Saturday, February 6, 2010

All me, all the time

Blogging sure is an egocentric endeavor, yes? It seems all I do is talk about moi-self here, but I guess that's the point of blogging to an extent. I could go all political, religious or uber-opinioned about issues of the day (and maybe I will sometime), but for today with my little weight loss blog, talking "about the author" is okay. I hope. There are real things going on in the world besides Leslie's Excellent Adventures. Reminds me of that joke: "Alright, that's enough about me. Now let's talk about what YOU think of me!" I'm aware, and I care about what I know about. But I'm not about foisting an agenda here, other than one of solidarity with other bloggers trying to be as fit and healthy as possible. Hmmm...I think I'm feeling a little guilty about my caterwauling of late.

Optimistic, determined, cheerful, bordering on perky, essential Leslie continues to emerge from the sugared, 'roided , chemically altered version of myself that has suffused my reality this last week. Today feels gloriously like the first day of the rest of my life, in that: 1) I'm OFF the f-ing steroid once and for all; 2) I feel enthusiastic and grateful about simply existing again (my usual default setting; and 3) today is a sanctioned day of down time due to the 24 inches of snow that is already piled up outside and continuing to fall.

Lots of snow, and I have a few pictures to prove it - taken from the warm dry confines of my breezeway, through the front door and from the bay window in the kitchen:

Wish I could photoshop out the reflection of the door in this:

The local news teams are beside themselves with excitement over the Biblical and historical proportions of this storm. Turns out it's the first time in the history of Philadelphia/SE Pennsylvania weather record-keeping that we have had (already) 2 snowstorms in one winter with accumulation of over 20 inches. It certainly is a first for me, growing up in Florida! I never cease to be amazed by snow, though having lived here now for 25+ years, I do find the related difficulties with driving, parking and getting around to be a pain. I did get out this morning early, hoping to hit an AA meeting - but cars couldn't park in the area because it was part of a 'Snow Emergency Route'. So rather than park far away and traverse the depths of the white with 2 screwy knees, I threw it in reverse and came home. Been doing laundry, cooking, reading and messing with the dog.

Tom and I watched an excellent movie/documentary that many of you may have already seen - Food, Inc. It is an expose of how our nation's food supply is controlled by a handful of huge corporations that put profit ahead of consumer health, safety and welfare of workers, and the livelihood of the American farmer, as well as the environment. Quite jolting and makes me more determined to buy local, organic, and in-season products. I highly recommend this.

We have other movies to watch over the course of the day, but right now the Villanova basketball game is on. Villanova is getting trounced by evil Georgetown, so I'm glad my youngest son isn't here because his mood would be foul. That boy takes his sports SERIOUSLY, and he's a big 'Nova fan.

I'm feeling much less irritable and angst ridden today, and binge thoughts, for now, are absent. I've had 3 consecutive clean days which is probably helping my mood as much as coming off the steroids. All things must pass, as George Harrison wisely named one of my favorite albums of all time. I knew all week that I was as off as I've been in years and that it would *probably* pass. But when in the depth of the murk, it can feel as though one is never going to be the same or come through unscathed. I'm reminded of yet another AA nugget of wisdom: "Feelings aren't facts." They are just feelings, and not necessarily indicative of reality or truth. Just because I felt like a total loser didn't mean I was one. So - the light at the end of the tunnel is around me on all sides now, and I'm okay.


  1. Amen,
    If feelings were facts...I would be walking around on all fours oinking from the sheer number of times I called myself a fat pig.
    Glad our words don't ALWAYS create reality.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    And, HOLY CROW. look at all that snow.
    Here in colorado we have....wait for it...nothing.
    Well, have a good day.

  2. If you click on Frances's name (on her comment) it will take you to her 'headquarters'. Then at the top you will notice different links.

    She has a BLOG link there (blog of sorts set up connected to her book tour), so you is one option.


    Her main/current blog (Car on the Hill) is listed on her sidebar, that's another option.


    I think her email is listed there somewhere too.

