Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nurse's notes and awards

I'm happy to report that I am feeling good. Really good. Knock on wood! Friday evening after the surgery, my knee was really hurting, which I didn't experience after the first scoping, so it made me a little nervous. But I used the Vicodan every 4 hours as needed, and when I got up yesterday morning expecting the sharp burning pain I'd had the night (and week) before to kick in upon weight bearing, it sort of wasn't there! It was sore and stiff, but entirely different from the middle of the night. And since then, I've been taking it completely easy - using crutches for walking, though I see that I can do pretty well without them. I'm doing everything I can to ease this healing process, and so the crutches are part of the plan for ALL walking this weekend. The knees are feeling guardedly optimistic!! Yay! And now I'm really looking forward to the sanctioned down time and will be able to enjoy it since my knee isn't killing me with every breath!

One note - Friday morning before my surgery, I weighed myself - not having a clue what the number was going to be, since I'd been eating a little more freely, though with no bingeing at all. I had myself prepared to see a 5 pound gain, so was thrilled to still be 199 - having maintained from the week before. Woo hoo! As I look back over the months, it seems I really only gain weight if I have several binges in a week. Having none and eating normally, even without much activity, does not pack on the pounds. But I am wanting to lose many more, and will hopefully merge back into my plan over the next week or 2.

I've been very fortunate to receive a couple of awards lately, and am just now getting around to acknowledging them. I received this award a while back, but was thrilled that Journey Beyond Survival bestowed it on me again. JBS has a wonderful blog where she writes about her running, and her very busy young family that keeps her endlessly on her toes. Thank you so much. The rules are to tell 10 things about myself you don't already know. Given my propensity toward diarrhea mouth, there may not be 10 things you don't know at this point, but I'll try.
1. I'm left handed. Yes - this is a sign of profound brilliance and brain power.
2. I was born with only one wisdom tooth. It was pulled about 8 months ago. I may have already told this, but it's so interesting that surely it's worth a second mention. What? You disagree?
3. I was the first girl in my 6th grade class to weigh 100 lbs. And I wasn't a fat kid.
4. I had a little sailboat called a pram growing up. I sailed it around Boca Ciega Bay, which is an offshoot of Tampa Bay. The boat was red, the sail: red, white and blue.
5. The farthest west I've ever been is Chicago. I have been to Europe, though.
6. My mom was a kick-a$$ seamstress who made a lot of my clothes when I was in elementary school. After that, I wasn't interested in that homemade crap.
7. Favorite 3 TV shows ever: original Bob Newhart Show (with Suzanne Pleshette), Frasier, and Six Feet Under.
8. My first car - a rusty chalky red VW Beetle - the original version
9. First diet ever - 7th grade - the Stillman Diet, which was essentially all protein, very little salad, and water. I lost 10 pounds I didn't need to over about 4 days, fainted, and that was the end of that.
10. Favorite flavor - lemon.

The next award was given to me by dear Kristina from Off The Couch, and lovely Katie J: The Sunshine Award. It's given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire other bloggers. Wow, not sure I deserve it, but it's something to live up to. Thanks so much to Kristina and Katie J. Both awards are to be passed on to other bloggers, but it seems that these awards have made the rounds very thoroughly in the last weeks. I read every single blog on my blog roll regularly, and honestly believe each blogger deserves these awards. Please, PLEASE grab these awards if you haven't received them. I love all the blogs I read, for different reasons. Blogging seems win/win to me. Good me me, good for others (hopefully). A very satisfying endeavor, indeed.

Well, it's time for me to journey from the desk to the couch, for nap number 3 of the day! I hope the remainder of the weekend is good for everyone. With greatest appreciation - your at last almost pain-free blog buddy - Leslie


  1. ALL brilliant, sensitive people are left-handed. Duh! LOL

    Congrats on the awards; you certainly have earned both of them.

    Great news on the knees, and the weight! I know you know that the more you lose, the less pressure on your knees. Did you know that every pound of your weight translates to FOUR TIMES that amount on your knees in pressure? It's true! Now, continue to heal safely. :)

  2. whew! I am so glad to hear the knees both lefty and righty are working with you! I crack up every time you say lefty because there is a one armed guitar player regularly at our saturday market here in PDX and his name is "lefty"...even has the belt buckle to prove it. He is kind of a city icon by now. :)

    I am also really happy to hear you are taking the down time seriously. As there is less pain you will feel tempted to push it. Wait for clearance from your doc.
    Good on you about the binging sounds like you have found the main piece of your puzzle.

  3. All great facts! Love your sense of humor and wit. SO glad you are feeling better. Rest and Heal!

  4. So glad to hear your knee is recovering nicely!

    As a card-carrying Lefty myself, I remind everyone:
    Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, only those who are left-handed are in their right minds!
    Mwa ha ha ha ha!

  5. So so glad to hear you woke up pain free today!! See, all the thoughts and prayers are working :)
    Let's hear it for us Lefty's!!!! We are the only ones using our right brains!!
    Keep on healing, you will be back in action in no time!!

  6. Wahoo! Glad healing is progressing nicely! :D Deb

  7. I'm so glad you've napped three times. It lets us mere mortals catch up a little bit.

    Also, when is everyone going to catch on that a typing society means that we are all equal hand opportunity users?

    You totally deserve it my dear.

  8. My dentist told me I was born with no wisdom teeth. God clearly loves me. ;)

  9. I only had 2 wisdom teeth...explained a lot. Hope you are better soon. Take it easy.

  10. I beg to differ. I have a cousin who's left-handed and she's dumb as a box of rocks, lol. Maybe the brilliance thing skips some of the lefties. :)

    Sooooo glad to hear you're surgery went well...praise the Lord! You definitely deserve those doubt. I hope you heal quickly and I'm glad to hear you're taking it easy...and yay for a week with no binges...only someone like moi would know how incredibly wonderful and accomplished that is. Big hugs girl...I'm fixing to go write my vomit post for this weekend. :)

  11. I tried that all meat and a little salad diet once...but I didn't have the excuse of youth...I was a desperate 30 something year old.
    At least you grew out of that.

  12. You made me wonder what grade girls are hitting 100 lbs in today's too much processed food world. Maybe 3rd or 4th - ?

    very glad that you are taking it super easy so your body has a chance to heal.

  13. Glad you're feeling so good! Congratulations on the awards! :o)

  14. Hey woman!!

    I had to redo my blog, so I'm at a new location now :)

    Just wanted to let you know...

  15. Glad you are doing well the recovery - if you need the crutches, but all means use them! My husband had his second knee replacement a year ago and the crutches helped ease his recovery.

  16. Glad to know the surgery went well and you're taking care of yourself. Like that nurse! I like reading your lists -- I'm always learning something new.