Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Snow-to-graphs "

That dumb post title is what the local ABC affiliate calls the winter pics sent in by their viewers. Pretty corny, but not so much that I won't use it to advance my own evil agenda...moo-ha-ha! Or at least my own photocollage =) !

Today has been about curing cabin fever with: a walk in the beautiful winter scene that is all around, hitting a 7 a.m. AA meeting and having breakfast with friends afterwards; shoveling out a neighbor's mailbox; lunch with another gal (don't worry - sane salad), coffee with another friend, and trying to work with my laptop to load some snow pics to post. It's taking me about 3 minutes to load each picture which is cuh-razy, so I'm ready to chuck the friggin' laptop into one of the alp-like snow mounds that loom large outside. I'm happy to report that both knees are feeling pretty good today, and did not seem negatively affected by either the walk with my best friend Lou, or the shoveling. This leaves me guardedly optimistic that my right knee will gradually settle down and not require surgical tweaking the way the left one did. Again today, I stayed busy and active enough to not be able to work in the gym/pool, but the amount of physical exertion I got was more than sufficient.

Here are more pictures of my neighborhood, Mr. Leslie and Lou, my aforementioned BFF.

I'm not sure how this picture happened - Tom was shoveling the driveway for the 3rd time last night and clearing the driveway of many huge pine branches that broke and fell under the weight of the heavy wet snow. I think there must have been snow on the lens! Pretty cool effect!?

Tomorrow is Perfect 10 update, and I have to remember to include an unknown fact - or 2 since I forgot last week. It's been a mixed bag this week for me - better in many ways, but far from perfect. So my update will be Imperfect 10, but I'm thinking it will be better than last week's! And I'm also feeling okay in my skin again regardless of the number on the scale. My whole outlook is improved, my inner peace has returned, and I'm not spitting nails at everybody and everything. It's so clear now how much my mood, appetite and absence of calm was a result of being chemically altered by the steroid. Not an excuse, just an awareness. And knowing how much the steroid messed with me will make me very hesitant to want to have to go on it again. That will help me to stay on top of my asthma and take immediate action when it begins to flare...not letting it get the upper hand (or lung).

Last night I made a yummy roasted cauliflower recipe that I'll post tomorrow, along with pictures. It was delish - and healthy. And now, it's time for leftovers, and then putting on my jammies for a long winter's nap. Hasta luego!


  1. wow! it was 60 with SUN here today...sun so warm I had to take my sweatshirt off. lol Hope you thaw out soon...although it looks beautiful! :)

  2. Your knees don't hurt because they are FROZEN solid!! I cannot believe all that snow. It's beautiful, but I'm sure the shoveling is less than desirable :)

    Cute dog. It's always nice when your best friend doesn't talk, always listens, and loves you everyday. Best kind to

    Bundle up girl..

  3. I'm so glad that your inner peace is back. In spite of the laptop driving you batty. I'm glad you have power, and you have your driveway shoveled.

    Most important, I'm glad your knees are calm, and your inner peace is emanating again.

  4. Beautiful photos, Leslie. Thank you for sharing them and I'm glad your knees are cooperating.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    and it makes me wanna try snowshoeing or something.

    yay knees!

  6. Love those pics!! Being a FL girl, I'm still in awe when I get to see even a light dusting, now that I'm in Georgia. :)

  7. glad you are feeling a tad better!

  8. I had to read the title several times before I got it. I can see that a news station would love it.

    you DO have a lot of snow. and that mail box looks like it was a lot to dig out!

    glad things are going well.

    learning to deal (proactive instead of reactive) with my asthma, migraines, GI, and sleep was a BIG part of my journey. Still is. All three require daily care. I think these chronic conditions are a big part of the journey for most of us. the conditions might vary from person to person, but they are THERE for most of us. Vicious cycle of not feel well, eat to feel better, feel worse, eat more.

  9. I would add my knees and my lower back to that list, so now at way more than 3. . .and it is amazing how little trouble they are when I just take care of myself.

  10. Lovely doggie! :o) Beautiful photos!

    I know what you mean about getting cabin fever when the snowfall is heavy... I have an irrational fear of slipping over and either avoid going out until the snow is GONE or I creep about at a snail's pace, looking like a complete bloody eejit!

  11. Hi Leslie. I love pictures of the snow! Sounds like you're having quite a good time on your snow days just enjoying life with friends and being very active. And your knees much improved too.

    Glad things are feeling so good right now!

    Bearfriend xx

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