    Yes, if you are persistent, you can find most any kind of reference or mention.

    that is why you will see me put topics in comments (rather than my post) or do type Cur\/es so that I can stay below the radar.

    And when I am mentioning something that can be traced, I am pretty careful. Twice now I have had someone from a TV show (one was Dr Oz guest and the other was a What Not To Wear Makeover woman) leave a comment about something that I said about them in a post. Luckily I KNEW this might happen and was careful how I worded. And I did NOT use the women's names either time. But did use What Not to Wear and Dr Oz and that is how they found my posts (which were just after the shows aired).

  3. wow look at that snow...I have never experienced so much snow ever!!

  4. I cannot believe all that snow!!! I didn't know you grew up in FL. I've been in FL my whole life, so snow fascinates me. I've only seen it 3 times.

    I'm glad your feeling better.

    I haven't watched that movie yet. I'm almost afraid to, since I'm such a spaz with food as it is. We'll see...maybe I will eventually.

    Hope you stay warm and cozy :)

  5. Yahoo your back!!! :)
    We got a nice blanket of snow here to over night but not that much. It's so pretty to look at from inside the house, but I'm like you and don't care to drive or walk in it!

  6. Hi Leslie. I love the snow! And well done for NOT pushing it with your knees in walking through the snow. That's progress!

    Happy that you're happy today!

    Bearfriend xx

  7. Yes, Food Inc was excellent and a real eye-opener.

    Even though blogging can be rather ego-centric, I don't think it's that bad. Now Twitter, that's for people with big egos. I mean, who actually thinks that people care about what they're doing/thinking at random intervals throughout the day? A lot, apparently.

  8. Beautiful snow pics! But it makes me glad I live in a part of Oregon that gets only light snow. :-D

    "Feelings aren't facts." Wow, that says it so well. It's been many years since I've been to an AA and/or OA meeting, and didn't remember that saying. Thanks for that. I am constantly trying to get that message out on my blog, but stumble around with whole paragraphs to say what you just said in 3 words! LOL!

  9. I thought to myself "Why does she have an upholstered chair outside?" Then I realized it was just snow!

  10. So glad you are feeling better! I love the pic of the door open and the snow piled up! Where is it I can find that Food, Inc doc? Do you think they have it at a video rental store? Have a great rest of the day!

  11. Georgetown trounced my beloved Blue Devils last week so my only consolation was that they trounced 'Nova yesterday too. It means they're on a roll right now. My daughter lives in the DC area - they got 30 inches! To me, snow is only pretty when I don't have any obligation other than to sit and watch it. Keep that chin up girl!

  12. wow....
    I cannot imagine snow like that. 1 inch and we think we've gotten something. lol

  13. "Feelings aren't facts". Wow. Double WOW. This is one of those things I read and it hits me right between the eyes. I love all this AA info that you share with us. It pertains to "life" in general...not just specialized to, thanks for sharing! :)

  14. Can't believe how much snow you have and here in Canada we've had very little!!

  15. I'm definitely going to have to read back through your blog! Loved the "Feelings aren't Facts" line. I'm going to remember that one for myself. I can empathize with being in the pit and feeling like you are never going to claw your way out and how easy it is to let that overwhelm you. You are does usually pass and it is important to focus on that when you find yourself in the pit again :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog btw. I answered you there, but since I'm commenting here, I thought I'd copy it for you below:

    LESLIE: honey, this is a VERY private pool lol. When I use the pool at the YMCA I usually go in a swimsuit COVERED by swim shorts and a tshirt lol. Check out . They have a lot of swim options that look more like a sporty top and shorts along with flattering swimsuits up to a size 6X. Very good quality stuff too.

  16. I really need to watch that movie, thanks for the reminder.

  17. Hi Leslie!

    Just found you from another blog - fitby40- and I had to crack up at your comment about the Eagles/Superbowl! I'm from Philly area, too, so I can relate :) Nice to see another blogger from the area!

    I have yet to see Food, Inc., but I've heard a lot of interesting things about it.