Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-op post

We're having another Nor'easter/snowstorm/"snowicane" (coined by local weather folk because of the forecast of high winds) today into tomorrow that I'm praying will not cause my arthroscopy to be postponed. The doctor's office called this morning to say that my doc has every intention of being at the surgery center in the morning, and they were checking my (and other patients') status. I assured them I would be there come hell or high water, neither of which is likely given the wind-driven snow. So for now, unless this storm does turn into one of Biblical proportions, it seems that the surgery will be a go.

Leslie doesn't do downtime too well. I'm easing into it, but find myself thinking that a trip to Tar-zhay would provide endless entertainment value. It would, but I don't need a thing, and within 5 minutes I'd likely have to crawl back to my car. The crutches are great for walking around the house, but wouldn't allow a good Target browse so I'd have to use the cane. And every joint in my body plus the palm of my left hand would be screaming out. Damn - do I sound geriatric or what???

It's funny...there are currently 3 people in my daily 7 a.m. AA meeting who are awaiting joint surgery, with mine being by far the least in scope (ha ha, no pun intended with the arthroSCOPE-y I'm having). One is getting a new hip in a month, and one is getting 2 new knees. Yesterday morning, all 3 of us came in together hobbling on our canes, and I noted that it appeared the bus from the Senior Center had just arrived. It's nice to have fellow limpers in the midst.

My eating has been really pretty good. Not perfect, but no bingeing. I haven't felt like bingeing at all, by the grace of God. Plus, it's not like I can get a yen for something and hop in the in hot pursuit of said treat. Well, I can in theory, but it hurts a lot and I have to lumber through the aisles like a slew-footed beast. So a passing thought of "umm, _______ would sure taste good now" really doesn't take hold. My dear enabling husband would dash out and get whatever I asked for, but even I have enough pride to not go there. So - there's a big pot of spaghetti sauce simmering that will tide us over for the next few days, and plenty of l=other decent stuff. I managed to burn to black a nice pan of brussel sprouts and onions I roasted - should have taken a picture for comedic value. Only to me it wasn't comedy - it was tragic. They would have been yummy.

I did take a few pics of some of the things I'm finding to keep myself occupied:

I love Pat Conroy's writing so am excited to start his newest, South of Broad. A friend said it's wonderful, despite the only 3 star reviews it's gotten. The knitting is a sock - first of a pair. I've gotten a lot done on it this week.

My heating pad is a constant companion - not on the bad knee, but everywhere else that feels cold or stiff! The main event in the newspaper is the jumble, sudoku and crossword puzzle.

I never by Woman's World magazine, but couldn't resist with Dr. Oz on the cover. I'm an easy sell.

Below is my favorite private duty nurse. Despite what the camera did to his eyes, he isn't Little Orphan Annie's dog.

Dressing the dog in old sweatshirts is an excellent source of evil humor. He tolerates it very nicely, as I roll on the floor laughing (actually I didn't get on the floor with him this time as I might not have been able to get up).

Barring the aforementioned Storm of the Century, this will be my last post before the scope tomorrow. I'll find out in 45 minutes what time I'm supposed to show up at the surgery center. Wish me well - and shoot up a prayer that my orthopedic surgeon doesn't decide to tie one on tonight, leaving him hungover and sloppy in the morning! I'm not worried - he's a good guy, and did a good job on lefty.


  1. Leslie-
    I am so glad that you are keeping yourself 'entertained'. I had to have bed rest with 'bathroom privileges' once. I knew the Christmas radio station's playlist by heart subconsciously. I started humming the next songs and my brother noticed.

    I'll send up a few petitions for you. I hope you're post-op this time tomorrow. Take good care.

  2. Love the photo journaling. The few times I've had to be laid up and know it in advance, I always buy myself a bunch of magazines that are silly but fun and easy to read. I hope you don't get the big snow - that same storm has just been non-stop pouring, drenching rain for the last 4 days where I am. Although the forecast is for some snow by morning, I'm crossing my fingers for all rain!

  3. Good luck with surgery.

    I loved Gran Torino and Jane Austin's Book Club. Would love to know how Grey Garden's is. Way to keep yourself sane. I do not envy you. You're a brave soul.

  4. Glad you are lining up entertainment. I cracked up over the doggie in the sweatshirt... and the longsuffering look on his adorable face!!

  5. Huh, I wish I could say there was nothing I wanted to get at Target. Maybe when I'm 50 I'll have everything I want as well. Good luck with the surgery (again) tomorrow!

  6. Wishing you the best for tomorrow Sis! xoxox

    I have Gray Garden next on my list on Netflix! It came highly recommended so I am looking forward to hearing your review.

  7. Good luck with the surgery! The target near me has motorized seated carts shoppers can borrow. I used to get one for my grandma, what a riot. SHe thought it was funny to scare me and pretend to crash into things. Call yours, if they have the carts, it might be a great way to get out of the house!

  8. good luck with the surgery! We will all be thinkin' good thoughts for you and "righty"

  9. First, Best wishes on your surgery. I've sent up a prayer. :)

    Second, "...I would be there come hell or high water, neither of which is likely given the wind-driven snow." LOLOLOL! that struck me sooo funny. thanks!


  10. Hey girl!! Just got your email...I'm fixing to respond. Will be praying about the surgery! :)

  11. wish you well!

    I just recorded Jane Austen Book Club and have it to watch this weekend. I saw it in your stack.

    Have you been watching the real thing on Masterpiece (BBC/PBS) that has been running recently? Started with Emma (3 parts), Northhanger Abby, and then Persuasion.

    Also, if you have never seen it - Lost in Austen - is a contemporary piece which original actors came back to do - it has several episodes and is really good.

  12. Leslie, You're in my thoughts. Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow.

    Cracking up laughing at your poor doggy! He's got this look on his face, like "See what I have to put up with?" Too cute.

    Get lots of rest and have a speedy recovery!

  13. best of luck, sweetie! Before you know it; rehab time!

  14. New blog layout! Great colours - very soothing! :o)

    That's very naughty teasing your long-suffering little doggie like that... Mildred is, quite possibly, the grumpiest cat in the world and I get a real kick out of teasing her... Nothing horrid, but I'll go up to her and repeatedly say "MIL-dred" in a sing-song voice while she's trying to sleep... You would not believe the looks she gives me! Makes me laugh just thinking about it! I need to get out more. :o(

  15. I flipped on the TV first thing this morning to see if my kids were on delay and saw the clips from the east coast - thought of you immediately and wondered if you had excitement getting to the surg center.

  16. first of all, **High five**for not binging!! That deserves to be in bold letters :)
    Looks like you have a great variety to keep you busy!! Love the yarn you are using for the socks too!
    And your pup is just too adorable in that sweatshirt! Funny how much they put up with us humans and they still keep wagging their tails and loving us.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I have confidence that you will do great!!

  17. Here's good wishes for the surgery... And ROFL about the dog, if I did that with my dog Rudee, he'd EAT it.

    Take care of you,

  18. I gave you an Award on my blog sis

  19. Well I hope all went well and you are home repairing. Looks like you have some cool stuff figured out. I just received some good knee news so now I need to hear that you are doing great - post-op!!!