Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chores and Checklists

Well! This is the longest I've gone without posting in awhile. Getting ready for this trip on Monday is taking up a lot of time and space, both in my life and in my head. There are endless lists and chores swarming in and out of my consciousness. Unfortunately, something important will pop up, and before I can write it down so as to actually remember it, it'll settle back into the abyss of gray matter and neurons that is my brain. I just can't catch the brilliant thought in time. Kind of like cranial "Whack-a-mole". Actually, between yesterday afternoon and today, a lot of the uncertain minutiae of what to take, will it fit in the suitcase and which purse to use have fallen into place. And since we're not going to the Arctic or darkest Africa, it won't be the end of the world if we forget something.

First, this morning my weight was 194. So far, the lowest number I've seen on the scale since June was 193.9 a couple of weeks back (and posted the picture of the LCD display, remember?), so I'm in essentially the same place. Decent news. No horrible cumulative gain from the sporadic mini-binges that are still plaguing me. As I wrote that sentence ending with "plaguing me", I laughed out loud at my ridiculousness. Like binges are hunting me down, laying me flat, prying open my innocent mouth and shoving candy and buttered bread down my throat. What a crock!! Let me rephrase...I've given into some minor bingeing a couple of times this week. I've also had many good days, and have been able to abort the binges before they became fast tracks to oblivion. I'm feeling pretty good about where I am at this juncture. From what my daughter says, food in the DR is fairly repetitious with lots of beans and rice, vegetables, and great fresh fruit. I intend to strive for reasonable eating, which sounds possible given her description of the cuisine. The 3 of us will be staying at a resort for 3 of the last 4 nights we're there, and that food may prove more of a challenge. I'm not going to be rigid about avoiding things (unless I'm offered fried goat or something), but I am hoping to not overdo any good thing either. Being constantly with Jean and Tom will help, I'm sure. I generally don't tie on the feedbag (excessively) when others are present.

On the left knee front, I had my MRI this morning and was told my doctor will have the report by Tuesday. Knowing me, I'll end up calling from the DR to find out what, if anything, it revealed. I'm hoping I can just let it go until I get back though, because regardless of what the test shows, I can't do anything about it until I return home. As has been the case since it started really bothering me about 3 weeks ago, it is now feeling better after my treadmill walking on Wednesday that aggravated it so acutely. Only this time, I know not to try and start exercising it again just because it's less bothersome.

The MRI was not bad. I'd had one on my head about 20 years ago (must have been just after they came out), and it was awful because I'm claustrophobic, and they didn't have open MRI scanners then. This was nothing, because I was only sent into the "tunnel" about to my chest. Interesting was that when the technician had me and my knee situated correctly and actually began moving me into the tunnel, my arms went flying out to "save" myself from being all the way "submerged". Raw instinct, fueled by momentary raw panic. Powerful. She gave me headphones through which I jived to soft rock of the 80s and 90s -Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band - it was actually pleasant. And over in less than 30 minutes. Details to follow.

As I lay in the scanner, the biggest impression I had was that on that flat platform, I was acutely aware that my ribs and the bottom of my rib cage felt very prominent. I could easily trace along the lower contour from one bottom rib, across the sternal process, and on to the other rib. It felt awesome to actually feel those bones so easily. That would not have been the case back in early June and 26 pounds heavier. Who'd'a'thunk an MRI would give me a NSV (non-scale victory)?

I don't have much more to say here, but I will try and post one more time before we leave. My plan (and hope) is that I'll be able to have internet access several times while we're away. My laptop will not be going because I was advised not to take anything that I'd be upset to lose or have stolen. That instills confidence, doesn't it? Anyway, if I don't have access to my blog buddies, I'll experience some serious withdrawal.

On to more checking of lists and doing of chores (laundry). Happy Halloween.


  1. Hi Leslie. 194 is great! It's only 0.1 up from where you were earlier in the month. If the food is plenty boring in DR that will work wonders for your weight! One thing for certain is that there won't be a convenience store on every corner filled with prepackaged rubbish. And that is an enormous blessing. Or maybe that's one of the reasons you're so nervous about the trip ie not being able to binge?

    Hopefully you'll be too distracted by so many novel experiences to think about bingeing.

    I'm sure it's going to do you the world of good on every level.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Leslie,

    194 is awesome! And you will be in the 180's before you know it. I think you may find you lose weight on vacation, because I remember the food in the DR as not being all that fabulous! (But I tend to be picky!)

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I am glad you could feel your ribs, and I hope there is nothing too wrong with your knee. I ate too much today, but too little the two days before that, so I guess it all evens out. Have a great time on your trip leslie, do some swimming for me. It's cold here in Colorado.

  4. You are doing so great. Just remember small portions. Always easy for me to say. right.
    Anyway don't stress about the MIR just have fun and enjoy being with your daughter. I know she is proud of you.

  5. have a wonderful time!

    (the last time I had an MRI they had to put a folded, wet washcloth over my eyes - then I didn't know where I was. And the music did not help (me) - but she talked to me constantly. small spaces usually do not bother me. But that day was HARD.)