Monday, February 22, 2010


I just went for my 2nd pre-op clearance in 3 months! Even my doctor thinks it's totally stupid that I'm having a simple arthroscopy for the 2nd time in 12 weeks. My last pre-op physical was entirely normal, nothing has changed. "It's a racket", Doctor Meyer and I chimed together. The insurance industry mandates stupid stuff and refuses to pay the providers if every little dumb extra unnecessary thing isn't carried out to the letter. No wonder costs are out of control. We had a good chat about what a broken health care and health insurance system we have in this country. I really wonder how it will be for kids when they are older and have their own families. Anyhoo - all went well, and I'm in a holding pattern until Friday.

Today is Mr. Leslie's birthday. He's 61 - I really hooked up with an old dude. In honor of his birthday, I coerced him to let me take a picture to post: Note massive snow still piled up outside the window. He's a great guy - better to me than I am to him at times. He's doing his best to play nurse and all-around gopher for me during my time of confinement (sounds like I'm birthing a baby, God forbid!). The birthday tradition at our house has always been that the birthday celebrant gets to pick his/her dinner. Guess who the only one is that always wants to go out for her birthday? Yup, the cook. Tom's choice is always Norwegian meatballs, a recipe from his paternal grandmother that my MIL hoodwinked me into learning way back in the dark ages prior to our nuptials. It's a yummy recipe, which I've simplified and defatted substantially over the years, and hub says mine are better than any of his lineage's versions. Sadly for hub, I'm tabling the making of the meatballs, because they're a sh*tload of work, and the worst thing for my knees right now is standing. So I made a nice beef stew in the crock pot yesterday that will be the birthday dinner, and the meatballs are on hold til further notice. I may make an angel food cake from a mix, but haven't decided on that yet. He's perfectly happy without it but will certainly partake if I make it. However, his partake-age and mine are driven by different motives, and I'm not looking for something to trigger a binge. Probably no go on the cake. Birthday's really take a hit when the nest empties out!

After returning home from the doc's this morning, I did make us a great breakfast that I saw on, where else, TJ's blog yesterday. She got it from another great blog, Diva Weigh - I think TJ adjusted it to make it a great WW recipe, that yields 1 point per serving. Both Diva Weigh and TJ have the recipe posted, so I'll leave that to anyone interested to look it up. I decided to do a photo essay of my frittata, mainly because I have way too much time on my hands! Lucky you guys!! Here goes -

On the plate with my slice of frittata, are a few cheery tomatoes (deliberate typo - I love them!) and some cut up fresh pears tossed with a little lemon juice and half a packet of Splenda. Delicious breakfast. The recipe calls for some chopped green chili peppers which I thought I had but didn't. I think they'd add a good kick. So would a tbs. of salsa, which I also didn't have. But it was great just as is. Thanks to the ladies for sharing this yummy recipe.

I totally forgot until this morning that I have a Gyn app't this afternoon with a new doc, as my last one retired after the health care system jerked her around one too many times. I hope I like this new gal. I have a completely normal history in the woman department, so it will be more annoyance than necessity. Not sure how my knee will respond to the stirrups, though it actually feels good to gently bend it, so maybe it will be a non-event.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. I was going to make that frittata this weekend and the weekend got away from me! I definitely need to make the darn thing it looks so good. Sorry you're having to go through all this doctor stuff but I hope the resolution is right around the corner for you!

  2. Glad to hear everything looks good at the doc visit!
    I saw that recipe on TJ's blog, looks like a winner that I will have to try!!
    Happy B.Day to Mr.Leslie!!

  3. I love frittatas! Made one just yesterday, and wrapped it up in a lowfat lowcarb tortilla wrap, for dinner. I can sneak in tons of veggies (this time was mushrooms, green onions and diced cabbage) and hubby will eat it and smile. ;-)

    I was just thinking yesterday how much I like making them...and that they are the "meat loaf" of egg recipes. You know... how when you make a meat loaf, it's never the same twice cuz you use whatever is on hand. I do the same with frittattas, so they are never the same twice. Yummm

  4. Man that looks good. I alway say I will take you out where ever you want to go eat. That way I get out of cooking. I am lazy you know. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. And good luck on all your test and medical stuff. I hate all things to do with going to the doc. And you have had more than your share . But soon you will have two good knees. I think a ski trip should be in order with all that snow. :)

  5. What a handsome man you married! Your frittata looks amazing.

    BLECHY gyn appt. blech. I hate those.

    I hear you on no cake. Sometimes it's just better to hide.

  6. Happy Birthday Mr Leslie! :o)

    I saw that frittata (had to ask what egg beaters were!) I bet it was scrummy! I LOVE spinach.

  7. I hope you enjoyed the frittata! It was a recipe I got off a WW weekly in January that I modified from real eggs to egg beaters. Saved some of those precious points! booyah!
    Love your blog!

  8. looks delish, and your hubbster has amazing eyes. LOL

  9. Just so you know, 266 started after me and is 'ahead' of me. I had a twinge when she hit the 160's. But the truth is, she worked harder in January. I ate too much. Had too many higher calorie days...and whoosh...right past me lol.
    The great thing about tis is that it's no great thing.
    Just kind of a day in day out battle with being consistant.
    speaking of that..I had nearly talked myself out of going to the gym today. This is the kick in the rear I NEEDED.
    We all need it.
    You will get there. You are still focused, still going still doing, LIke I told Jack when he least it's not one y ear later with him 110 pounds heavier.
    Hugs to you.
    You can do this.

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I am sure he'll love the beef stew.

    Love making frittata's - a great way to use up veggies at the end of the week!

  11. Hi Leslie. Happy Birthday to Tom! And he has very beautiful blue eyes I notice!

    I'm sure you'll have a great celebration together over a very tasty stew. Your frittata looks good - but I'd have eaten about half of it and not just one slice!

    Hope your knee is as comfortable as possible and you're enjoying some quality blogging and knitting time.

    Bearfriend xx

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Leslie! I hooked up with an old dude too Leslie. He is 15 years my senior.

    Good luck with your appt. this afternoon. Never a fun appt. (Note to self: Need to make appt!)

  13. Someday you will have to tell us about the Norwegian meatballs too!I put all kinds of veggies in my eggs too! spinach green, red or yellow bell pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, onions we throw in everything but the kitchen sink.

  14. That frittata looks yum. I love eggs and veggies together, great combo!

    Hope you had fun in the stirrups... or, uh, hope it was a 'non-event' at least ;)

  15. I've never made a frittata...gonna have to give it a go!! And a very happy birthday to Mr. Leslie!! :)

  16. Your man is handsome! Happy birthday to him.

    That breakfast looks so delicious!

  17. Happy Birthday to your special man! And I want your gas stove!

  18. That looks delish and made me realize I have yet to eat breakfast! Hope your snow melts soon and happy birthday to Mr. Leslie!! :)