Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whiny Wednesday

I almost need to do a rant post about my job and the endless serious problems that are surfacing, but you dear blog friends don't deserve to hear that kind of thing.  You're innocent and blameless.  Suffice it to say I'm starting to look around for different employment.  I have a great deal here with my hours, salary and benefits.  I also love most of the people with whom I work and our clients.  But there are big problems at the administrative level that are causing extremely low morale among staff, and the directors of my part of the program just can't firmly stand up in the face of admin. and represent us.  Wah, wah, wah.

The main thing I want to say today is that our Internet has been down at home since before I left for San Antonio, so I can do no blog reading or writing or anything else online, for that matter, when I'm home.  I have a laptop, but there is a limit to how long and how many times a day I can hit Starbucks and have a serving of WIFI!  This means that my blog reading is down by about 90%, and therefore so is my commenting.  I try to catch up on my top 10 or so, but I'm even struggling with that.  So I want to apologize for not being as consistent a reader and commenter as is my usual style, and hope that on Friday when the Comcast guy comes FOR THE 2ND TIME, the situation will be remedied.  Gheesh!

Is it me or is the world going to hell in a handbasket right now?  I think that's why the San Antonio trip was so internet problems, no work crap, no grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, no news watching to witness endless more barrels of oil torpedo into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  I actually "forgot" how complex and difficult life can get at times.  I guess that's part of the definition of a true "getaway"...being removed from the day to day intensity. 

I haven't been able to get to the gym since back and won't again today because of other commitments like visiting a friend in the hospital who broke her pelvis.  And we're having our 2nd day in a row of 100+ temps and high humidity, so even a brisk neighborhood walk seems treacherous and ill-advised.  They said on the news this morning that we'll get a "break" tomorrow, as the temp is only going to the high 90s.  Really?  That's a break?  Seems once you hit 95 with humidity, it all feels oppressive.  But the ozone warnings will be lifted, and I won't feel like I'm going against medical advice to venture outdoors for longer than the time it takes to get from one air conditioned venue to the next. 

I can hear myself sounding like a negative Nancy here, so I'm going to sign off.  Actually things aren't so bad, and once I leave work, they'll get a lot better in a hot minute!  My food was pretty good yesterday and so far today.  I'll be back on my Friday weighing this week and hopefully things will start moving in the right direction.  Stay cool kids!


  1. My internet is going in and out even as I type! It is amazing how dependent we become on technology that was not part of our lives just a few short decades ago. I guess for once I am glad to be stuck in the Midwest for the summer!

  2. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    I hated when our internet went out when we had Comcast - now that we have AT&T Uverse no problems at all.

    Fingers crossed its fixed this weekend!

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Comcast drives me insane...yet I still keep shelling out ridiculous amounts of money to them???

    The heat makes me whiny and grouchy

  4. Living in a rural area, we have iffy internet at times. I have become philisophical. If it works, I go like thunder. If it doesn't, I knit. I have finished a sock, by the way... :)

    I am sorry that things are rough for you at work, if you have one clinker, it makes even the best enviornment annoying... Good luck, and hope for the best for you.


  5. Oppressive heat and internet problems will drive anybody crazy! My dumb internet goes out every evening - we even have the business card of the guy who handles our subdivision so we can call him direct, but still, it's insane. Hang in there!

  6. My computer at work crashed today! What a nightmare. I'm whiny today, too. Let's hope for some better weather and morale.

  7. I hate it when I have internet problems!

    Must be something in the air that people are feeling whiny!

    Wishing you well as you job hunt.

    Oh I will post that cake recipe for you later this is a good one!

  8. I am so sorry to read you are having these issues. Very, very frustrating.

  9. Hi Leslie! Glad the trip was all that it was for you. Hey-You've got to come over to my blog and take a look at my son :) Ya, I'm bragging-he's soo cute! He turned 5 this past Monday.

    *Internet problems stink!*

  10. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Aaaah, go ahead and vent! That's what we're here for.

    I have Comcast, and if you were able to get to my post or read some comments I've made, you would have seen me say that between comcast and Blogger, I was fit to be tied. They were BOTH acting up on Tuesday.

    Neither one is quite right, still. Ack!

    Don't sweat your inability to comment/post. It can't be helped.

    For freedom!


  11. I stopped listening to the news a long time ago.

    My mom reads our local paper (cover to cover) every day. She knows sort of what I need to know - so she calls me with any updates (you would be surprised at how few things I actually NEED to know). And if something major happens in the world - where I am going to be embarrassed if someone brings it up to me and I don't know what they are talking about at all - she lets me know that too.

    Previously I had CNN on in the background at home - a lot. Now I watch NO TV during the day at all. And I only watch recorded (DVR) shows in the evening.

    So I watch NO commercials of any kind ever - blink through them - so they are totally gone - no sight, no sound.

    And I used to listen to NPR in the car always. Now I listen to music on a family station. So nice DJ's.

    I think this has a great deal to do with my sucessful maintenance.

    And I bring it up because I have heard other near or at goal bloggers say the exact same thing.

    The world around them was causing them major stress and anxiety.

    And that was a trigger to EAT.

    Or commercials were bring up EAT, EAT EAT or SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.

    And these were all things that the blogger was powerless to change.

    They were external things.

    Bloggers can't solve national or internation issues/crisis/disasters.

    bloggers can solve their own issues.

  12. Yeah, everything kinda' went to hell here at my job this morning too, lol. In fact, we now have a work flow meeting sheduled for 8:30am on Monday because of it, lmao. Ahh....the joys of being back among the employed. :)

  13. Anonymous08 July, 2010


  14. Hey I resemble that negative Nancy comment LOL! As for the job, I'm starting a new career at age 60 and overweight too. I have had the initial training and have 26 hours to complete and then get my ID number and I'll be certified. I don't think my new boss knows how old I am but when she looks at my college transcripts oops... a BA is a requirement and I got mine 4 years after high school so the dates are there.