Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweat equity

Am I the only person who's noticed that the word verification "words" on blogger have gotten longer and MUCH more annoying recently?  For a couple of days, some of them were so bizarre that I was keeping a log and going to include them in a post.  But they're annoying enough without making anyone read them again, so I'm sparing you, oh fortunate bloggers.  Plus - almost everytime I type one in when going to comment on a post, I have to do a second one because it tells me in angry red type that the letters I entered did not match the letters I copied.  "Yes hell they did, you stupid Blogger!"

Well, that was a meaningful rant, wasn't it?  Feel free to contact me whenever you need enlightenment. 

I'm going to be very brief today, as I am often NOT. 

I'm having a good week with food and exercise, having missed one day of exercise only on Tuesday when I was getting the left "girlfriend" scrutinized.  The happy dance of relief over good news that day did not include a gym workout.  It occurred to me it should...but nope.  Of course it did include eating 4 cookies.  I DO know how to celebrate.  4 is better that a whole sleeve, or box, or bag, or batch - all of which are in my portfolio of errant eating behaviors.

Yesterday I did a brisk 3 mile walk of the dog with a friend after work.  I know the walk was good exercise, but can I tell you that my tee shirt was literally HEAVY with sweat when I was done, and I was thirstier than if I'd crossed the Sahara on bare feet.  It was only about 94, yet more humid than the ocean.  My friend had just a few adorable dots of perspiration on her nose.  I've always been a heavy sweater (not in the winter garment sense).  Back when I played low level competetive tennis, there was one other gal who sweat like I do and we were glad for each other's company, as the other gals always looked merely a trifle moist and as though they'd just stepped out of a salon after playing a hard 3 tiebreaker set match.

I used to hate my sweat-tendency, but I've come to be grateful for it because I know my endurance is always been aided by my body's ability to cool itself.  Of course staying hydrated is vital when one is a heavy sweater, but that isn't usually a challenge.  Yesterday though, I set out without a water bottle because I didn't want to have to hold it while dragging the dog away from trying to pee on every blade of grass in Wallyworld, PA.  Also, it didn't feel that oppressive when I walked out the door!  Live and learn. 

BTW, I'm not one of those people who sweat all the time year 'round - thankfully.  Just when it's really hot or I'm really moving!  So today, I have my clothes packed to hit the air conditioned gym after work for the requisite exercise experience du jour.  I'll sweat, but it won't be buckets, and I'll have a treadmill to hold the water.  Have a good day.  Stay cool.  Drink plenty of water.


  1. OMG I thought it was only me! And I keep mistyping them! And sometimes that means I lose the comment. Sigh. I'm glad you wrote about it because I kept feeling a need to bring it up. And my best ever captcha word: binges. How appropriate.

    Here is my take on the sweat thing - if I am sweating it means I am working hard and that is a good thing. (Or it is super hot. But you know what I mean.)

    I should be getting in a quick workout at home right now before I hit the road but instead am here:)

  2. I've always been jealous of those who have the soaked t-shirt whilst running. I think it looks like they're working harder than me!

    I laughed last week when I got fooding as my verification word! I can't away from the food thing! :)

  3. YAY for evaporative cooling!

  4. great job with all the exercise this week! Whoohoo! :)

    I hate word verification- it makes it hard to comment on blogs if I am on my iPad or phone :( I am anti-word verification! lol

  5. Anonymous29 July, 2010

    The other day I had the word "hated" on word verification. I thought that was quite unnecessary!

    Great job on the working out!

  6. I hate word verification. Running into it on other sites was my biggest reason for taking it off of mine. I'm with TJ. If I'm on my iphone, I'd love to be able to comment on sites I read while waiting. But most often I can't.

  7. I turn the word verification on and off my own blog - let it go for a while and all of a sudden the spammers are crazy so I put it back on. But you're right, the words have been crazy lately.

    Good job getting your sweat on! The humidity has crept back up here too - my legs felt like bricks on this morning's run.

  8. You are doing great this week Leslie!

    Word verification is a necessary evil! Oh if I didn't have the captcha I would have so much spam!

    Oh yes I do sweat,and because I am fair skinned I also turn bright red when I work out!

  9. Me, too--I have to type those darned things twice. I did NOT get it wrong, don't yell at me.

    In the summer I usually sweat completely through my shirt, except where my friend sportbra is wicking it up, so I always have a dry sportbra outline on my otherwise wet shirt. Lovely. Winters, not a problem at all. Like Tami, my face turns an interesting shade of red when I "exert" myself.

  10. I get too much spam if I don't have the verification, but it can get really strange. I think the funniest one was when I had "rainstom"

    Then it started raining buckets outside the door.

    Even misspelled, it was funny.


  11. I'm a heavy sweater in the heat, too. Don't get me bragging on this. My verification word should be "soakd".

    Keep up the good work!

  12. If you miss the first round of word verification, the second round give you an easier word with clearer font. If you miss the second one, third is even easier. The dumb it down (I know, because I am always messing it up myself).

  13. Thanks for your note in my blog, Leslie! I do not sweat much at sll, which of course means I am often overheated and cannot tolerate being in a hot environment! I think it's probably also why breathe so heavily when exerting (overweight is a cause too, of course). I have eczema and a dr. told me once that people w/ eczema do not sweat as much. I'm not sure, but I think maybe that is one of the causes of the eczema -- since the skin gets overheated, etc.