Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday weekend recap

I've intended to write at least a short post all weekend but never got to it. So this will be a catch up.

I got another bathing suit. I went to Target at lunch time from work, and found a one piece black one with shirring up the middle that's black and white. I'm not saying it looks good, but it looks as decent as it could on my lumpy-ish soft few sizes too big body. My Land's End suit is fine, but being a tankini with a skirt and top that has a loose outer layer, there was a lot of fabric floating around me when I was in the water. This one is a traditional suit, and I don't give a hoot what it looks like! How's that for progress!!??

Friday afternoon I went back to the gym with the new suit and swam for the second time. I was able to swim 30 laps, and then also tread water for about 15 minutes, and practiced gently "bicycling" my legs in the water. While I swam and after, my knees felt really good. Almost normal. I was thrilled.

However, my eyes had a crazy chlorine reaction to the point where there was a hazy fog over my field of vision for several hours following my swim. I could see okay, but the haze was unnerving, and when I drove to an early meeting, the lights of oncoming cars and street lights had rainbow rings around them that created a very surreal driving experience. An AA friend who's an ER doc said I should go and flush the eyes with saline solution pronto. So back home I drove home through the psychodelic light show, and once inside flushed my eyes. Immediately, they cleared and the haze was gone! Thank goodness. I'll be getting some high quality goggles as recommended by Stacia, and take the irrigating solution with me from now on!

Our anniversary dinner was really lovely. We hadn't been to this new restaurant before, and it was great...and almost empty because of the still terrible roads secondary to the snowstorms. I had a cup of crab bisque, followed by the best crab cake I've ever had. (forgot to take pics) There was also a very reasonable serving of garlic mashed potatoes, perfectly cooked asparagus spears, and a few very crisp sweet potato crisps. Hubby got a bison burger (if they just called it a hamburger, I might have considered it!) that he loved, and it had some yummy sides as well. We then decided to split a dessert of apple strudel with cream fraiche on the side. Believe it or not, I ate 2 bites of the strudel, and it just wasn't good enough to waste calories on. I could tell by looking at it - so dodged that bullet! If we'd gotten this decadent flourless chocolate cake that was on the menu, I'm sure I'd have inhaled it - but I let hubby choose. My gift to him for 28 years of marriage! It was a nice evening - we then came home and watched the Olympic opening ceremony.

The weekend was quiet. Unfortunately, my right knee (the non-surgical one) was totally aggravated and painful, which was disappointing. I guess I overused it in the pool. It's better today, and I did a walk with a friend that felt okay. The left one continues to feel pretty darn good. I'll swim tomorrow and take it a little easier.

We saw the George Clooney movie, Up In the Air yesterday. It was good - but quite serious and depressing. Definitely worth seeing. Today (I was off for the holiday) we watched 2 movies - The Invention of Lying, which was quirky and different, but good, and very funny at times. The second movie was Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams, and it was EXCELLENT. I loved it. Great original story, great acting, made me laugh and cry. I had no idea how good it is. Highly recommended by this critic!

My food has been okay, but I've definitely been into sugary stuff more than usual. No binges, but my sweet tooth has been in overdrive. Today I'm sugar free and intend to stay that way. Who knows what deep psychological dysfunction is at the core of this most recent development. I do know that once I eat one thing with a lot of sugar - like "a couple of homemade cookies" at the knitting store, I can't stop. Nothing new here - occasionally I could have had 2 cookies and been done. Saturday - not so. But definitely I've not binged or seriously overeaten, and I'm grateful to the universe for that. Tomorrow I go back to my normal work schedule which is when I do the best with my food routine. Bring it on.


  1. That suit looks like it has potential! What an amazing 2nd swim! I'm no Stacia, but I've found if swimming hurts my knees to try to move from the hip more--full leg movement, instead of just knee to foot.

    I'm betting it's a hormonal, not a psychological, dysfunction craving the the sugar. Be kind to yourself!

  2. Great suit! And way to get into the swim of things, so to speak.

  3. I am on a swimsuit mission! I like the 1 piece with the attached skirt, but I am picky- I like the little ruffled one not the one that starts up at your waist. lol ggrrr So I wore my old one to my swim therapy today...and had to keep making sure my hiney was not saying HELLO to anyone. lol Good for you on getting a regular bathing suit. I always try to hide as much of my legs as I can . lol :)

  4. Look at you!! From no swimming at all for decades to skipping to the pool with your cute suit on. You go!!

    Crab bisque...that is my favorite soupy appetizer. Crab cake...well cake is the second word so of course I love it!!

    Glad you haven't had any binges!! Success!!!

  5. Chuckle. I suspect that what is up w/ the sugar cravings is all of the Valentine's Day hype that basically promotes chocolate as an essential food group. ...not that I'm sure that isn't the truth...

    Anyway, it's over and it sounds like youi had a great weekend. Congrats on the new suit, too! Good job!


  6. Very cute suit! I am so happy you are enjoying swimming. I might try a smaller kick from the hip the upper thigh muscle more and less bend. Or using a pull buoy if they have equipment like that available at your pool. A pull buoy is a small float you tuck between you legs above your knees so that you may swim and drag your legs without kicking. no matter what baby steps!

    I love crab bisque...I love crab actually, the dinner sounds like it was lovely.

  7. That suit looks great! I imagine the style is very slimming on you, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your swimming session. And yes, swimming laps is so much more pleasant with goggles.

  8. Hurrah for new swimsuits and getting back in the pool. :o)

    Glad you had a lovely anniversary. I always find I get MUCH better service in a restaurant when I take photos of the food - they must think I'm either a critic(!) or a mystery shopper... If you take a notebook and pen as well, I can guarantee excellence! ;o)

  9. I just love the Tar-jay! Beautiful suit. Get those goggles soon they're not all that expensive (in fact I bought mine at Target).

  10. overall, you are doing well!!! Glad you had a great anniversary!

    Oh, and my link is outdated on your blogroll. I'm now at:

  11. Hi Leslie. Fabulous new suit - I'm sure it's very flattering. And amazing progress! You're a pro now!

    The anniversary dinner sounds wonderful - crab is my favourite. And keeping a reign on the eating when celebrating is a MAJOR achievement.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    Bearfriend xx