure engineering. 

I also got a ton of produce at the local farmers' market early this morning before my aa meeting, which I hadn't done since I got back last Sunday.  So in between my extended periods of relaxation and rest today, I'll be doing some food prep for the week, which I never mind doing.  Nothing beats summer produce...nuttin', honey!  I realize that part of the drudgery I experienced last week was due to not having the usual healthy stuff I stock the kitchen with when I'm working my plan.  It's amazing how making marginal food choices, even if I'm not bingeing, can affect my mental and emotional status.  Do any of you experience that?  Irritability, impatience, vague angst...all these states are greatly heightened when I'm eating highly processed foods.  And sugar literally can morph me into a raving lunatic just under the surface.  I'm setting myself up for a much better week.

The rest of this post will be some pics from my walk, plus an amazing rainbow that materialized Friday evening during a pop up rain deluge where one half the sky was black and ominous while the other half was brilliantly sunny and clear.  Weather is way cool!  The pictures definitely don't do the rainbow justice, but you'll get a glimpse of it.

Thought I'd stick in one of the men in the gamily from a couple of weeks ago when Chicago based son (in the middle) was home for a week.  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.


  1. "Irritability, impatience, vague angst...all these states are greatly heightened when I'm eating highly processed foods. And sugar literally can morph me into a raving lunatic just under the surface."

    This is where I am trying to get! Instead of being drugged out, in a fog from overeating or eating the wrong stuff.

    I've been reading a book by Daniel Kirschenbaum who talks about developing a "healthy obsession" to stick with your program. . . sounds like you are living it!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love the pics too! Esp the 2nd & 5th ones.

  2. "Irritability, impatience, vague angst...all these states are greatly heightened when I'm eating highly processed foods. And sugar literally can morph me into a raving lunatic just under the surface"

    Word. Seriously, getting off the processed foods and into eating more real, identifiable foods changed my life. CHANGED.MY.LIFE. I don't know what it is about them - Kessler may be right - but for me and my body chemistry, a diet of corporate processed, "frankenfood" throws me flat into a depressive state and things just go downhill from there.

    I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. It's hard to adjust to "re-entry" after a mountain-top experience. The farmers' market is always a good place to start.

    Have a wonderful weekend and what a handsome family you have!

  3. I always enjoy your pics! That sugar - I'm really trying to steer my family away from it. It's not easy as it is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHNG: or so it seems. The real challenge is the little one (our 5yr old). We do tend to spoil him :), he's our last one. BUT, I know if I really care about him, I will work hard to cut LOTS of the sugar out of his little life.

    Kudos to you for the walk-I can imagine how you felt afterwards!

  4. Those pictures are stunning, what a wonderful walk!
    I totally agree on the sugar, I'm thinking of cutting down myself, but have a major problem because I love baking my own sugary foods too much!

  5. Serene is a great way to describe those pictures! I would love to be sitting on the edge of that creek.

    Have a great rest of the day.

  6. Love the photos. Wish I had such a beautiful place to walk. Yep, summer produce:)

  7. lovely pics. Great job on the walk

  8. Anonymous11 July, 2010

    I just love it when you ask me to be your personal chef - always makes me smile!

    Love those pictures - I've never been lucky enough to take a picture of a rainbow!

  9. Look at those dimples! Your boys are cute!

    I find for me, if the fruit is cut up and ready (like watermelon), I'm much more likely to reach for it when I'm hungry/snacky - if I have to prepare it then, I'll go for something quick and not necessarily make the best choice. Sounds like you are setting yourself for success - your farmer's market haul must be good!

  10. I think walking a 5 mile loop is something to brag about! You say it so casually. Your photos are really peaceful.

  11. What a wonderful place to be able to take a walk! Gorgeous... I'll bet the scenery refreshes you as much as the exercise. Loved seeing the pics.

  12. Man I bet those 5 miles felt great!! I would have gotten just as excited over the trip to the Farmer's know ours is south of Atlanta, so it's a long ass drive from Emerson! I stick with Publix mostly. And yes, I do feel all of those things you mentioned when I'm eating things that are too highly processed and I can't afford to keep fresh dairya and fresh produce in the frig...hate it! Oh! I found rainier cherries on sale this week at Publix.....SOOOOO EXCITED!! I've already rinsed and packed some up for the ofc tmrw...along with some watermelon, grapes, and a chicken breast I baked with some broccoli and corn. Hopefully we'll both have a good week! :)

  13. Hey there! I passed on a blog award to you today! Stop by my place to grab it!